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  1. Unlike the phobia thread, what I'm talking about here are more the things you feared as a child but outgrew. Or perhaps they still make you nervous but you know it's silly.

    Like, for example, the Boogeyman.

    So, what silly fears did you have or still have?


    As a kid, I didn't like going to stores like Sears, mainly because of the mannequins. I'd seen a movie where they came to life at night, I think. If I recall correctly, it was a Christmas movie. Nevertheless, I used to always be so wary, always looking behind as I passed them, scared that maybe one of them turned their head toward me.

    The same thing was with dolls and paintings, the portrait kinds that is. Even up 'til now, I find myself queasy around them, wondering how others could even like them

    Another fear I had was with mirrors. I was always worried that my reflection would end up doing something different than I am. Or that there would be someone else there in the reflection. >.> Like the above mentioned, mirrors still tend to worry me a little ^_^'. It's very silly but there it is.
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  2. I don't wanna use the potty during lightning storms cause I am afraid it'll strike the ground, hit the pipes and electrocute me on the toilet. =__=
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  3. Ouch!

    Hah, that reminds me, I was scared a snake would bite my butt while I was on the toilet.
  4. Scissors. Coming from a sadomasochist who has zero problem with needles, knives, electrical shocks, and who is going into emergency medicine and will literally save people from gory things like punctured lungs or crushed legs for a living. I'm scared of scissors. I can't use them for longer than a few seconds without getting nervous and uncomfortable and wanting to stop.

    I'm horrible at arts and crafts. And the hardest part of first aid for me is when I have to cut something off with medical scissors.
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  5. I am still afraid of that chick from The Ring. And the one from the Grudge. They haunt my dreams =[
  6. If it makes you feel better, I turn off my air conditioner during lightning because I'm scared it will start my window and wall on fire.
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  7. Oh my god this topic is back again YAY

    I have a silly fear of overflowing toilets.

    I can't go through life without having very specific things.
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  8. This fear is a very real one I'm afraid. o_o
  9. Mirrors. I hate looking into mirrors.
    And dolls. Creepy things..especially one my mom has. I swear that thing moves.
    Deep water. Thank you very much Jeremy Wade. And the ocean is terrifying.

    I want to say ticks, but I got bit by one a few weeks ago and the bite site bulls eyed. I guess it was not a silly fear, but now I am not as scared of them.
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  10. I'm glad there's someone else in my boat ^_^'
  11. I can't look into mirrors when the lights are off.

    As someone whose family gave them porcelain dolls every year, I'm very much of the opinion that dolls are creepy.

    When I was very little, for some reason I was convinced that I'd get in trouble for using the bathroom at night so I would keep all the lights off.
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  12. Mirrors at night, because Bloody Mary is a scary mother fucker.

    I still turn on all the lights if I get up to go and it's dark >> Just to make sure. There isn't a mirror in my room just because of that. So the fear is there, even if I know it's stupid.
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  13. HRRRRRRGH MIRRORS. I was always terrified that my reflection was actually some malevolent creature pretending to be me.

    As a kid, I was also scared that if I reached into my pocket, something would grab me and drag me into hell after reading a scary story about it, but thankfully I grew out of that one. :U
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  14. Ever since I saw Psycho, I randomly get paranoid in the shower and keep pulling back the curtain to make sure no one is there, about to stab me...

    I also have a weird fear of my eyes getting stabbed or lasered or anything. Weird because I've worn contacts for most of my life so I'm used to touching my eyes XD
  15. I used to be really scared of thunderstorms to the point where I refused to sleep by myself and would tense up and cover my ears from the sound of lightning. While I do still hate storms now, they don't necessarily scare me anymore.

    I also was scared of the dark but that's pretty damn normal for most kids :P
  16. Kirby.

    I still don't trust him.
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  17. Sparklers. I hit my face with one when I was small on accident. I hold them super far away from myself now, some 15 or so years later.

    I also don't like staying at other people's houses. Its silly, but I get super paranoid. Maybe I watch too many horror movies.

    I have a silly fear of losing my teeth. Like they'll just decide to fall out for some reason.

    The last one I can think of atm is I'm afraid that the ceiling in my room could fall on me. There's not a good reason for it. I just do.
  18. I can relate to this one.
  19. If I fall asleep and jump awake because I feel like I'm falling (if you have had this you know exactly what I'm talking about, where your whole body jerks and you like flail around for a sec) im afraid to go back to sleep. It used to be a telling sign to me that I was going to have a nightmare, and even though it hasn't happened like that in years, every time it happens I refuse to sleep for a while.
    Also, mirrors.. in general, freak me out. I can not be home alone at night and if I am, every light in the house is on (I'm yes this is silly) I can not walk past or go into a dark bathroom... or basements.
    When I was younger one of my friends told me that a monster lived in the pipes and was going to come out of the toilet and eat me... that had me scared for a while. Lol, I'm a scaredy cat.
  20. Biscuit tubes.

    It's the most irrational fear, but I (a 28 year old man) cannot open a tube of biscuits or pizza dough because the 'pop' startles me so badly I usually drop them on the ground. In the rare event we don't make biscuits or cinnamon rolls from scratch, my partner has to open the damn tubes. Similarly, I am afraid of balloons.

    I also have a fear of my teeth falling out. It's so bad that I actually have nightmares about it.
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