INTEREST CHECK Silly Fantasy Videogame RP...!

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  1. So, we've all had our share of videogames, right?
    And when it comes to RP threads, we usually find RPs based on existing games. Examples: Final Fantasy RP, TES RP, Assassin's Creed RP, etc RP.

    What if it was the other way around?

    Creating an RP about a videogame. A generic videogame, not something that exists already.
    The plot:

    A group of gamers is absorbed by the game. Our characters suddenly find themselves inside a computer-generated graphics world, with a floating label above their heads sporting their names and level. Everybody else around is pretty dumb and has limited dialogue options. We can also carry ridiculous amounts of weapons in our invisible inventories. We can make fun of graphic glitches, such as half of our bodies passing through walls or two people standing in the exact same spot (do you get what I mean?)... This and much more!

    The 'goal' of the players would be, of course, to get out of that cheap videogame and back to real life. And beat the game, since we are obviously not going to waste such a rare chance. But the most important.... Be silly and have fun!

    Anyone interested?
  2. Actually I had on my mind about making a silly rp game. I can try out some ideas witg your proposed idea. Count me in.
  3. Actually, this has already been down. Phantasm Quest.
  4. Yes, I admit it's not too original.
    Still, I didn't find anything around like that, altough once again, I didn't search too much.

    I'll check out the Phantasm Quest you said... (?)

    And thanks for the interest, Kuroshi. New ideas are always welcome!

    Edit after checking out Phantasm Quest:
    Yeah, sort of like that. But I aim at comedy full on. Get ridiculous! And with shorter posts if possible.
  5. Haha, no need to thank me for my interest but you're welcome nonetheless :) Well I might just combine two character ideas into one character. I had a character where is pants would combust at the most awkward times however his pants were never seared or anything ans no matter what pair of pants he worn they always spontaneously combust. Then I had this girl character that was always attacked by this bear who appeared out pf nowhere and start pummeling her however the bear never caused her serious injuries. So I'm thinking about combining those two character ideas.
  6. *laughs* Yes it sounds pretty good. I love the bear part. The burning pants too, '' The Greaves of Spontaneous Fire Damage''.
    We just need two more dedicated comedians and we are ready to go. Should I put up an OOC now?
  7. Oh hell... I might as well... *shoots self for wanting to join another rp*

    Haha. This sounds too fun not to join though. I'll have to dig into my comedic side some more though.
  8. You know. A lot of people that took interest in that soap opera thread also took an interest here *laughs*.
  9. *laughs*
    Well we may even throw in references from one thread to the other.
    Soap opera is great. I've been wanting to do that for a while, but never thought anyone would be interested- I was wrong.

    I'll be puting up the OOC in some 6-8 hours!
    see you later....!*flies to the horizon*
  10. Awesome! Looking forward to it man.
  11. *Turns head to the others*
    Did Selenite just fly? O__O Wicked!

    I look forward to what is in store. :)
  12. Of course I can fly. I am the magic tiger from Omega Centauri.
    And I'm about to put up that OOC.
    Please bear with me, my magic powers make me a slow typer.

    Heeey my dearests!
    Here it is.

    Silly Fantasy Videogame Rp...! OOC