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  1. Voltaire Asylum was pretty much know as the Alcatraz of Asylums. Reason being its on an island far from civilization and most will say "You have to be crazy yourself to work there." This island has been cut off from the civil world for many years in fact what is going on this island none could tell you. Its almost like a top secret base.

    Journal Entry 1:
    I have just arrived on Voltaire Island. I write this because I don't know what will happen to me once I reach the top. In order to get onto the island itself you must climb up the steps from the docking pier. This place is rather weird. I have yet to see an Employee. I thought they would have meet me then escorted me to my new home.

    Something is off about this place and I'm not sure what it is. I know I'm not paranoid something is tearable wrong here. I have already made my way up the steps and towards the Asylum but a glowing white eyed double fanged silhouette ran out in front of me. What was really going on here? I'm not crazy or insane! I am a normal girl whose parents think she has a mental disorder but I don't. I'm scared... I don't think I will make it out alive. If your reading this then please help me.

    I guess I should say only a few will be selected and you will play as these random monster things and a crazy person every now and again. I will tell you about these bmonster things.

    How they got their I'm not sure yet.

    What can they do? Well nothing really. I men's they are silent and just want to eat and kill you. They have really good hearing and night vision.

    How do you kill them? You don't. But I will stay they don't like the light but once they spot you even that won't stop them. For ex: if you in a dark area and they come after you the light won't effect them other then hurt their eyes but It won't stop them. If your in light and they pass by they won't bother you.

    What do you do if they attack? Fire. If you don't have fire your shit out of luck.

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  3. Make a OC I was to lazy to make one so you can make one telling me what you think I need to know.
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