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  1. The Roleplay Follows the Story of a group of Travelers trapped inside the Los Angeles International Airport by Supernatural Means. It doesn't help that our heroes are also stuck there in the dead of night. Planes have stopped arriving, every other traveler has mysteriously disappeared, airport staff has vanished. To make matters worse, all Airport Entrances have been sealed off and locked. What could be going on? How will our heroes escape? Will they find out what happened? Or will they die trying? But whatever is lurking in the Airport, they must proceed with extreme caution.


    Character Cast:
    -Stephanie 'Tiffany' Hyun (@Minamoto Thunder ), a three year veteran Detective within the Los Angeles Police Department currently on Maternity Leave. With her Husband having left town over a week ago and planning to be away for the next month or so, Tiffany has decided to go on Vacation, as she is bored stuck at home. So far, she is seven months into her pregnancy, expecting a baby boy. She also has an obsession with the color pink.
    -Damon Popiel (@Xilfer ), An English Teacher getting ready to teach the English language overseas.
    -Angelina "Nina" Forrest (@Karma200 ), A Deceptive US Military Recruit who is taking one last vacation before Basic Training.
    -Crowley "Moon" Winchester (@Foxy Da Pirate ), a Youth who has spent a majority of his life in Hospitals for Surgeries and such due to numerous complications.
    -Lubomir "Lewis" Mauser (@Krieg ), A Smuggler and Social Anarchist who comes from a formerly Wealthy Family. Ever since his Uncle's Car Selling Company went bankrupt, he has been working as a Smuggler, smuggling goods in and out of Germany.
    -Meiveil "Viella" Protrasnov (@Yokai_Madmen ), A Young Woman with a Troubled and Tragic Past. She is planning to reunite with her Father after escaping an abusive relationship.
    -Ryan Cadwell (@JusticeHunt20 ), A Aviation Enthusiast and Traveler. He comes from a fairly large family. The typical average joe who has his ups and downs in life.
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  2. So it begins...

    On a Friday Evening, particularly around sunset, Three-Year veteran LAPD Detective and Expecting Mother Stephanie 'Tiffany' Hyun enters Los Angeles International Airport. With her husband away and out of town for the next month, Tiffany has decided to take a Vacation herself, being bored stuck at home alone. Not to mention she was unable to go to work because of the fact that she's pregnant, having been put on Maternity Leave by the Police Chief on behalf of her Lieutenant. In all honesty, she'd pick a desk job over being stuck at home. Without her Husband around, it was also very lonely. After checking in for her flight, she went to wait at her Terminal. Luckily she wasn't going overseas or any of that, since she may have to get home on a moment's notice, and she couldn't stand the thought of giving birth on an Airplane. When she thought about it, the aspect did sound painful. Good thing she's also been taking good care of herself as well. While watching planes come and go, she placed one hand over her swollen belly, where her future baby boy was resting. "I wonder what Miami is like. Never really been to Florida, but it seems like a good place to relax. Too bad Daddy won't be around. Just you and me, kiddo." she mused, patting her belly before continuing to hold it and staring out the window.

    In all honesty, she was happy to be finally getting out of town for about two weeks of relaxation. Life isn't exactly easy when you can't fit into your pants, now is it? Because of that fact, even though she had a wide selection of Maternity Clothes, she still mainly wore dresses, since she found everything to be a hassle to attempt to put on. Not like she was getting any smaller either, something that irritated Tiffany. Oh well, two more months and she'll have her first child. Just two more months until she gets to finally hold her little bundle of joy...Sadly, she can't dress him up in pink because he's a boy and not a girl...Otherwise, Pink all day everyday. That was also her favorite color. Not to mention she was wearing quite a bit of it right now...Well, besides her Cardigan, which was black.

    Tiffany's Wardrobe
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  3. "Nein..."

    A grizzled voice sonorously echoed in the lone bathrooms of the Los Angeles International Airport, a rugged, heavily-cloaked individual leaning against the sinks, whose artistic design resembled that of granite. Holding a rather cheap, inexpensive smartphone to his ear, the foreigner raised a hand to softly scratch the scruffs of his beard, his stern gaze tightening at the nearly inaudible response of the caller. A worried expression appeared on the nefariously iconic smuggler's face, glancing around cautiously to ensure nobody was within the bathroom. Pushing his shoulder against the door of one of the stalls, the young adult quietly began to whisper, throwing a one-strap backpack over his shoulder and picking up a standard, businessmen, slate suitcase.

    "I'll meet you at The Drainage. Give me a moment to grab a bite here. Yeah, you think with all the salt Americans love to throw on their food, they could be half-bothered to make some proper airline food." the young man concluded, a hint of a fading Germanic accent in his voice. Turning off his phone shortly after, Lewis the Smuggler quietly glanced at himself in the mirror once more, adjusting his suitcase and backpack as he ran a hand through his hair. Growling softly to himself at his thick hair, really desiring a haircut, the undercover criminal quietly slipped out of the bathroom and into the populated, industrialized labyrinth of an airport. Wearing thick clothing, such as a genuine fur-coat and tan trousers, the weather was certainly far different than that of Richmond. A bit more hotter for his tastes, but, alas, winter was coming, and even Los Angeles got chilly. Briefly pausing, Lubomir softly pulled out a long cigarette, flipping open a zippo ligther and igniting the fresh tobacco.

    "Cubans and their tobacco...Gotta love em'..." Lewis whispered under his breath, taking a few deep rounds of the cigarette before hastily tossing it into an ashtray. Airport security had already had their panties in a twist with light of recent political events, so even a cigarette could potentially blow his cover. Ensuring he had his products and nonchalantly checking the ankle of his boot to ensure he had his concealed Bowie knife, Lewis wickedly smiling before continuing along. Smelling fresh of tobacco smoke and unzipping his thick overcoat, the man briefly held a grin as he passed by random bystanders presumably awaiting for their flights. Heading to the cafe, he began to openly sing a soft tone, ironically from a very familiar rock song aloud...

    "So sacrifice yourself
    And let me have what is left.
    I know I can find,
    the fire in your eyes..."
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  4. People usually go to Airports for many reasons like; jobs, vacation, family visits, work but hardly does anyone go to an Airport to go cross state for a surgery, unless you're Crowley "Moon" Winchester.

    He was sick of the in and out stays at the hospital. He hated the smells of things being too clean, and the constant no privacy policy that the nurses seem to have.

    Moon can swear that he has gotten little to no sleep at the hospitals, so he knew he was going to enjoy the short flight since he'd be able to rest peacefully.

    Moon checked in for his flight and made his way to the waiting area. He sat down and reached into his pocket pulling out a small photo of his mother who had passed on. He smiles slightly "Hey Ma...I made it. Dr. Scrooge said that he'll meet me in the next state." he mumbles to himself.

    He closed his eyes slightly feeling the irregular heart beats rumble in his chest causing him to wince slightly. He loved living but he wished that his condition would go away, all his life he had to be careful and it was tiring really.

    His hand reached up to his heart monitor and gently squeezed it.

    He looked over to his right and noticed a young woman, who sat with het hand on her belly, the roundness of it told him she was expecting and he couldn't help but smile. He thought that the creation of life was a beautiful thing.

    "Is it a boy or girl?" he found himself blurting his thought outloud unintentionally. He hoped the new mother wouldn't find him weird.

    Crowley's Attire

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] 2014-11-27-00-02-33--1724760075.jpeg [​IMG]
    Photo of him and his mom (open)

    (The photo he carries)
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  5. Damon hadn't been in an airport for years. Not since he'd first come back to L.A., where he'd been stuck for the past twelve years. Families going on vacation and travelers alike pushed around their luggage on carts, and people of various races and nationalities could be seen all at once. The sight was nostalgic for Damon, momentarily bringing him back to his childhood days. He realized that more or less the entire time he'd been there, he'd had a small smirk plastered on his face, but for once he didn't care. He was beyond happy to finally be back in this place, and even more so to be leaving this country soon.

    After getting to the waiting area, Damon was greeted by the sight of various cafes and restaurants for waiting travelers. Looking to his right, he noticed one particular cafe where he remembered eating shortly after first arriving in L.A. That coffee and surprisingly tasty cream bun had been his first meal in this country. It seemed only fitting it would be his last as well.

    Making his way over to the counter, where he was immediately greeted by the server. It seemed business here was slow today. He ordered exactly what he remembered having that first day: a coffee, black, with three sugars, and a simple cream bun. He wasn't particularly hungry, but could do with a snack, so it was the perfect meal. With the order placed, Damon paid up before walking over to a nearby table and sitting himself down.

    The waiter arrived shortly after, with the coffee and bun on a platter. Damon gave him a nod and a thank you before he walked off, and took a bite from the bun. As delicious as he remembered it. Momentarily, he remembered that he'd been given a photo of the class he'd be teaching over in Thailand, but had never taken the time to inspect it properly. He reached for his wallet and retrieved the photo, taking a closer look at it. Apparently, the high school he was going to had never had a foreign teacher before, so to welcome him, the class he was assigned to had gathered together and sent him this picture of all of them holding up a 'Welcome, Mr. Popiel' sign, with 'Popiel' misspelled as 'Poipel'. It seemed he had a lot of work ahead of him. Regardless, it was a sentiment he greatly appreciated. He doubted any class here in America, or anywhere in the West, would ever bother doing something like this.

    Finishing up his bun, he put the photo back in the wallet and proceeded to sip at his coffee. It tasted equal parts bitter and sweet, just like it ought to. The taste of freedom, he thought.
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  6. Angelina Forrest

    Angelina leaned against the wall with her suitcase laying flat underneath her stretched out legs. Long locks of brown hair fell down her shoulders with a bounce to it, those hazel green eyes of hers looked around on alert while having an ear bud in her ear. Dressed in a cute black dress that hugged her curves, Nina had two long legs that ended in a pair of open toed heels. The dress was comfortable and Angelina had gotten use to wearing heels, it came with the job of professionalism. Look like you know what you're doing and people won't look down on your ability as much as they would if you dressed childishly. I've told you now by Sam Smith was playing lightly through her earphones which she enjoyed gratefully. Letting out a sigh, Nina reminded herself that she needed to calm down and just breathe. Its time for vacation before she gets into her training, it would be horrible to start her first day stressed. This... this future, a future of blood and death more likely to come... was it the best decision? Yea, it wasn't like she had anything else to do. Her was life was full of piano competitions and so many people looking at you... waiting until the moment you mess up so that they could gossip about you. Most had nasty words to say.

    It had never been the life that Angelina had wanted but she made the most of it, to them it might sound like a beautiful piano but to Nina... it sounded empty. No true meaning behind her music. Who wouldn't get sick and tired of it.

    "No thinking about work, home, acquaintances and such. Screw everyone, this is my time alone," Nina spoke to herself and after repeating it one more time, she began to fill better. Going away from all the troubling thoughts and getting a breather from all the annoying people you had to see ever other day? Sounded like a plan to Angelina.

    Shopping. With that thought Angelina decided that she would definitely be spending some money.

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  7. Her sky blue eyes glistened with hope, looking at an airport for the second time in her life. It was so loud and crowded, however, the lad only could feel the vibrations of the sound waves coming from everyone’s mouths.
    Today, unlike the many days prior to this day, was actually quiet and so peaceful.

    Her heart fluttered with upmost joy, feeling as if it would explode and ruin her sleeveless white button-down shirt. Many of the people looked so diverse, having so many different fashions on and facial expressions, but she still felt out of place. After all, she was 6”2’ and had pastel purple hair with faint pastel white and blue streaks, and her skin tone was near the color of snow. Her blue and black polka dot skirt reached her ankles, and swayed with even the slightest leg movements, and the only thing that kept her from freaking out in the airport was the hope of her father coming.

    She made sure that it would look as if she simply had just left to go out to a store or something small so she wouldn't of been followed by her man, having only a small messenger bag. Within it contained simply deodorant, a few pads, one change of clothes, and a pencil and paper. If she could of brought a compass and protractor, or maybe even her vintage cell phone, perhaps she would of been happier, but she did what she had to do.

    "Passport, please."

    She nodded to the woman behind the counter and looked down at her skirt's pocket, her hands slightly shivering as she took out her passport. When she took it out, she immediately checked to see if it was expired. It had one year left before it expired, but something was still off about the passport. She looked to the woman at the counter, then back at the passport.

    "Miss, you have to give me your passport..."

    Unable to notice the female was talking, the girl kept staring at the date. Finally, she looked up, nodded, and gave the woman at the counter her passport.

    "So you are miss Protrasnov?"

    The girl nodded again and bit her lip. The girl at the counter looked at her worriedly.

    "Miss Protrasnov, your passport has expired."
  8. @Foxy Da Pirate

    Upon hearing the young man's question, Tiffany turned to look at him. Obviously the question was directed towards her...There weren't any other women with child in vicinity, so what could she be thinking? Tiffany wasn't offended by it or anything. He was probably just curious. It wouldn't hurt her to answer. There was no point in overreacting either, since she was in a public place and there was no need to go on a hormonal rage on a complete strange who is being nice to her. As long as he doesn't touch her without permission, it should be fine. "Its a Boy." She answered.

    When she looked at him closely, he didn't seem harmful either. However, she did wish that her spouse was with her. Maybe she could have gone on his Business Trip with him? No, that would have been boring. Plus he'd probably be paying more attention to his work rather then her and the baby, a fact that did indeed upset her. While waiting for her flight, which wasn't for another hour and a half. she figured that she'd make conversation with the boy. "You seem quite bundled up. Where are you planning to go?" She then asked.
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  9. "Congratulations" he said with a smile, hearing the question he looked at his outfit before saying with a laugh "I'm headed to Washington state, I have this major surgery I have to under go." He couldn't help but smile despite what he had just said.

    He looked down at his lap and gently kicked at ground not sure what to say next, he hoped though that their conversation wouldn't flatline though he hardly ever met someone else who didn't mind conversing.

    @Minamoto Thunder
  10. One step after the other, Lewis continued silently and boldly, keeping his chin up and his gaze unaltered. For years, he had been evading authorities through airports, preferably ones that weren't funded or controlled directly by the local governments. Private airlines, whilst a bit more expensive, secured his specialized, illegal goods simply through contacts within the airport and loopholes in the security system. Going to a public airline was a new challenge for the foreigner, one that he felt awfully out of place and constantly under pressure from the apathetic gazes of private military contractors and local police. Out of all of the nations the smuggler had been, America had and still is one tough nut to crack in terms of security. But, with the right tools and necessities, any system can be debunked easily.

    "So much for the right against unlawful searches..." Lubomir murmured, having a distaste for authorities and their needless searches as he passed by crowds of men, women, and children going through metal detectors and some sort of miniature chamber that fired off a bright but seemingly harmless scanning laser. Adjusting his satchel bag and suitcase, the smuggler kept moving, passing by individuals of all nationalities and appearances along the way. Ranging from a cute but rather tall girl being told her passport was expired to large families that could virtually fill a plane by themselves, Lewis couldn't help but smirk as he made his way towards a series of shops, restaurants, and cafes.

    "Every day is different..." Lubomir chuckled audibly, running a hand through the scruff of his bread and entering some sort of cafe. Whilst not a fan of coffee or pastel sweets, a good, stiff bitter drink always heighten his senses. Under normal circumstances, a Mexican draft would suffice, but he had to be professional to these new band of customers. Los Angeles was a dangerous place, and even though his Bowie knife concealed at the back of his heel was primitive compared to most weapons, the smuggler knew he could suffice with that. Approaching the counter, Lewis ordered to a rather attractive waitress a simple black coffee with no sort of sugars or artificial flavors.

    Taking an empty seat, briefly noting a businessman staring at some longing, personal photo, the German put aside his grey satchel bag and his slate, black suitcase. Leaning back comfortable his chair, he unzipped his coat, relaxing a bit and whistling a soft tune as the roaring engines of an airplane flew back.

    How harmonic.
  11. "Surgery, what for?" Tiffany asked, curiously. For someone so young, he must have a lot of health problems. However, she shouldn't be one to judge. But to fly far for a surgery was quite alarming in her opinion. Wasn't like she was travelling just to give birth...That'd be insane. As she looked around, she noticed a shady looking man sitting not too far from her and the boy. Behind her in one of the eateries, she noticed a handsome looking businessman, or at least that's what he seemed like to her. Behind the Shady One, she saw a woman in Black Formal Clothing, which prompted her to hold her belly, protective of her unborn baby. Afterwards, she just looked back out the window then pulled out her phone to look through some text messages that she has been exchanging with her husband.

    @Foxy Da Pirate
  12. Moon looked toward the others as well curious as to where they where they were headed. Everyone seemed like a nice bunch of folks to ride with on a plane though the shady man put him at unease.

    "My surgery is for my heart...I have several conditions that render my heart beats irregularly and I have a condition that restricts blood flow." He sighs shaking his head "I pray that your baby doesn't have to face this." He said adds.

    His eyes shift back to the others and he watches them quietly.

    "Sorry to bum you guys out with my story, if you don't mind me asking where are all you headed?" He asked everyone.
  13. Ryan did his usual routine in the morning, wake up, take a shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, grab his video camera and clothes, pack it then go to his next city. Ryan stood outside of the terminal, he was on his phone talking to his girlfriend. They have been dating for a two years now, and he wanted to propose to her when he came back. He talked sweet talk to her, talking about his last trip, then his future wife would talk about herself, then they would say goodbye. After they hung up, Ryan soaked up the fresh breeze the air had to offer and then walked back inside.

    He passed a few men with suits and just normal people, when someone pushed him with his shoulder. Ryan almost dropped his video camera when the man bumped into him on purpose. He dropped the suitcase while he focused to not drop the camera, the case burst open dropping a lot of papers. "The f#%& man!?" Ryan said to the man as he quickly grabbed the papers and shoved them in the case.

    After getting tickets for his flight, he walked over to some seats where he sat next to a women dressed in white and pink and apparently pregnant. He sat down next to her and set the video camera next to the seat. He looked over at all the people. Some with different flights and reasons to go to a new place. But with Ryan, he just came for the sake of going, he loved the travel and go exploring.
  14. "Its alright, I was just wondering." She commented when the young man told her about why he was travelling and of his ailments. She did have a bit of sympathy for him, because he probably spent a majority of his life going to Doctors' Appointments and more then likely in and out of Hospitals. When he said he hoped that her baby wouldn't have to go through what he has to, she smiled a bit. "I've taken a lot of necessary pro-cautions; less strenuous activities, eating much healthier, resting a bit more..." She then replied.

    @Foxy Da Pirate

    A few seconds later, a man with a Camera sat down next to her, but she didn't really make a big deal out of it. He was probably just waiting for his flight.
  15. Angelina watched everyone with a bored look in her eyes while wondering about whether or not this vacation was really going to be worth it. She had spent all this money on a plane ticket... her first vacation since middle school. What if it wasn't the vacation she expected because she went alone? Ugh, okay this wasn't something she had thought about. There were all sorts of people here and Nina learned a few things about some of them, while the others made conversation she just made sure to stay in her spot and listen. She ran a hand through her hair while praying that there would be some sort of entertainment on this trip. What if she just spent a bit more money to continue her little vacation? She had about a month... she could probably make it to a few different places.

    Yea... that sounds like a nice plan.
  16. Moon was thrilled to hear that! He was going to say something more when he noticed the man with the camera "Is he a journalist or a photographer? Someone who is sightseeing maybe?" he thought curiously.

    Turning his attention to the soon to be mother he said "That's great, you're going to be a great mom."

    He then picks up his duffle bag and opens it he rummaged through it till he finds his sketchbook and a few pencils, setting his bag down he begins to draw on the blank page.
  17. Lewis had kept himself quiet, hearing a few others converse about their next flight together, the grizzled smuggler keeping eerily to himself and occasionally sipping on his cup of black coffee. Audibly mumbling German under his breath, profanity German at that, the foreigner raised up a nearby newspaper and began to skim through the articles. Feeling his dark, ash eyes wince in annoyance, Lubomir audibly sighed once again, flicking the newspaper forwards violently to flatten out the pages.

    "I'm not on your flight, I'm just got off mine." Lewis openly remarked, his voice not spiteful but not exactly friendly either. Keeping extremely apathetic, his response to nobody in particular, the grizzled German quietly continued to read to himself.

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    @Minamoto Thunder
  18. Moon was slightly startled at the sudden apathetic tone that he couldn't figure out was trying to friendly or not. He turned to face the older male and watched him read for a moment.

    He could tell by his accent that he wasn't American...maybe German? "If you don't mind me asking...where are you...from yiu accent it's unique."

  19. Damon was pulled out of his own thoughts by various voices which sounded close to him. He hadn't really been paying attention to what they had all been saying, but it seemed as if he had been pulled into some sort of group conversation without even knowing it.

    He remarked several people sitting quite near him; maybe not near enough for a proper conversation, but at least within earshot. Within the cafe was a man hiding behind a newspaper, apparently disinterested in talking with anyone at the moment. Although it was a little rude, he thought, he could understand the man's sentiment. Sitting outside the cafe he noticed a woman who was quite obviously pregnant, and a boy close by who was one of the more active participants of the conversation. There was one other: a woman dressed in black who appeared even more disinterested in anyone than the man with the newspaper did. What a curious bunch, Damon thought.

    He had tuned in just in time to hear the apathetic man's words towards them all. At the boy's question, he couldn't help but crack a grin. The accent was definitely German; he remembered it well from his time in Germany. Damon considered telling the boy this, but decided that it would probably be a bit too invasive of the man's privacy. Taking a moment to try and find the right words, he decided he would try steering the conversation somewhere else. He had time on his hands, after all; no harm in some discussion while he waited for his flight.

    "Say, what were you drawing there?" he asked, putting on a friendly smile as he addressed the boy. "You an artist?"

    @Foxy Da Pirate
    @Minamoto Thunder
  20. Moon was surprised to find someone interested in his art, he shifts some in his seat slightly embarrassed but he smiles "I guess you can say that" he laughs some "I really just enjoy drawing. It's all anime style though I find it easier to draw."

    He stands and hands the book to the other male who was curious about his draws. He loved showing others his artwork "Its mostly fan art of my favorite books or shows." He admitted.

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