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  1. Once at least four people sign up, I will create the In-Character Roleplaying Thread!

    Synopsis: With Elements borrowed from the Silent Hill Franchise and the 2008 Film Quarantine 2: Terminal, Silent Terminal brings you the experience of both worlds! In a Los Angeles Airport, a couple of traveling become trapped when the Airport suddenly becomes deserted. Worse, there is no escape, as the windows are now unbreakable and every single exit leading outdoors or to the Parking Garage. In order to escape and find out what happened, the surviving travelers must work together. Will they escape? Or die trying? Because there is something evil lurking in this Airport as well...But just what is it? Satan's Dark Magic at work?


    Character Sheet

    1. Stephanie Hyun, @Minamoto Thunder
    2. Damon Popiel, @Xilfer
    3. Angelina Forrest, @Karma200
    4. Meiveil Protrasnov @Yokai_Madmen
    5. Crowley Winchester, @Foxy Da Pirate
    6. Lubomir Mauser @Krieg
    7. Ryan Cadwell @JusticeHunt20
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  2. Name:
    Stephanie Masako "Tiffany" Hyun


    Police Detective



    +Anything Pink

    -Bugs (Hates Cockroaches and Spiders the Most): She will start crying the second she sees one
    -People touching her (Amplified when she got pregnant)
    -Flirtatious Guys who are already in Relationships
    -Women who attempt to flirt with her Husband
    -Cheaters and Players
    -Sharp Objects
    -Smell of Cigarettes

    Tiffany tends to be the emotional kind of girl, but to say that she is timid and a crybaby would be an understatement. She can also be very loud and known by peers to be optimistic. Tiffany is also very professional when on the Job. She loves Challenges and Mysteries. Having the Deduction Skills, Intuition and Intelligence of the ideal Detective, Tiffany is one of the best in her profession. Though her Semi-Timid Personality can make her go soft, which is frequent.

    Bio: Tiffany Hyun was born in the City of Los Angeles California in 1989 as the youngest of three, having an older sister named Mickey and an older brother named Leon. In contrast of her tomboyish sister, Tiffany was a lot more on the Feminine Side, so the path she had chosen is quite the wonder. After graduating from High School with Honors, Tiffany received a Scholarship to University of California on the Los Angeles Campus and eventually majored in Criminal Justice. After graduating with a Bachelor's in her Major, Tiffany quickly applied for LAPD Academy. She would graduate top of her class. Two years into her Career as a Police Officer, she eventually got promoted to Detective, where she became one of the best in her Department. No matter the case, she would always solve it and would prevail even when the trail goes cold. After a third successful year in the LAPD, her first year as a Detective, everything would start looking up for Tiffany. Best of all, she would get married to her boyfriend of four years, Nianzu Yang, a 5-Star Chef well-known in L.A, and became a loving wife. Six Months after her wedding, Tiffany and Nianzu would want to start a Family. Their Dream is now close to coming true as they are now expecting their first child. Currently, the couple is spending some time away from each other, as Nianzu had to go on a Business Trip. Because of her pregnancy, her Chief put her on Maternity Leave, as Detective Work and Pregnancy do not make a Good Combo. As a result, and having plenty of time before the baby arrives, Tiffany figured that she'd need a vacation.​
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  3. I somewhat remember going to an airport that looked a lot like that one. Spooky. :P

    Anyway, I shall reserve a spot please.
  4. Okay! Well, see if you can find anyone else!
  5. I'd like to reserve a spot please x]
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  6. Alright, just one more person and I'll create the In-Character Roleplaying. I look forward to seeing your guys' Characters.
  7. May I reserve a spot as well? This sounds soo awesome!
  8. And now I shall create a thread for In-Character Roleplaying. Please post your character sheets as soon as possible!
  9. Name: Crowley "Moon" Winchester
    Age: 16
    Occupation: Student
    Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance: a270f56d8f7e0876db757e14ca739f23.jpeg
    Likes: Reading (he loves reading books about fantasy and adventures for he Isn't able to go outside much) Drawing (he loves how anime looks and tends to draw in the style alot) Writing (often being in the hospital Moon gets kinda restless, he relieves his stress by writing) Cooking (Moon enjoys making cakes and cookies and various meals for others to enjoy)
    Dislikes: Hospitals (Moons always going to the hospital for his treatments) Not being able to go outside (Moon, due to his condition is limited to very little outdoor time) Surgeries (Moon has to under go multiple surgeries for his heart) Being limited (due to his heart being very weak he isnt able to do normal things such as lift heavy objects or run)
    Personality: Moon is kind and very considerate of others. Despite his condition he his happy to be alive and is thankful for his limited life. Moon is also very sensitive, he hates being called weak and useless and will often cry for he knows he's weak and is unable to do anything about it. He is also soft spoken and will not speak his mind.
    Bio: Moon was born with Restrictive Cardiomyopathy, Heart Arrhythmia, and Asthma. These health conditions had caused him to spend the majority if his life in a hospital, giving him very little time to live a normal life like ever other boy. His mother enrolled him into online school which he attened up til the death of his mother leaving him alone. He still lives in the hospital and was scheduled to have another surgery in the state over until the mysterious event took place.
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  10. Accepted. I like him. Wonder where his Father is...
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  11. Lol, @Xilfer , I hope you have a Character sheet for me to look at.
  12. >__>

    Um... my dog ate it. Yeah. Ehehe.

    ...I'll get on it. -.-
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  13. @Xilfer , you better XD Jk Jk, take your time.
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  14. YARHARHAR! Don't worry yer head land lover, I won't be won't be won't be comin' for ye if ye ain't playin' dar role of night Watchmen.
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  15. Name: Angelina Forrest 'Nina'
    Age: 19 years old
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Military recruit
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Rocky Road, Sweet Tarts (hard candy), guns, mysteries, dogs, snakes
    Dislikes: Sushi, black coffee, onions, dirty places, rats, bombs, being told what to do, being threatened
    Personality: Angelina is a 'tough bean' and lives a life of independence. Her perfect lies is both what gets her into trouble and what gets her out of it, which she takes pride in. When she isn't talking she tends to stay quiet most of the time, sitting around and observing everything going on. Watch out for the words she speaks, they might be the truth... and they may just be lies.
    Bio: Nina's parents were always arguing, ignoring Angelina most of the time because they were busy with other things. So Angelina spent her time reading books and learning things on her own. When she was 8 years old her, her parents got into a car crash which ended with Angelina going into foster care. Several months and families later, Nina was finally adopted into a family with a very strong passion for music so they taught her how to use many instruments. Piano being her top favorite. Now she's just waiting until she's finally able to set off to the military.

    (Sorry it took so long, this is a character I'm creating to save and I wanted to use her)
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  16. Well, if this was an Action-Adventure Roleplay, I'd accept off the bat. I like the character and all, but the choice in occupation doesn't exactly fit with the Roleplay you're going into. Please adjust to accomedate. I would also find it more acceptable if she was either a High School/College Student or Military Recruit. Or Professional Cheerleader (That's a good one).
  17. Better?
  18. Much better =) Accepted. Interaction between her and Stephanie will be interesting; though hopefully deceitful behavior and lying tendencies are kept to a minimal. Can cause a lot of friction on trust and teamwork. Plus, lying to a cop, not the best idea. Giving a heads up. Otherwise, like character.
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