Silent Night

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  1. [​IMG]
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    In 1971, London was a place where all people joined together to create a land of peace and harmony. Sciences were improving and mechanics were increasing in development. However, Everything was still in progress such as improvements for phones and electronics. People came to love one another and learned to adjust to their new surroundings very well. It was the season of winter and snow feel over the land, covering the land in a white fluffy blanket. Though, Scientist have discovered a serum to break the differences between life and death. The people of London feared, Since many people began to go missing. However, They were alive just used as test subjects for this new serum.
    At that moment, Things gone terribly wrong. The serum worked successfully but the subjects were not exactly themselves. They had an extreme case of the munchies. While we humans were the answer to their little hunger problem. After the outbreaks there were only many more of us alive. Though everyone was in their separate locations around the grid. The human eating creatures had devoured the entire world in less then three years as the infection spread from person to person with just one bite.
    It is our job to survive and find a cure for this madness. We have guts and determination running in our blood for the taste of a new era were everyone would be the same once again. It is time for a new life here in the world. And we the survivors are the ones to get it in our hands. Days and nights are going by with another soul stolen by them. Be cautious and may god be with you.
  2. Walks around to in the snow!! All dazed an confuzed
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    Rebecca Marie




    - Blunt
    - Wise
    - Cruel
    - Witty
    - Clever
    - Mystic
    - Soft (To surviving children only)
    - Emotional
    - Silent
  4. "Something so pure should not be in existence anymore." Rebecca said in a depressing tone while her hand was turned so the delicate flakes of snow feel right into her gloved palm before melting and seeping into the fabric of her glove and touched her pale skin. Her black hair danced in front of her chocolate brown eyes as they peered around for any signs of them. "Where are these fuckers at?" She asked herself while she looked around the blood stained snow roads. Nothing was seen, Not even one of the fuckers that killed her little brother Timothy and her parents. She didn't care much for her parents since they have been complete assholes to her, But she cared for her eight year old brother.
    She sighed and shook her head, Erasing the dark thoughts that haunted her little mind. She tucked her hand into her black trench coat pocket to keep them nice and warm. She then continued on down the road with a machete within her right hand while a black violin case rested within her left, Where her white violin nestled deep inside the case. She was alone and was looking for survivors, But no one came screaming for help or guidance. It was closing near to midnight, The moon was full as the silver light shinned upon the snow covered grounds emitting a angelic white glow. She yawned due to the lack of sleep for weeks now since she has found no place safe for herself.
    She sighed, And continued on walking into the night. Keeping a close eye out for anyone or anything. She walked for hours when finding a figure of a person looking as if he or she were lost. She stopped and stared at the thing before her eyes.
    What the fuck is this? I don't even know anymore. Is it a survivor or a fucking dream?! This is fucking bullshit! Alright, Cool it Rebecca. Get your ass together.
    She thought and continued to stare at he thing in front of her before opening her mouth. "Are you okay over there?" She asked. She looked at the ass of this person and smiled adoring it, She then looked away and pretended like she has seen nothing at all. She then heard moaning and started to think if it was the infected or the thing in front of her plying with his or herself for pleasure.
    What a desperate Mother Fucker.
    She thought and shook her head before standing there waiting for a reply from it. She then looked around checking if anything was coming her way and found nothing so far. She then looked back at the thing, Realizing it was still standing there like a fucking statue.
  5. Shakes my head.. Not really knowing where I am. Or for that matter who I am. I reach into my pockets to see if there is he clues. As I lean up agents the lamp post I pull some things out my pocket. Trying to figger out what going on around me. Someone must know how I got here or who I am. I only seem to have some smokes an a peace of paper with some address on it. I put a CIG in my mouth an light it an as I do I see someone standing down the road. I can't make out what she is saying. I think to my self dose she know me or do I know her. I yell at her to please come over to me Onizuka-wallpaper-5476374.jpg Onizuka-wallpaper-5476374.jpg Onizuka-wallpaper-5476374.jpg
  6. She stared at the thing and realized that it must have been a human. Because, Through it's body language she knew no creature would be standing there all confused and lost. They would have been charging at her by now. She then heard it yell to her and snapped out of her thoughts. She heard a man's voice command her to come to him and she did. She stayed quiet and looked at the person. She then looked down avoiding his eyes and inhaling the cigarette smoke. She brought her hand up to her nose and used it to cover it. "Give me a name." She said and continued to look down waiting for him to give her his name. She then took a step back thinking she was too close to him and continued t wait.
  7. Um miss.. I don't know my name or where I am. I'm sorry dose my smoking bother u plz tell me whats going on. As I look into her eyes I think. She must know what's going on.
  8. She looks up slightly, Can't believe that this man has no idea who he is or what is going on. She sighed and shook her head. This is fucking unbelievable. I have to babysit a mother fucker and basically spoon feed him before he learns how to walk. This is fucking ridiculous, So fucking unbelievable. She thought and continued to look at the man in front of her and sighed. She knew she had to be nice or he will die out here alone. She looked back down and replied with a sweet, Innocent tone. "Just come with me, It is not safe out here." She said before turning her back on the man and began walking making sure he followed behind her. She walked down the road as the snow feel over her and wondered if there was a place nearby to stay in for the night until morning. "Are you coming or not?" She asked with a irritated, As her patients were running low.
  9. I look at her with a long stair. Wtf. I think to my self dose this girl even know whats going on. I speak up to her ya I'm coming. I run up to catch up to her. Hey so what's ur name bye the way. I know I can't tell u mine but I guess for now u can call me I guess..I look over at a street sign an it says Franklin st. Well I guess u can call me fred ya call me Fred till we figger some stuff out. Hey look there it looks like that might be some kinda inn or hostel..I think to my self this girl has no clue about nothing. Its going to be hard as fuck to figger this shit out then it looks.
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  10. She rolled her eyes at how this man was playing to be a hot shot and smirked before shaking her head. What a fucking Mistake, I should just have left him there to die. Because, If I did I would not have to babysit a fucking child like this fucking dumbass. What a fucking waste of a soul. Well shit, I can't say anything since I am the fucking same. She let out a sigh and looked back behind her shoulder as the man said he was coming. He then he tried starting a conversation with her. She was not much of a talker but he was trying to be nice while she was being a bitch. She stayed quiet. She then looked at the building her was talking about ad shoo her head before making a left at a corner and began to walk to the Mental asylum, Where there were gates which would protect them big time. She was clever when it came to survival, And from the looks of it she was much more clever than he is.
  11. I grab her arm an stop her dead in the snow. Look I don't knoe much but I do know that place there has crazy ppl. An I don't think that that's the kinda place that we need to be. Once agen can u plz tell me ur name. Dose she even have one. Should I even trust this girl. I mean she did come out of no where. I look her in her eyes. Let's not get off on the wrong foot. I am glad I seen u walking . u look almost as confused as me so let get some where warm for the night OK. Now plz what's ur name.
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  12. "Take your fucking hand off me unless you want to see your blood painting the fucking floors." She jerked her arm out of his grasp and gave him a death like stare before Turning her head and sighed trying to calm herself down before she blows on him again. "You don't need to know my name, All you need to know is that I saved your life because you could have died out here without me finding your pathetic little ass. So be a nice boy now, And hush." She added and continued on walking to the Mental Asylum knowing it was safe since she has been there before. "Just trust me. ." She muttered and continued on walking without saying anything else.
  13. Fine have it ur way. I mutters under my voice. An yes it would be nice to know ur name. Lights another CIG an follows her. Hey I'm sorry for grabing ur arm. An as far as trust I have no idea what to trust. An u talk about I could have dies out here, look at u u don't even have a coat on.I take mine off an put on her shoulders. An then I put my hands in my pockets an shake off the cold as I follow her.
  14. "Shut your mouth, Talking is not the best option out here when we have them around. Lurking at every fucking corner of this god forsaken world." She replied and just ignored him and his apologies. She then felt more weight being brought upon her shoulders and sighed before shaking off his coat so it feel into the snow. "Stop it. I mean it. I am fine, I don't need your help. And for your fucking information I am wearing a coat. It is called a trench coat." She snarled before moving quickly up a few more steps to create some distance between them and continued moving. Snow was her friend, in fact she loved the snow since it brought some good memories which she cherished.
  15. Look I never asked for ur fucking help. As I picked my coat up. I look over to the lamp post where I woke up. Maybe I should have just stayed there. Look I don't know what's out here so I'll lesson for now. I grab my atomic as it grows. So miss thing is there food in here to? I follow behind her as she seem have been scared of ppl or sonething
  16. "I know, But I gave it to for a reason. I wanted you to live, Because you fucking deserve to. So, Stop acting like a fucking child and get over yourself." She stopped and turned and stared right at him. "If you wish to die, Then stay right here and wait. If not then you should just come with me and keep your fucking mouth shut." She then turned around and just went on walking. "Lets go, We have wasted enough time."
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  17. Damn girl.. OK OK I follow behind as u seem to know where ur going. No I dont wish to fucking die. I only wish to only know what the fuck is going. An ur being so vag. . I let out a big sigh. OK now what???
  18. She rolled her eyes and got to the Mental Asylum and looked at the strong, Iron gate. She smirked before squeezing herself between the bars and looked at the guy and just giggled. "Looks like you are going to jump little man." She then took her machete and went up to the cracked open door before walking into the asylum alone making sure it was safe before he came in. It was dark and eerie in the place, But she didn't mind it since it was better tan any other place now and days. There was some food like peaches in a can and some fruit cocktails. She loved the peaches so he will have to eat the fruit cocktails. She looked around in the dark listening closely to the sounds surrounding her. Nothing. She then smirked and walked back to the door looking at the guy signaling that the place was clear of anything. "Come on."
  19. I jump over the gate. An walk slowly to her as I looked all around. I streach my arms up an sigh. Finally we can relax some. So do u think this place is safe for us to rest for awhile. Something seem odd about this place like I have been here befor. Hey mis when I awoke I found this in my pocket. As I hand her the paper with the address in I see her enjoying some peaches. I grab a car I see sitting over beside the wall an take a set not know if ill ever get my memorie back! Fuck I yell out its driving me nuts , I can remember shit!!
  20. "Yeah, This place will be fine for a while, Though in the morning we will have to move north and try to find others. Here, It is food." She said before tossing a can of fruit cocktail in his direction which she snatched earlier with her peaches. She continued to eat them, Enjoying their sweet flavor as she was given a piece of paper he handed to her. She took it with a nod and looked over it for a minutes before going back to eating her peaches as she watched him walk to the car and let out a little bit of steam he must have had. She shook her head and went back into the building t get nice and warm in a bed located in one of the rooms.