Silent Hill: Revelation

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  1. Carrie Anne Moss looks a bit weird as Claudia, and fuck knows what they've done to Malcolm McDowell. And random boyfriend dude needs to die as soon as possible. But apart from that, this could be rather groovy. Not a patch on the atmosphere of the game, but a visceral horror nonetheless.

  2. so they finally made it perhaps i'll have to go see this...
  3. Hold the fucking phone.

    They made Vincent into Heather's BOYFRIEND?
  4. Forgive me if I'm a bit sceptical of this one.
  5. From this clip, I'm guessing they aren't exactly loved up. So there may be some hope for the boy.

  7. But Asmo, it has TWO actors from Game of Thrones in it!

    Assurance of quality one would hope.
  8. Yeah, Sean Bean never makes a bad movie... >_>
  9. *Was trying to leave the joke implied*

  10. You should'a tried harder.
  11. I still will probably see this. I actually rather liked the first Silent Hill movie - in fact, I'd even go so far as to say it's shockingly good for a video game movie. I'm hoping this one will be okay too.

    Also, oh Sean Bean. *shakes head*
  12. I am confident that Sean Bean will survive this movie.

  13. Your confidence has been rewarded Asmo. (open)