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    Five years of your life were lost.

    Amnesia, the doctors said. One little word for that abyss in your memory.
    One little word for the creeping fear that you do not - that you cannot - know your self.

    You woke up to a half life. Eighteen months since the blackout, and you have nothing.
    You have driven everyone away from you. Even your own parents.

    And now one of them has died.

    The funeral is in Silent Hill, that town they so loved.
    That, at least, is one thing you still remember... they loved it.

    ...but would never take you there.

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    Name: [Non-Canon]

    Appearance: [Pic preferred]

    Profession: [Something you could pick up or go back to after being missing for 5 years]

    Personality: [20 words or less]

    Parent who died: [Mother or Father?]

    Parent who invited you: [Mother or Father? This person will be an NPC controlled by me. Give notes if you want something specific from them]

    Post-Blackout: [How have you lived in the two years since the amnesia?]

    Deidre Karova​
    Arthur Hale​
    Amelia Sanders​
    Gregory Henderson​
    Angela Moore​
    Bartley LaFleur​
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  3. Name: Benedict Karova

    Profession: Kitchen cook

    Personality: A typical abused child, creepy and introverted on the surface with an undercurrent of violence and extraordinary prejudice.

    Parent who died: Father, Jonathan Karova

    Parent who invited you: Mother, Deidre Karova

    Post-Blackout: When the blackout faded, Benedict's father put him through a regime - a two year drill of Bible study, prayer and penitence. It was in the name of healing - of atoning for the sin that cursed him with a fugue state.

    But in time the friction tore them apart. His mother interfered in the flagellation, his father's moodswings grew extreme, and Benedict's own questioning turned all the bolder.

    The family self-destructed.

    After a violent exchange between himself and his father, Benedict moved away to the nearest big town and took a job as a chef in a back alley diner. He spent his earnings on meth and prostitutes, even beat up vagrants for the pure release of it. It was a hole he could not fill with orgasm or self-destruction. His bitterness consumed him.

    Now he goes to Silent Hill, because his mother may still just love him, and because his father demands it... even in death... he seems to demand it.
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  4. Well have your first character, goddammit, and we'll see who we can kidnap. >:[

    Name: Crispin Hale

    Appearance: Crispin likes to present a professional veneer; modern cut suits, black, with that shining look to them, commonly complimented by a red flower worn in one of the pockets. Styled hair, a fashionable five o'clock shadow. He dresses both to impress and to add a certain air of mystique to his persona.

    But look closely at the carefully crafted image he puts forth and you'll start to see the cracks, which grow larger with each day; the faint aroma of stale beer and cheap cigarettes underneath the premium aftershave, the heavy bags under his eyes that no amount of designer face wash can hide, that hollow look in his eyes when he finally drops the act after having too much to drink.

    Crispin wants you to see him in a certain light. But that façade is starting to crumble.

    Profession: His card reads “PROFESSIONAL PSYCHIC AND MEDIUM”. Get him drunk enough, however, and Crispin will tell you he should really change it to “CON MAN” one of these days.

    Personality: Cunning, empathic, disillusioned and alcohol-abusing. Veering between self-loathing and a “fuck you, got mine” mentality. Nostalgic for a rose-tinted past he doesn't even remember.

    Parent who died: His mother, Susan Hale. During the height of his father's performance career Susan essentially raised her son by herself, and the two were extremely close. This made his father's subsequent treatment of his mother all the more difficult for Crispin. He remembers her fondly, and her death has hurt him deeply.

    Parent who invited you: His father, Arthur Hale. A former stage magician who was pretty big back in the day, his fall from grace that was fuelled by (and led to further) alcoholism turned him into an abusive brute towards his wife and put a strain on his relationship with his only son. Crispin hates the fact that he's become a reflection of his old man; embittered by the past, turning to drink to cope with it.

    Post-Blackout: In the twenty four months since he woke up to find half a decade of his life gone, Crispin has been etching out a living on the backs of others. Operating a low-key, under-the-radar business, Crispin utilises the mentalist skills he picked up from his father to find work as a “psychic”. His reputation is spread largely through word of mouth, allowing him to live comfortably enough without drawing too much heat.

    Whatever life he once had before his blackout his gone now; unfamiliar faces of apparent friends were there in the beginning, even a woman who claimed to be his fiancé, but he remembered none of them. Loss and despair grew into bitterness and spite, slowly driving them all away. Now Crispin's social life extends to the bars he frequents, his drinking having become a serious habit in the last two years.
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  5. Name: Maureen Sanders

    Appearance: Her eyes are gray, with long, hazel colored hair that's kept in a simple braid. She has an Olive skin tone, usually wearing dark blue jeans and a plain white shirt with a brown, leather jacket over it.

    Profession: Nurse

    Personality: Youthful, empathetic , depressed by the death of her father, distant from her family due to amnesia, a bit naive at times

    Parent who died: Nathan Sanders (father)

    Parent who invited you: Amelia Sanders (mother)

    Post-Blackout: She lives isolated from the rest of her family, after the blackout she doesn't remember much about them... She felt unfamiliar living with them, so she moved out when she was able to... They became strangers to her, just like the other people she used to know... She got a job as a nurse at a hospital near the lonely apartment she moved into. Then... That fateful day came when she received the letter about her father being murdered. It sparked a feeling of guilt within her, she feels like it may have been stopped if she hadn't moved out.
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  6. Ahhh! How did this thread escape me for this long?

    Name: David Henderson

    Appearance: 6'1", 235lbs. He keeps his ginger hair buzzed short and his face clean shaven. His face is slightly round and matches his stocky build. In conversation he keeps up a cheery smile, but on his own his light blue eyes glaze over and he wears a tired and blank expression.

    Profession: Mailman

    Personality: Friendly and helpful on the outside, selfish and manipulative without realizing.

    Parent who died: Mother, Beverley Henderson

    Parent who invited you: Father, Gregory Henderson

    Post-Blackout: David's been in a fog, running on autopilot since the last blackout. He got his old job as a mailman back. Vernette, his fiancee, was nowhere to be found. He scrapes by on the sympathy of others, using his amnesia to guilt them into doing things for him.
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  7. Name: Sonoma LaFleur

    Age: 25

    Occupation: Artist (oracle/Unknown to herself)

    Personality: Quiet, skeptical, Observant, soft spoken and Stoic. Eyes always wandering.

    Appearance: Ashy Brown hair, Silver eyed, ordinary girl, china doll face, porcelain pale skin. weighing About 134 lbs. Long and loose sleeved black blouse, and a long black skirt that drags along the ground.

    Living Parent: Father; Bartley LaFleur. Accountant and Academically Oppressive, He Had Jacklyn committed to a Mental Home before Sonoma's Blackout

    Deceased Parent: Mother; Jacklyn LaFleur.

    Post-Blackout: Now feared by her father, Sonoma believes that her memories have been stolen and replaced with devastating and horrific images. She spends all her time sketching monsters and dismembered bodies. The walls of her room completely filled with the reminders of nightmarishly altered realities. She wastes no time replicating one Grotesque vision after another.

    She lives alone in a downtown apartment with the disembodied voice of a man no one else can hear.

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  8. Who am I...
    Lindy Rebecca Moore
    10 y/o
    Growing up...
    Elementary Student
    Shockingly Mature, Perceptive, Intelligent,


    Death, something even Lindy a little girl doesn't fear. Why should she? All her memories that concern her father contain obscenities and yelling. There may have been a time when Christopher Moore loved his daughter, but the five of ten years of her life that she remembers is yelling and disappearances from her father. The young girl never truly had a chance to care about her father anything past and apathetic politeness.


    The last time she had even thought about her mother was as her Grandma Moore guided her away from the woman. Since then her memories have held only the hollowness of amnesia. Now a letter arrives announcing her father's death, her grandmother finds it appropriate for the young girl to attend.

    Before the gap in her memory, everything had been normal. Far from perfect, but it was all the same to Lindy. Her mother would sleep all day, her father would work all day and she would be left to her own devices. There was always a meal on the table for her, always a bed to sleep in, in that respect her father was a father. The amnesia that took hold bothers Lindy though, like an itch she can't scratch. The dolly in her hand isn't the same, but how could she know? After all she was but four years old, even then it was all a blur for her. The only bad memories of her father's yelling, and mother's helpless crying.

    For two years she had decided to live with her grandmother, the elderly lady deciding she wasn't safe in a household with her son's wife for some reason. Lindy didn't really care or mind and instead just went along with everything. The child didn't have many memories as is so why should she care. Six years of her life were already gone, two of them gone away to being a good girl at a good school with a good grandmother. But the doll in her hand is not the same and she doesn't understand why.
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  9. Name: Draco Churchill

    Profession: Writer.

    Personality: A classy, and charismatic man. He's someone who will come off like a true gentlemen, though he hides his secrets quite well...

    Parent who died: n/a

    Parent who invited you: n/a

    Post-Blackout: Draco had no idea who he was or what happened after he woke up two years ago. There was no explaination, no family to help him remember who he was, he was just left to his own devices after the doctors deemed him well enough to be released. He knew not what he had been doing up until this point of his life, and had it not been for an ID he had been carrying he would have not even known his own name.

    When he was left on his own, he started to work for whatever money he could gather. He lived on the streets for almost a month before he was able to put a deposit down on a small dingy apartment and manage to get a roof over his head.

    One thing that he has yet to understand is why he gets these strange flashbacks. They aren't of people, they aren't even clear pictures, but he sees a town... a small broken down place. The name is something that he remembered, the only thing that he has remembered: Silent Hill. Now two years later, he is writing in a local paper to get by, and he has finally decided to track down this small town....

    He needs some answers...
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  10. @Fijoli - could you keep the personality to 20 words? Just a snapshot. Thanks.

    Also, the deceased parent was murdered, and the where, how and why are yet to be revealed.

    And you need to be estranged from your parents, not living with them. And they don't live in Silent Hill as far as anyone knows - they just liked to visit.
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  12. @Asmodeus

    Edited my character, let me know If there is anything else I missed or need to fix. :)
  13. *stares at York*

    You're playing Laura from Silent Hill 2, and she is the daughter of James Sunderland from Silent Hill 2, who invited you, but is also dead, and you're cheerful despite living in constant agony?
  14. Well, I did put before the entire ordeal with losing the memories and all that, lemme recheck >.< Gaah you know what on second thought lemme change that a bit :P
  15. Clearly she smothered him with a pillow and suffered the amnesia blackout after leaving. :P
  16. XP that was my fault with the bad explanation there, I thought I changed that personality part, but I guess not >.< So I did it again
  17. That's not really what I was getting at.

    Could you please stay away from the canon. Yes, Silent Hill 2 was awesome, but this is a different story entirely. And the two parents have to be your ACTUAL parents. One is dead. One is alive. And the dead one can't be the one who invited you. Dead people can't lick envelopes. And inviting people to your own funeral is an act of necromancy far beyond the average Virginian.
  18. Allright, I fixed it XS hopefully it's good enough now....
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  19. Yeah, that looks about right.

    Can I confirm with everyone that they understand the plot so far.

    You had a blackout/fugue state.
    You recovered and alienated everyone around you.
    You now live alone.
    You received a message last night that one of your parents is dead.
    The surviving parent has asked you to go to Silent Hill for the funeral.
    You are now travelling to Silent Hill.

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  20. Copy that, Ghost Rider.
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