Silent Hill Horror RP?

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  1. I'm making a CS! Had a sudden idea for an character I'm throwing in the maelstrom o.o question... How fast do you mean by fast? XD I tend to be away at around 7:00 Am - 2/3:00 PM (PST) on mondays to fridays due to school and shtuff so idk how much I'd be missing within that timeframe :S
  2. Pretty flippin' fast. I'd say a few posts within the hour. Oh, and who do you plan to come in as?
  3. Simon Henrrikson from Cry of Fear o.o figured it fits the theme a little XD
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  4. Awesome! Just sign right up!
  5. XD working on it o.o
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  6. @Akibahara Since you're advertising your roleplay, the correct prefix would be 'RPAD' not 'Interest Check'. I suggest you to fix that little mistake whenever you can. (: