Silent Hill: Broken Rose

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I know there's probably not enough players to go around, or enough interest, but I have to try. Silent Hill was the single most influential work of art in my teenage years, and I can't kick the habit...

SILENT HILL: Broken Rose​


I can't remember anymore... how I found it.

Maybe I was flicking through a newspaper... a letter from a friend... or was there something on the TV?

I guess it no longer matters... how... I got it. But it's here now, beside me as I travel.

She promises what no one else can. I wonder if I can trust her.

Maybe it's nothing... maybe she's like a fraud like all the rest... like all this world.

But still, I am travelling to meet her. Because she promises what no one else can.


A real exorcism... that's what the advert says... the words in simple text, beside me as I travel.

I have nowhere else to go. If she cannot save me.... then I am lost...

I can reach her address by midnight. It's somehwere I've heard of...

Silent Hill.

Okay, so the basic premise is that each of you is going to visit someone who claims she can perform an exorcism. Maybe you are guilt-ridden, suicidal, bereaved, unstable or simply curious, but an exorcism is pretty much your last chance, as everything else has failed to make your life better.

As well as your character sheet, it'd be cool if you can each design a standard monster and a boss monster (because despite what the later games would have you think, Silent Hill is populated by demons that are specific to your own neuroses). The standard monsters can be reflective of your fears/desires, whilst the Boss is the ultimate sick and twisted side of yourself.

<tr><td>CHARACTER</td><td>MONSTER</td><td>BOSS</td><tr><tr><td>-</td><td>-</td><td>-</td></tr><tr><td>Name:</td><td>Name:</td><td>Name:</td><tr><td>Age:</td><td>Usual locations:</td><td>Location: (where it lurks)</td><tr><tr><td>Appearance:</td><td>Appearance:</td><td>Appearance:</td><tr><tr><td>Personality:</td><td>Description:</td><td>Description:</td><tr><tr><td>Abilities:</td><td>Abilities:</td><td>Abilities:</td><tr><tr><td>Equipment:</td><td>Grouping: (usual numbers)</td><td>Possessions: (reward dropped?)</td><tr><tr><td>Psychoses: (Your vices)</td><td>Strengths:</td><td>Strengths:</td><tr><tr><td>Neuroses: (Your fears)</td><td>Weaknesses:</td><td>Weaknesses:</td><tr><tr><td>Background: (Reasons for attending the exorcism)</td><td>Concept: (where in your psyche this monster comes from)</td><td>Concept: (where in your psyche this monster comes from)</td><tr></table>

No plot beyond the basic premise yet, so feel free to throw in some ideas...
Name: Benedict Karova

Age: 35


Personality: Bipolar. If Benedict is in the presence of people more powerful than him, he can become dependent and insecure. But with those who are weaker he is abusive, often sexually. He has the perfect sado-masochistic mindset - he either abuses or becomes the victim of other abusers.

Abilities: As a garbage man and ex-con, Benedict has developed good resilience as is able to withstand a lot of physical punishment.

Equipment: None

Psychoses: Benedict has always viewed sex as something violent and non-consensual. He is angry and frustrated, seeking at all times to dominate. He also has a disgust for the old and disabled, as his parents eventually became. He cannot stand to see physical degeneracy, but abuses that which is beautiful.

Neuroses: Benedict continues to fear the childhood image of his father - the dark and invincible abuser. He also has a chronic fear of moths and butterflies, to the point where he will break out in a cold sweat and suffer paralysis. But most of all, he is afraid to be loved, for fear that believing in such things will show him just how much he has lost in his childhood.

Background: Benedict was abused horribly by his parents, scarred and tortured, locked in a room with only his father insect collections. His parents would often break down in tears in the middle of his abuse, or one would hold back and have to be forced by the other to go through with the act. Even when his parents grew old and frail, they never offered any explanation for what they had done, although they showed plenty of remorse. Benedict started to believe that they were possessed by demons and that these demons were forcing them to harm the child they loved. This idea stuck with Benedict into his teenage years, as did his twisted sexual desires - perhaps a result of an oedipul complex. He was imprisoned after a violent sexual assault on a prostitute and was only released from jail 6 months ago. But his old desires and nightmares are still with him, and short of suicide the exorcism seems to be the only option he has left...

Name: Blood Mantles

Usual locations: They infest certain houses, basments and attic spaces


Description: 4ft moths with carapace bodies and hair-lined appendages. The undersides of their wings are barbed with razor sharp bones and egg sacs. They can hobble on two legs, crawl on all fours, or fly.

Abilities: The Blood Mantles either spray toxin from the air in short clouds around them, or they land on their victims and cocoon them in their wings, slowly laying eggs beneath the flesh.

Grouping: 3-5 when roaming, 10-12 in hives.

Strengths: Fast and manouevrable

Weaknesses: Their insect bodies can be crushed easily and they have little intelligence beyond animal hunger.

Concept: The Blood Mantles represent the cloying terror of birth. When they hatch from the host body, there are about 50 blood mantles, who then fight and devour each other in their struggle to take flight. They make their hives inside corpses, trampling and suffocating other insects, leaving behind cocoons and webs where half-dead creatures flail. They represent the feeble thrashing of the foetus, the stink of miscarriage and the frailty of the physically retarded.

Name: The Uncle

Location: Lakeside Hotel


Description: A slender transexual humanoid, with dark flesh-like hair covering the face and hanging over most of the body. His/her body-hair and breasts have been ripped out, leaving a tapestry of scars and odd bone structures on the torso. It wears a skirt of skin, with an opening around the genitals that shows a rancid orifice where insects nest. It has porcelain fingernails and high heels, making clacking sounds as it moves.

Abilities: The Uncle can sing beautifully, snaring people like a siren and arousing them. The song always seems to come from around the corner, or in the next room. He/She uses this to lure and seduce victims, before slashing into them with its porcelain nails.

Possessions: Piano wire / Hair (something like that)

Strengths: The Uncle is fast and limber, using its finger nails to rip and rend. It is also intelligent, so can use weapons and outsmart its enemies. Lastly, it can be highly seductive to certain people.

Weaknesses: The Uncle's strength is below average and its heels and nails make enough sound to give it away. Characters will no sexual neuroses or psychoses can resist its song. And with no armour to speak of, the Uncle can be harmed by almost any weapon.

Concept: The Uncle is the manifestation of Benedict's adult image - the abusive parent, the visiting uncle, the sickening grandparent. And all of this is wrapped in an Oedipul form, embodying his subsconscious desire for his mother. With the naked upper body and hair hanging over the face, the Uncle is the faceless form of female beauty that Benedict lusts after, and the rancid orifice represents the vagina that he wants to pierce and abuse. The sirensong of the Uncle represents all those nights that Benedict would creep near his parents bedroom, listening to their half-heard words or to the sound of his mother in the shower.
I've got my character sheet ready! This is where it gets posted, right? >_>

CHARACTER<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
Name: Eldon Unwin<o:p></o:p>
Age: 32 yrs<o:p></o:p>
Eldon's posture and gait are lax, if slightly hunched. He moves with a smooth stride and tends to interfere in others personal space by standing too close or touching those he meets; his usual greeting is usually by strolling up silently behind someone and grabbing their shoulder to signal his arrival. The mortician speaks with a soothing tone which tends to lull others into trusting him with their problems.<o:p></o:p>
Personality: Helpful, mysterious, polite. Eldon always seems to have a smile on his face. Though he often spends his time at the Balkan cemetery, the mortician has many other haunts around the entire town, but he is usually found in Old Silent Hill. <o:p></o:p>
Abilities: always there if you need him<o:p></o:p>
Equipment: crowbar, has several knives and scalpels in his coat pockets
Psychoses: Has a fixation on dismemberment and death and often mentions it in metaphors while helping others with their own problems<o:p></o:p>
Neuroses: Has a phobia of dropping his favored crowbar and always keeps a tight grip on the object.<o:p></o:p>
Background: Eldon's reason for being in the town is that he is a clergyman that lives at the Balkan Church, serving, allegedly, as a mortician there. He always carries a crowbar with him, though it's hard to see if the red tinge on the metal is rust or blood. Eldon seems to pop up whenever someone is in trouble over a puzzle and it's a question as to what his true occupation is. Why would a mortician wander around the town with an old crowbar in his pale grasp?<o:p></o:p>
Name: Spector<o:p></o:p>
Usual locations: Cemetery<o:p></o:p>
Appearance: A gaseous, vaguely human form<o:p></o:p>
Description: From far away, spectors seem like clouds of mist, but if you get too <o:p></o:p>
close, they will appear more human.<o:p></o:p>
Abilities: Spectors can manipulate objects as projectiles and will use whatever is in their surroundings as offensive material. They are not very strong.<o:p></o:p>
Grouping: Usually alone, though travel in up to 3 or 4<o:p></o:p>
Strengths: can only be rid of with fire because of their gaseous nature; very annoying<o:p></o:p>
Weaknesses: not very strong<o:p></o:p>
Concept: From Eldon's profession and constant contact with the dead
Name: ?<o:p></o:p>
Location: Balkan Church basement<o:p></o:p>
Appearance: ?<o:p></o:p>
Description: ?<o:p></o:p>
Abilities: ?<o:p></o:p>
Possessions:unknown weapon<o:p></o:p>
Strengths: ?<o:p></o:p>
Weaknesses: ?<o:p></o:p>
Okays, I've made a start at my character. I'll try and get this finished quickly.



Name: Kevin Waves

Age: 38


Personality: Kevin has an outward facade of being a fairly sociable individual; he's a master of the small-talk and knowing who are the best people to befriend so as to have the 'right connections' when he needs them. Those who listen to him for long enough will quickly note that he talks a lot about his band, and the 'good old times' they had. He hates it when people mention his wife and the murder trial however, and if people go on about it Kevin quickly becomes aggressive.

Inwardly, however, Kevin's a scared man. He's scared of being forgotten by the public and becoming some washed-up rockstar endlessly reminicising of what they once had; he's scared of what his addiction is doing to him, slowly sucking up what money he has on ever increasing doses just so he can get a kick from it all; and he's just plain terrified of his wife's ghost, which he believes is haunting him and is the one ultimately responsible for all the many misfortunes he has suffered since her murder.

Strange a man claiming to be innocent of his wife's murder should feel guilty over it.

Abilities: A classically-trained singer, Kevin also has considerable experiance of singing on-stage for an extended period of time in front of huge crowds. He also is a decent guitarist, though he never played on-stage with Counterwise. Having spent some time at his local firing range, Kevin knows the basics of firearms useage, though he can't really be considered an expert of them.

Equipment: - Gibson J-200 Acoustic Guitar in case

- Glock 17 Handgun, kept in small case with two spare magazines

- 1958 Chevrolet Impala Hardtop

- Car Keys

- Two day's worth of heroin, hidden inside guitar

- iPod

- Pack of Marlboro Reds and a lighter

Psychoses: Kevin has been a drug addict for years now, so long he barely feels any kick from the substances he takes, it's just a part of his routine. Music is extremely important to him, and has been for most of his life; he keeps an iPod filled with an extensive collection of music. Playing his guitar is a means Kevin often uses to help himself relax, and he can feel a compulsion to do so on occasions. He often smokes when he plays, again as a means to help keep himself calm.

Neuroses: Kevin is afraid of being forgotten; years in the eye of the public, making successful records and touring extensively has become the lifestyle he is used to, and with the breakup of Counterwise he fears the world will move on and forget him. His greatest fear, however, is of his wife, Courtney, whom he believes has been haunting him since her murder, ruining every attempt he makes at starting anew in either his music career or his family life.



It's been a hell of a year for the five Essex boys of Counterwise, who's debut album, 'Where Dwell the Faint of Heart', has become an international hit, selling millions of records all across the globe. Their tour has taken them from London to Chicago to Moscow, lasting six months and seeing the band perform in front of thousands of fans at each venue.

"It's been a fucking experiance, that's for sure," said a shellshocked Kevin Waves, lead singer and frontman of Counterwise, after their sellout performance in Dublin, "Just a year ago we was playing in dingy little clubs and pubs in Peckham, barely making enough to get by, and now... fuck, man, we're huge. It's hard to believe at times; I keep thinking I'm gonna wake up soon."

A fusion of electronic and progressive-rock, Counterwise's style and stage presence has become famous worldwide. The band is already at work on their still unnamed follow-up album, which Waves is promising to be "A big, bold and ballsy as the last, maybe even more".



Rock band Counterwise has been forced to cancel is remaining performances in Sydney after lead singer Kevin Waves was arrested last night in Edinburgh for possession of cocaine.

In a statement made by Counterwise's record label, Waves stated, "I've been suffering from an addiction to illegal substances for a few years now, and despite my best efforts I've been unable to kick the habit. I apologise deeply to our fans, and to those planning to attend our remaining performances."

Waves is due to appear in court in two weeks.



Kevin Waves, lead singer and frontman of Counterwise, was married to singer Courtney Harts at a private ceremony in Chicago, attended by several close friends. The rock star's previous marriage to photographer Emma Stane ended with the couple filing for divorce three years ago.

Despite several visits to rehab, Waves has not yet been able to kick his drug habit, and former Counterwise lead guitarist and brother Andrew Waves fears that Harts may be a poor influence on Kevin. "Courtney Harts' drug habits are as well publisized as my brother's," Andrew Waves is quoted saying, "as is her reputation for marriages ending with her taking her husband's money. I worry Kevin's made a hasty decision following Harts' pregnancy, and that it's going to come back to haunt him."



In a climatic and shocking finale to one of the most publisized and dramatic court cases of this century, Kevin Waves has been found innocent of his wife Courtney Hart's murder.

Despite the former rock star's lack of a solid alibi on the night of the 14th of March, 2003, when Harts was found stabbed to death by the couple's house-keeper at their home in Chicago, the jury decided their was not enough evidence to prove that Kevin Waves had murdered his wife.

Waves, whose band Counterwise fell apart in April 2003 after he was arrested for his wife's murder, said outside court yesterday "I've always been adamant that I had no hand in my wife's murder, and I am unbelievably grateful that the jury agrees. It's true that Courtney and I had filed for divorce, and that the following lawsuit would leave her with a sizeable amount of my money and possession of our daughter, but I'm not a killer; I could never have done such a terrible thing to Courtney."

Harts family have already declared their intention to appeal the case; David Harts, the father of Courtney, has always been adamant that Waves is the killer of his daughter.


To: [email protected]
From: [email protected]
Subject: RE: Exorcism

It didn't work.

That psycho bitch is still haunting me. Last night she trashed my recording studio and nearly burned my fucking house down, Michael; this shit is getting serious. I know your man gave it his best shot, mate, but his exorcism didn't bloody work.

I'm at my wits end. Every attempt I make at recording again is ruined by my bitch of a wife. Soon all I'm gonna have left is a huge fucking debt and the drugs.

Is there anything you or someone else can do, Michael? Seriously, I'm ready to try anything; she's gonna kill me if I don't.

- Kevin

To: [email protected]
From: [email protected]
Subject: RE:RE: Exorcism


I'm truly sorry the exorcism did not work, and I'm afraid there is nothing more I can do personally. But I think I may have found someone who can help you.

I found an advert made by a lady in a town named Silent Hill; she claims to be capable of carrying out a 'real exorcism'. The town's not too far away from where you're staying now, so it's worth a try.

I wish you the best of luck, Kevin. I hope you can rid yourself of the ghosts of your past.


Michael Denvers


Name: Jack King

Age: 23



Abilities: Social Skills. Negotiating. Building Architecture.


2007 Prius.

Steel Briefcase- Useful for carrying items around. Heavy enough on it's own to hurt quite a bit if used as a weapon.

Road Flares.



Buisness Journal.


Outer- A young man who stands his ground against obstacles with a stern and steely gaze. Jack is sociable kind to everyone he meets up until a breaking point. Clients are the most obvious practice of this behaviour aside from the fact that treatment also involves his professional side. When with friends he is the type to party along a little bit but hang back in the end. In otherwords. . . the type who self-nominates to become the 'designated driver'.

When others are treated poorly with reasons deemed unfair by Jack, he will try to step in even if it is not any of his buisness. Usually this comes from his nature as a negotiator for people during the testy peroid of buying or selling a house. Dealing with other realtors is a highly influencial factor in this trait.

Inner- Tries to never give up on his dream of helping as many eople as he can find a good home. Deep down he wants everyone to have a shot at the childhood or family life he grew up with. But there is a wound in his heart. A crack in the 'gold paint' around his heart, if anyone were to ever be so kind to compliment him that much. Exploiting this draws out a darker side that has repressed rage locked up tight.

Psychosis: Has a touch of OCD and a problem when dealing with certain memories of his family. Issues with letting go of people he has become attached to over time. Somewhere in there is also a red head/ leather fetish. Respressed rage that can bleed through in bursts. Hatred of those who needlessly abuse others that goes deeper than a 'natural aversion' to that behaviour.

Neurosis: Family-related issues such as rejection or getting singled out for some type of punishment. Fear of storms or other natural forces which seem 'evil'. Unstable buildings also can give him quite a scare.


Growing up in the mountains would never be the type of place one might think such a sharp-dressed young man could come from. But no lies surround his true birthplace. Elevated a thousand feet above sea level existed his small hometown in the Arkham Mountains. Up in the mountains was where his father had chosen to start a family that could exist away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

When Jack finally became old enough, he felt that dedicating his life to giving others a good place to live was the path to choose for his professional career. People deserve to grow up in a good home he often thought, and wanted to do everything he could to help clients. For Jack, the hardest part about earning his license became a decision between compromises or standing his ground firmly.

A while back, the company he worked for started to represent a certain house of peculiar past was introduced by a family. They had inherited the house from an estranged relative who passed away. It was in a beautiful location but had such strange architecture along with a disturbing history of previous owners. Knowing about such an unsettling past kept the family from wanting to live there themselves. Hopefully someone would come along who was not superstitious.

Months went by but no one would buy unless the price was lowered beyond what the family knew it was worth.

Finally Jack was assigned to try selling the house after other realtors had failed and given up. It would be his first actual house to try showing and selling on his own. Several potential buyers came along who wanted the house for much less than it was actually worth. Once again it seemed history would repeat itself. All the while he stood his ground for the sake of a family who needed to get out of mortgage payments during hard times.

Recently a family the house was shown to fell in love with it and decided almost immediately that they would buy. But on one condition: that the past of this house be dispelled in some way so that their lives could be peaceful. Jack himself knew something was terribly wrong with that house. No one in their right mind could stand to spend the night without expierencing extreme nightmares. If only there were some way he could fix it without making either side unhappy.

That day he saw the advert offering a real exorcism . . . and decided he would meet with this person at their address. Perhaps he could persuade them to leave for a little while to visit the house. He knew a little about the town they lived in called Silent Hill. It actually happened to be within an eight hour drive. What convience. . .



Name: The Hand that Feeds

Usual locations: Empty Drawers. Graves. File cabinets.

Appearance: N/A

Description: A dismembered and rotting hand of grotesque nature with an occult symbol carved onto the back of the hand. Each one also has a small mouth with sharp teeth in the palm. Some versions have all five fingers and move swiftly while others are missing a finger or two. These are the result of the hand growing so hungry that it tries to devour itself and are slower as a result. But they do have a much larger mouth and can thusly do greater damage.

Abilities: Moving along any surface, infiltrating small spaces, rapid devouring, and ambushes. They can also regenerate from damage with each bite of flesh or drop of blood ingested. Finger snapping. Kill them quickly if this happens. The last thing you want is for them to form a line and begin snapping their fingers.

Grouping: 1 to 2 unless in a special location like the hospital or graveyard where they might come in up to 12 at once.

Strengths: Stealth. High mobility. Can hide in a number of confined spaces. Regeneration.

Weaknesses: Easily killed with a heavy blow from a blunt or edged object. Even a well-placed foot stomp might kill one as long as sandals aren't involved.

Concept: Jack was raised and often heard his father mention the phrase "Don't bite the hand that feeds you, son. It may come back later and bite you back". Of course this was not the exact phrase either . . . his father had modified it. A moral lesson his father wanted Jack to understand when doing business. But during his life Jack has bitten that hand more than once when he believes in something strongly enough. Regrettably it has cost him quite a few opportunities for advancement as a result and put him on the road to Silent Hill. Now this lingering anecdote has come back for more than any person can let it chew.


Name: Hellway House

Location: King Street.

Appearance: N/A

Description: A regular but slightly rundown looking house during the daytime. It actually blends in perfectly well with the other suburban homes. When night falls it sticks out just a little with a somewhat more sinister look. Stains of blood and flecks of rust are displayed sparingly outside. Inside it gives one the same sickening distortion when extremely close to a monster. But it the outworld it becomes a bloodstained labrynth with a deceptive size.


No Exit- Once a group of people enters, the house may choose to lock all the doors and make the windows unbreakable. This lasts until the house is defeated. Some doors in the house can become locked as well, but attacking a weakness unlocks the door.

Architecture Warp- Given all persons in the house stay long enough on one floor, the house can manipulate other floors at will. It also allows the house to change it's appearance from the mundane to the morbid.

Puzzling Predicament- The house can create a puzzle to replace a weakness affected by physical damage. It is very useful if the trapped occupants are not very bright. The gamble in this for the house is that when the puzzle is solved it causes damage equal to an entire weakpoint being destroyed.

Unwelcome Guests- Violent Spirits may enter the house as a defense against those trying to destroy it. Some of these can be killed. Others. . . cannot.

Possessions: Closure [for Jack only]. Other players accompanying Jack would each recieve a reward designated by Asmo.

Strengths: Impervious to damage unless hit in specific weak points. This means doors cannot be broken down, etc. Deceptive appearance.

Weaknesses: Certain rooms in the house have a weak point that links to the rest of the house. Some of these can be attacked physically while others are an actual puzzle.

Concept: It is a representation of both Jack and everything he despises all at once. The house, like Jack, is unmoving in what it stands for while being just as relentless in pursuit of goals. It also could be interpreted as an indicator of the house he currently wants to sell. Another possibility is that this is Jack's childhood home itself, twisted by the corruption of Silent Hill. What it wants. . . or rather what the dark side of jack wants, is to create an environment which fosters unlife and corruption of the very soul.
Name: Mitchell Tenantson/Mikhail L. Traskov

Age: 24


Personality: Mitchell suffers from multiple personality disorder, with both personalities bearing the initials M.T and having a completely differen personality. Mitchell is rather intelligent and artistic though prone to bouts of abject terror (bouts of which can freeze him on the spot or cause him to pass out, in which case Mikhail usually awakens). Mikhail is fearless though not that quick on the uptake, often finding the answer to simple puzzeles eludes him, Mikhail also has a stutter
whereby when he gets exited or confused, he knows what he wants to say, but the words refuse to come for certain periods of time

Mitchell: Physically strong, mentally bright, quick thinker
Mikhail: Physically strong, immense mental fortitude and a very high pain threshold

a backpack with:
two 700ml bottles of vodka,
three 1L bottles of bourbon
two large packets of chips
a ham and cheese sandwich

also inside the backpack is an M101 Gas Mask, an item which Miklhail never goes anywhere without.

Mitchell: Mitchell loves silence, though his mind often wanders strange paths, his mind is a maze of fetishes ideals of morality and he is addicted to Alchohol.
Mikhail is utterly obsessed with the truth, and doing whats right, he will sacrifice every part of himself to ensure that the right thing is done and that the villian pays, in this respect he is vengeful and full of wrath, he desires nothing more than to hunt evil.

Neuroses: Mitchell is deathly afraid of the supernatural, Ie: ghosts, demons, monsters, especially the idea that hell spews forth its hounds to take the wicked to eternal damnation.
The one thing that Mikhail fears is doing wrong, being evil.

Name: Hellhound
Usual locations: outdoors, usually on the outskirts of town, though ocasionally when the mists are extraordinarily thick a pack of Hellhounds stalk the streets, its even rumored that a pale man in grey rags hunts with the pack, the decaying creatures following the man as though he here their pack leader.

Description: decaying wolves, their howls send shivers down your spine and when they draw near, you can hear wet ripping noises as areas of skinless muscle rip apart and fuse back together as they bare down on you.
Grouping: small pack 5-7, large hunting pack (supposedly led by the man in grey) 9-12
Strengths: the hellhounds are exceptional hunters, and once they smell your scent, they will hunt you outside, inside, whereever you run that they can follow you, and should you escape, (say to a rooftop) they will prowl the area where they last saw you for at least an hour, even more depending on how much fear they smell.
Weaknesses: despite their relentlessness and their ability to heal, Hellhounds are quite easily dispatched if one has the nerve, decapitation is easier as almost all hellhounds have no fur on their necks, a sharp blow with a blunt object will stunn or kill them and one can, if pinned by one, break it's neck simply by putting it in a tight bearhug.
Concept: Mitchell's fear of the hounds of hell takinging him for his 'wickedness'

Name: M. V. Traskov
Appearance: As Mikhail, though his eyes are completely milky white, his skin is deathly pale and has hairline cracks crossing each other across the entirety of his body, and while he wears the same clothes as Mitchel/Mikhail, M. V. Traskov's clothers are ripped, tattered and freyed, the colour almost gone from all artiticles of clothing, leaving them a filthy grey.
Description: a sinister, machochistic, Murderous and ravenous version of Mitchell/Mikhail, stronger, faster and smarter, in better physical condition in all respects.
it prowls and hunts, stands still in shadow for hours if it must, its desire is to rape, maim, kill and more, though the order varies.
Abilities: Tremendous strength and fortitude, able to withstand all but the heaviest of weapons
Possessions: Hunting knife, Garrotte, black leather fingerless gloves
Strengths: M. V. Traskov is virtually unkillable in melee combat, and thrives on the thrill of the hunt, the fgaster you try to run from it, the more it desires to catch and hurt you.
Weaknesses: Easily misled, M.V Traskov cannot tell the different between a corpse and someone laying still on the floor, and despite it's tremendous senses, it has a tendency to hyperfocus on one prey at a time, to the exclusion of all else, making it vulnerable to traps, cross fires and othr such group ploys.
Concept: Mikhails fear of evil made flesh.

<!-- / message -->

"Sins will be Judged and Punishment will be exact. We pray for your forgiveness, You who will lead us to Eternity..."


Name: Aylen Lambert

Age: Late 20s, possibly early 30s.

Appearance: Although androgynous at first glance, Aylen is obviously a female once she speaks and one gets a good look at her. Her motions and actions are masculine (or at least an attempt), tailored to give off the least amount of femininity as possible. Her breasts are tightly bound beneath a sports bra and other wrapping. Aylen's clothing of choice is also androgynous. Her height of 5'11" helps with this appearance somewhat. Her skin is a dark, even tan which hints at a different ethnic background. Her hair seems to be the only feminine quality she allows herself, as it is long and very well cared for.


[Inner]: Haunted. Feels panic and fear easily when alone. Aylen has irrational ideas and perceptions of the world, believing in the supernatural and unseen. The more uncertain she feels about a particular subject, the more real these perceptions become until she feels there are actual forces at work to punish her. Extremely deceitful and willing to do anything to get what she wants. Feels as though she has a transient existence and that the solid reality of the world is growing further and further away and that something else is trying to worm in to take its place. A need to search for something tangible fills her mind and body. Believes that sometimes one must sacrifice something to gain something else – just not something that she owns. Bisexual. Repressed.

[Outer]: Quiet and seemingly unfriendly, a snide comment being the first response to a question that she thinks has an obvious answer. She is unwilling to answer questions about herself, expecting people to mind their own business. Overtly aggressive and dominant when feeling under pressure or merely caught up in a 'moment'. Aylen simply does what she does because she likes power and likes control. Open displays of weakness anger her quickly, particularly when she feels they are only pretending to be helpless to draw attention of others. She behaves extremely hostile toward females, believing them to be fake, weak and nothing but trouble. Does not deal well with those she sees as 'competition', male or female. Aylen shies away from physical skin-to-skin contact with people and things she sees as dirty. Her eyes flick around behind her shades almost constantly, picking apart other's mannerisms and the items in the room. Likes to take the best for herself.

Abilities: Has retained some basic hand-to-hand skills from past police training. Although Aylen is fit on the outside and possesses above-average strength, her stamina is low. She is a sprinter, not a marathon runner. Very good at searching and observing. Intelligent.


[Clothing]: Black denim, bootcut jeans. Black biker boots that reach up to just below the knee. Leather jacket. Loose white shirt. Tight black undershirt. Large shades.

[Medicine Bag]: Not a medical kit, but rather a small leather pouch worn around the neck. Has an attractive, earthy scent. Skin of a serpent decorates one side.

[Pocket Knife]: A knife. Handmade but sturdy. Heavier than anything store bought. Given to Aylen by her father.

[Shades]: A large pair of sunglasses. Wears these regularly except for when it becomes too dark to see with them on. In a way they 'protect' Aylen, shielding her from others and adding to her intimidation factor.

[Jellybeans]: Opened bag of jellybeans that is folded closed at the top.

[Cigarettes]: A pack of cigarettes. Aylen does not smoke. These serve another purpose.

[Cellphone]: Modern cellphone. Slightly expensive model. Flips open to reveal a small keyboard for 'srs TXTrz'. Capable of storing large amounts of notes. Can take photos.

Psychoses: Aylen is heavily addicted to the drug White Claudia. Shame and guilt over an incident with the Silent Hill Police Dept. kept her from ever returning, but the sudden disappearance of her supplier has added to the reasons for her return to Silent Hill.

Neuroses: Fears being controlled and held back by anyone, lest she fall into a relationship from which there is no exit, romantic or otherwise. Has an irrational fear of large bodies of water. Water being a larger manifestation of things wet, which is a castoff of damp and sickness. This fear is not as all-consuming as a phobia.

Background: Aylen is a descendent of the ancient first people who inhabited the region. Although they did not inhabit the area directly, it was a sacred ground to them - a place to be feared. The children of these people who were raised in boarding schools and then released back to their parents did not share the same fear and awe they did. When they grew to adulthood, many settled into the area which was now a town called Silent Hill.

The Lambert family lived in a home near the Wish House Orphanage, in the foothills near the mines. Mrs. Lambert was a homemaker who oftentimes taught her child the secrets of her people in quiet whispers and bedtime stories. Though a strict religious environment was not something enforced in the house, certain values of that ancient faith were maintained and pressed upon the young Aylen, particularly in the matters of The Mystery and the unseen world. Ancestors were to be honored and feared for their transient existences, for they were far more powerful than any living being. The other world of the spirits was not something to be trifled with. In this way Aylen was raised.

The largest upset in the girl's life was the death of her mother when she was 11. It was then that things began to take a different turn. Her father was not used to having to deal with a child on his own, since that was a woman's work. A solitary and intimidating man, he had only impressed guidance on her when he thought it was necessary, but now he left her to learn on her own. Reaching womanhood proved to be a traumatic experience and she never learned to truly embrace her own gender.

With the death of his wife and the sudden stress of having to raise a child, Aylen's father had retreated into his past. A dark place. An unjust place. A place that he knew well. He would rant against injustice, drilling into his child's head for every moment he could the fact that the world was only filled with those who would take you for everything you had. According to his doctrine, the world was filled with nothing but hatred and jealousy. After such revelations, how do you buy that the universe makes any sense, that you can be in control of anything? Unless you take control.

A naïve part of her wanted to prove to him that justice still existed, that if she worked at it, she could show him that there were still good people in the world. Another part of her wanted to twist…wanted to tear apart the corrupt system from the inside out. The same one that had destroyed her father's chance at a normal world. The same hatred he felt at spending most of his young life in prison for no other reason than that he was conveniently nearby began to fill her.

A few months before she was to leave for college, her father's health took a sharp decline. He became weak and frail, unable to walk or help himself to the bathroom. Disease ravaged his body and mind, leaving him as only a shell of his former self. Abandoning her dreams for what she imagined was a far more noble cause quickly transformed into a living hell. With her father unwilling to move into a nursing home, this left Aylen as the sole caretaker for them both. The medication left him miserable with side effects. His entire body was plagued by an insatiable itch, causing him to be sleepless and irritable. Aylen found herself standing beside his bed, scratching endlessly, the greasy film from all the lotions and ointments they tried gathering beneath her nails. The house began to smell of sickness and poor hygiene, the pungent reek permeating the curtains and upholstery. His constant demands made sleep impossible. Being a naturally large man, moving him was no easy task. Her joints became painful and swollen from the constant stress. Through all of this, Aylen remained quiet and meek under his periods of irrationality and sudden rages. Her only reprieve was a short trip to town for supplies but even this became impossible. Opening a window was unspeakable, even in the heavy summer heat as the mere sight of an open curtain caused him to feel chill.

Soon, their supplies and money began to run out. Wordlessly, Aylen gave up her share, fearing any excuse for him to become angry. Through aches, pains and delirium he continued to rant, repeating the same hateful stories like a broken record. They squirmed through Aylen's thoughts like insects, seething just out of reach. Subsisting on only meager scraps her strength waned, dark thoughts creeping into her mind, the line between dreams and reality blurring.

At some point, Aylen found herself standing alone, the smell of freshly overturned dirt permeating her every pore. She then left to become something in the world.

[Present]: After an incident concerning her employment in the Silent Hill P.D., she left town. Only now has she returned, believing she needs to rid herself of the spirits she is convinced are haunting her. She wishes to be cleansed. In order for this to happen, she believes she must return to the source of it all. As if it were an answer to her desires, an advertisement for a real exorcism appeared…

She gathers what money she has on hand and purchases a one-way bus ticket to Silent Hill.


Name: Digger

Usual Locations: Outdoor locations such as streets and alleyways. Sometimes one or two will mistakenly wander into a building, but this does not happen very often.

Appearance: When not searching out prey or otherwise enraged, the Digger appears as a small hunched, humanoid figure. Obscured by fog, they appear to be a frightened child or adult. The quiet, whimpering sounds they make compound this impression. Once they are on the move, their skin begins to crack, sections peeling back so that their stingers can emerge. Although they are primarily for attacking, these sharp tendrils can be used as an extra limb.

Description: Gill-like sections peel back to reveal the inner, disgusting core of the monster. Mouth is impeded by thin tendrils that wriggle and worm about, testing the air for scent. It crawls along the ground on inflexible limbs, appearing hunched and afraid. Other smaller 'legs' are hidden along the belly, these move independently of each other, allowing for great mobility. Fleshy stingers plunge into victims, digging into their soft inner cores, seeking what is inside. The stingers function much like a scorpions. Before they strike there is a telltale shiver of anticipation.


Grouping: Diggers do not appear in large groups due to their temperment. The largest group would be formed of 3-4.

Weaknesses: Only the barb on the end of their tendrils are armored, the remainder is extremely sensetive. Despite their homely nature, these creatures are rather irritable and cannot get along in large packs. They will attempt to assert themselves as the alpha of the area…

Strengths: …Which often leaves the most vicious and cunning one alive. Capable of delivering quick, multiple strikes. It is extremely hard to dodge the blows of the Digger once you are in close range.



. . . .


Newspaper Clipping - Area Found: Default
[Newspaper Clipping: Silent Hill Gazette - MINE MAGNATE FOUND DEAD . . . JIMMY Lambert, whose life was a true rags-to-riches story, was found dead on his property of apparent natural causes. There is no official coroner's report as of press time. Law Enforcement officials who responded to the 911 call have been keeping a tight rein on the information that flows in and out. Although Mr. Lambert often heavily criticized the conduct of the Police Department, the SHPD have remained respectful and professional.

"We would like to extend our condolences to the Lambert family and we please ask that you respect their privacy at this time."

Although his company was extremely public, Jimmy Lambert had always remained a very private man. Both the business and the man behind it were not without controversy. The—(The rest is blurred and illegible.)

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And, let's rock.

The first chapter is really to capture the sense of isolation and silence. Its the dream-like fog world, where the only things moving are letters and fragments of paper, carried on inexplicable breezes. Some of these letters have meaning, whilst others are just the echoes of buried lives.

The second chapter will take us into the house on Finney Street.

As said earlier, it's up to you how much contact there is between our characters. And there are no chasms or roadblocks yet - the town just seems to be in a quiet early morning slumber.

On Ampoule's advice, I'll be having certain items and notes dropped during the game. Most of the time I'll be adding these things to your equipment section under spoiler tags. These will be important items however, not things like ammo and steel pipes (I'll let you handle those things yourself).
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