Silent Hill, American Horror Story | Coven, Corpse Party Crossover

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  1. Silent Hill and Heavenly Host Elementary School have become intertwined through a magical portal. Fiona Goode has discovered that there is a magical way to enter Silent Hill through an underground chamber near the old torture chamber. A magical portal also connected to the other two portals.
    If you don't know AHS Coven. . . here is the wiki.
    All Silent Hill characters, Corpse Party Characters (Within reason, for example, trying to play Sachiko isn't possible), and Coven characters are allowed. Likewise, you can't play a truly god like character, but some of the characters are allowable even if they are unusually hard to kill. There are advantages to every character, however, even if they have no benefit in being themselves during their original games.

    I will put up links to all three franchises if I have to.

    character sheet:

    Appearance: (Must be default)
    Powers/Abilities: (If any)
    Link To Character:
  2. I thought this might be a Dota role play, since the banner is Broodmother, but I was mistaken sadly lol.
Thread Status:
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