Silent Hill 8


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Adventure stories! They can be fantasy, modern, sci-fi, all kinds! Give me some good world travel stories and I'm all over it! I also enjoy romance stories and even though I tend to play females I love playing gay men.
So apparently at E3 they released another trailer for Silent Hill 8, to be quite honest after the debacle that was Homecoming I really don't have high hopes for this one but visually it looks creepy at least.

From what the trailer shows it seems this time you get to play an escaped prisoner running around Silent Hill! Hooray! [Note the sarcasm] The other characters that help you are a prison guard, a regular guy AND A POSTAL WORKER!? What has this game become...anyways, how do you feel about this?

I'm a die hard Silent Hill fan. I have the Halo of the Sun tattooed on my left shoulder. The trailer looks...interesting. Gives me hope that it isn't going to be horrible, but I had that same hope for Homecoming (I played a demo of it when I went to Comic Con in San Diego and I liked the demo, but the final game was quite meh). I want to see several game play videos before passing judgement though. And hopefully they bring back HARD puzzles.
*licks Cotillion*

Generic-looking hero and misconceived-looking monsters. But who knows, maybe someone will finally understand what Team Silent were getting at with this idea...
Well, on the bright side it's not those fuckwits at Double Helix developing this one, so hopefully we won't have a repeat of the debacle that was Silent Hill: Homecoming.

I'm intruiged by how the rain might play into this. If they go for the Shattered Memories approach of switching up the manner in which the Dark World is introduced and give their own unique feel to it I'll be impressed; perhaps the rain takes the place of the fog in the previous games? That'd be kinda sweet.

Also, Daniel Licht, the guy who wrote the awesome music for TV's Dexter, is composing this one. I look forward to the sountrack if nothing else, therefore.
*licks Cotillion*

Generic-looking hero and misconceived-looking monsters. But who knows, maybe someone will finally understand what Team Silent were getting at with this idea...

While I would love nothing more than another game that impacts me as much as Silent Hill 2 did (I maintain that it has the greatest characters and story in video games), I don't expect them to ever come close to that greatness again. As long as it has an engaging story, FEELS like Silent Hill and isn't heavy on the combat I'll probably be satisfied.
I'm not sure we'll ever have something like Silent Hill 2 again, and if developers keep attempting to re-create that game all we're gonna get is the same bland, generic Silent Hill remakes that people have been pumping out since Konami started letting others have a shot at their series.

Shatter Memories remains probably the best Silent Hill game not developed by Konami, because the developers realised they had to go their own way with the series and bring something new to it. Continuous 'fan service' and repetition of what's come before leads to stagnation, no matter how nicely you dress it up in awesome visuals, whereas new ideas and themes lead to the growth of the series.

So here's hoping this game has something new to bring.
I agree, the rain taking place of the fog would be a nice touch. The music I'm going to be really sad that Akira Yamaoka/Mary Elizabeth McGlynn won't be involved with this project but if it's the guy who did the Dexter music I'll be complacent.

I swear if I see Pyramid head ONCE I'm taking the disc out and throwing it across the room, I won't even care after that but hopefully they'll get back to the roots of the original three games. (I personally love 3, perfect combo of psychological and visual freakiness for me, and two of course is the reining champ)

But seriously, a POSTAL WORKER!? What kind of crap is that? And would it be too much to ask for the same map of Silent Hill at least the original game? They have so much room to play around with that I felt that it would still be sufficient to re-use. Plus I'd love to see those areas recreated with this gen's graphics (even though I still want a kick-ass plot)