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  1. Hi there.

    I want to create a fantasy rp, and although i could make up one in a matter of a few hours of intense planning, i would prefer it if some of you help me.

    How? Simple:
    What does (according to you) a rp need to be called "good", and what shouldn't happen there to make it "bad"

    So far i have a few ideas, and new ideas, recommendations, words of advices and even small hints are welcome.

    For now i have this plot:

    Humans with special powers, no matter if magic or special abilities, are quite common in the world known as Velder.
    They use them to make their daily lives easier, for work, to help others, and of course to fight.
    Many races and creatures exist in Velder, but they do get along to a certain extend. True, racism does exist, but there was never enough hate to extinct one of those.
    Since a month or so, special powers, magic, the races special feats. All start to get weaker. Not all at the same time, but one by one becomes weaker or even looses his/her power. If this continues for too long, war will break out since everyone blames someone else for this.
    Who is responsible for this? A evil mastermind who pulls the strings of fate from the shadows? The nature that can't handle the use of so many power users? Are the gods enraged by someone and use their divine powers to punish all creatures?

    While most waste their time and do nothing or just blame others, there are a few with common sense and begin a journey to find out what is happening.

    And now let me know what you would like in this rp idea to happen to make it interesting enough to play it until the end.
  2. I think this sounds like a good idea, it'd be fun to take part in. Maybe the reason for the depletion of magic is caused by the source of it in the first place. Perhaps there is a very large, magical gem that energizes every being in the world, and some person from another dimension discovers it, and since the gem is too big to be carried back as a whole, he chips away at it, keeping large pieces of it with him, causing him to gain immense power and ability. The power overcomes him, and he develops the ability to suck the power from the world itself. Or maybe instead of it being someone from another world or dimension, it's some respected citizen who loses his sanity due to the power of the gem taking him over.
    Of course you might already have all of this figured out for yourself, this is just me giving ideas. I'd like to take part in it, if I may, once it's started.
  3. It's a good start and I like the plot idea. I'm afraid I'm not usually the idea person but I'm interested as well if you decide to give it a go. On the same lines of Miss Grey, maybe the special skills, etc are present because of a certain thing in a person's diet like a bacteria that only grows in certain plants. If a person doesn't eat those plants, then they start losing their abilities. Perhaps, the plant has been over produced and the land has lost the right nutrients to continue to grow it? Dunno, Miss Grey just got me thinkin' ha ha
  4. Both ideas are something i can work with. I will try to use a bit of both of them.

    It looks like i have got some interest though. You know what? I'll start the sign up tomorrow (or in 12-15 hours to be more precise). Once that is done, i'll let you know.

    I made it a little earlier. The title is different but the plot is the same. I even found a way to combine your ideas, but f course i will keep secret how until your characters found out.
    But enough talk. Here you go.
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  5. A few questions I have, since I like to think as in-dept as I can about it, about what time-frame would this be set in? What kind of attire exists then? And what kind of people exist, animal-like humans, trolls.. (what do you call a person made by another in some kind of necromancer-type thing?) just some fantasy types? Also, what are the dice typically used for?
  6. Now that are some good questions.

    The world setting will be a young industrial age. So knights, kings, temples, the church and all of those things are existing. The only machines that exist are steam machines (airships, trains, factories and other similar heavy machines). Electricity is just a theory in that time, but electrokinetic powers are allowed.

    The clothing is completely up to you. But please prevent post modern clothing or school-uniforms.

    Pretty much ALL races are allowed. Humans, Elves, Orcs, Antromorphs. Let your imagination roam free. I only ask to not make them overpowered and have a humanoid body.

    The dice system is something i still work on, but the raw idea is that it decides how good your chances are to deal criticals, find treasure, correctly decrypt a strange old language, disable traps and so on.
    I even plan to use them for combo attacks, but this one is still in the planning.
    In any case:
    You would post your action (something like opening a treasure chest that is connected to a trap) throw 6 dices and depending on the numbers or result, i will decide what happens (trap not activated, better treasure, poison trap triggered and so on).
    I am still working on that so bear with me for now. Once it is done, i will explain how it works. It should be done in a few hours... or a half day.

    Any other questions? It's quite fun to answer those, and it shows me that you really have interest.
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  7. So you would need us to leave our post open-ended without moving forward after the action...correct? I'm familiar with pbp D&D so that won't be an issue for me. Just clarifying.
  8. Not all posts would be open ended. This is just something i would like to test out from time to time.
    You see... Rps, Stories, video games. They all are interesting because sometimes things happen which we didn't expect. I'll try to bring that element into this rp, but only as a beta test.
    If the players go along with it: i will use it more often. If not: just rarely