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  1. The IC thread is here:

    Silencia. Named in legend after the cold silence of the snowy expanses that many a traveller has lost themselves in. Sat at the top of the world of Lastaria like a frozen crown, Silencia was long feared as an impenetrable natural fortress of freezing cold temperatures and strange legends.
    But the silent continent is not so quiet anymore. Life, over the ages, has wrestled and fought against the wilderness and carved out a niche for itself in the snow and ice. Hardy plants live under the snow, catching flashes of light once a year when summer melts the snow a little. Animals, strange and wild, run free. And, of course, the sentient races have all in one way or another made their presence known.

    The rest of the world (open)

    ~The other continents of the world of Lastaria


    Al’Garath – A wild, untamed land of forests and ancient battlegrounds. As you travel inland there are fewer forests and more patches of savannah.

    Fýraðr - A Series of mountains and hills from the coast inland, mostly rocky with fir forests around the Mountain bases. There are a few lakes spotted around the forests. Most mountain passes are rocky crags or valleys.

    Stylia - Desert continent with three Nile-like rivers surrounded from source to delta by vegetation. The rest of the continent is known as “The Howling Wastes”, which is what's left of an old great human civilisation after a great magic war. Now all people go there for are the profitable salt flats.

    Race inhabitation

    Al’Garath - Orc war tribes travel all over, and a few settlements of highly militant humans scrape a living off of the savannah, whilst fighting off the orcs with superior technology (early guns, siege weapons, crossbows, etc.). wood elves live in the forest and protect it from other races.

    Fýraðr (dwarven name)– Tribes of wood elves live in the Fir forests, occasionally going higher up the mountain. Humans also live in cosy settlements nestled in the many valleys, both enjoy a steady diplomatic relationship with the Enormous Dwarven population that had made their homes under the mountains. goblins are a constant blight on this land.

    Stylia - A thriving spice industry from plantations around the three Nile-like rivers has led to many wars being fought over these rivers, but now the land is held by the tribe of the red eye, an unsteady alliance of humans and half-orcs.
    The Howling Wastes – The place is filled with the spectres of old magic, and few travel there. Earth golems have been sighted in the howling wastes, but little is known about them.

    The sentient races (open)

    ~Silencia's indigenous races

    Snow elves

    Descending from a tribe of wood elves exiled into the wastes for crimes against their native forests in a time long, long ago, the aggressive Snow elves all have a deep seated fear of wood elves and a lust for penance and duty that has only been sated so far by caring for the rare thickets of solar roses, the sprawling mazes of thorns surrounding the beautiful clearings navigable only by their mounts; the huge blizzard moths, their four impossibly fragile-looking ice wings crashing through calm air and tempest alike, skimming and darting over the wilderness with beautiful ease. Inside the maze of thorns is a clearing sheltered by the warm petals of the solar roses. the heat created by the giant flowers turning snow into rain, and turning the earth underneath them into a fertile and plant filled sanctuary.
    Snow elves are incredibly pale in skin tone, as white as the snow they fly over. Their hair ranges in colour from blues to whites and, very rarely, orange reds that mimic the colour of the solar roses. Their bodies are tall and lanky, though not so much that they look alien.

    Northern Dwarves

    Descendants of an expedition searching for Silentium, a metal that can only be found under the frozen wastes, the northern dwarves are a gruff but not unfriendly people, especially kind to those that know their customs, and have things to sell and buy. The dwarves live in hidden underground fortresses, however those that find them are rewarded with trade goods the likes of which are not found anywhere else in the world. Stoking fires against the raging blizzards topside in their furnaces deep underground, the warm orange light barely visible and the deep roar of the bellows just at the edge of hearing when you near the hidden entrances on the surface.
    The Northern dwarves are the only beings to master the art of locating, smelting and working Silentium, a metal that, when formed into certain patterns, can be used to amplify magical power, store and activate all manner of spells, or, rumor has it, if the Silentium is pure and and the users mind is attuned to such things, allows one to consort with the dead.
    Northern dwarves look a lot like their mountain dwarf cousins, with predominantly pale skin and thick dark hair, except their eyes are all piercing blue, a side effect of living near and working with Silentium.

    Ice golems

    The gentle Ice golems, given two gifts at their inception by the now long extinct wizards powerful enough to raise them; the first gift was life, to never die. The second gift was peace, to never know envy, pride or anger for fellow creatures. these gifts, created by primordial magic held in runes inscribed throughout their body, allow the small tribes to travel through Silencia, saving lost souls and spreading warmth and peace entirely at odds with what one might expect from such hulking, cold creatures.

    ~The other races of Lastaria


    Perhaps the most strange race of all those that call Lastaria their home, humans come in all shapes and sizes, and are known for their comparatively short life spans, companionship that is fickle at first but bound in steel after a loyalty is proven, and their ingratiating charm. They once held large seats of power in every continent but silencia; but now their empire is reduced to dust in the wind, with only small settlements and minor cities dotted around the world. Their last seat of power lying on the razors edge that is the shaky alliance with the half-orcs in Stylia.

    Wood elves

    Elves of the wood are rarely seen by other races under good circumstances. their territorial nature and their staunch defence of their home forests has left them as something of a legend to the other races. These elves are known to be able to use their inherent magic to keep forests and woods at the height of natural order, and, though their magic only works in their home forest, they are still feared for their military strength. Though they are fair, they are also proud, considering themselves above other races, especially the descents of the exiled, the Snow elves.


    Sons and daughters of the roaming war tribes of orcs. A grand majority are brought up in orphanages, put there by parents who did not want to raise a child of a race that knows of naught but war. Despite this, the half-orcs have banded together and exhibit a close bond and inherent trust to those that share their mixed blood. Half-orcs seem to have combined the co-operative nature of humans with warlike ferocity of the Orcs and created a society based around proving your worth to your fellows in acts of cooperation. the half-orcs have a large presence in Stylia, and have begun to accept humans as their brothers.

    Mountain dwarves
    Mead, beer, wine and an insatiable lust for gold, crafting and underground exploration fuel the dwarves. These bearded creatures (yes, even the women and children have beards) are known throughout Lastaria for their proficiency with the pick and the forge. Dwarves trading and interacting with other races is uncommon, but it happens, with many a lucrative trade deal being forged under the great mountains.

    The beasts of the snowy plains (open)

    The water under the ice covered lakes are teeming with fish, and the tundra has many animals, some not out of the ordinary, such as snow hares, lynxes and wolves, to the unexpected such as wooly mammoths and sabre tooth tigers, to the entirely outlandish:
    Such as the Chirpers, so named for their curious lilting cry, with their peculiar ears enveloped in casings of razor sharp bone, their head and body, very reminiscent in it's furriness to a rabbit, only larger, clashing oddly with legs that one might expect to see on a small deer.
    or the Enormous, majestic Ghua, enormous, bipedal beasts, like a madman's combination of a bear and an insect, forged in the blizzards of the wintry plains, with thick white fur covering a jet black exoskeleton, double jointed limbs like tree trunks in their thickness ending in two razor sharp claws each, and atop its almost comically small head three crab-like eyes atop stalks, ever bobbing to and fro, looking this way and that.
    And the Psiotes, Wily little dog-like creatures that use illusion and psionic suggestion to tangle their prey up in a web of their own fears.
    Also beware the feral Ice golems, their runes glowing deep orange-red, the magic in them having twisted, corrupting into a horrible parody of what it once was.

    Current Players:
    Dache Zephyr, the high-class rogue

    @Kat Noelle
    Nikolas Revender, the arraigned smith
    Merileth, The curious Snow elf princess

    Kelsii Fitz, The distorted dwarf

    @Seth Bloodmoon
    Brahm Tyvash, the sellsword of wanderlust and slapped nobles

    Forhenge: One of the many human port towns dotted around the coast. it's main exports are lobster and tuna. it also is home to a market that sells an array of weaponry bought from the northern dwarves.

    We begin our journey in a time of uncharacteristic warmth on the frozen continent. Summer is in full swing, and the longest day celebrations are in full swing in the port town of Forhenge, the festival tonight will last until the sun does two laps of the sky without going down; two days with neither sunset or sunrise, with all but the hardiest of partiers having turned in or passed out by the end.
    This festival is also, as luck would have it, a brilliant source of information, as drink flows and tongues flap freely.
    Whether you're looking for a guide to help you to find the crown, or information about the wilderness err' the wolves get you, many a partygoer may bless you with a grand tale to fill you in.
    So, is your character a local or a "tourist"? Has your character just arrived on a boat? or have they been here for a time, plotting and planning? Have they met any other PCs or NPCs? I encourage my Players to plan things between themselves, but please add me into to the conversations so I can play around your characters and their aims.
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  2. In the world crowned by Silencia, magic is a rare occurrence, as it requires long and careful study before a man can cast even the slightest spell. The strongest magicians are academics; their robes and pointed hats as much an announcement of their academia as anything else.

    The technology level is somewhere near our worlds medieval level. Guns exist, but are limited to blunderbusses that can't hit anything past 2 metres and small flintlock pistols. the longest range a rifle can hit is about seventy metres, but they require constant care, and often lock up and don't fire when you really need them to.

    Sea travel (which is how the majority of characters will arrive at the frozen continent) are typical wooden ships, and will arrive at one of the human port towns dotted around the coast.

    Note: No more than two characters per person please, and only if you're certain you can keep up with the others!

    If you want to make a character to for an expedition into the frozen continent, please use this character skeleton:


    Race: (Races accepted are as follows: Any of the sentient races indigenous to the area, Humans(there are a few human settlements along the coast, your human could be from here or from another continent altogether. Ask me if you want more details on the rest of the world.), wood elves (live in forests far from Silencia, you'd need a very good reason as to why your character left, but I'm open to the idea), Dwarves(live in mountain ranges in sunnier regions. same deal as with the wood elves: they don't usually go adventuring but I can be swayed with a good backstory,) and Half-Orcs (Orcs are used to warmer climates, but have a racial resistance to the cold.)
    No catpeople or other anthropomorphic animal people please, I'm going with the tolkienesque route on this one. Goblins and Orcs are not playable because of their cruel nature and predictable ways, but they do exist in the world.)


    Appearance: (Please keep it to a text description and a picture (if you want to use one) which is 450x450 at largest)

    Biography: (Where does your character come from? what's his background?)

    Current equipment: (What did your character bring to the cold continent? Weapons or useful stuff like grappling hooks go here. You don't have to go into detail about your characters clothing, just mention it. Also, if your character packed too heavy, they'll be dead from lugging everything around within a day.)

    Skills:(Be they magic or mundane, how does your character fight? What do they bring to the table for an adventure? knock yourself out, just remember this isn't a superpower RP, if you want magic, your character has to have spent a lifetime in study.)

    Companions: (Did you hire a guide from one of the fishing settlements dotted around the coast? Are you here with another person's character? feel free to update this section if you agree to team up with someone else's character. Note: I reserve the right to take control of NPC companion characters for the sake of guidance and plot development. Your companions may die, so don't get too attached to them!)

    Objective: (Why are you going to the frozen continent? what do you want to take from the cold world?)
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  3. Name: Dache Zephyr

    Race: Human

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: A green eyed man with medium length black hair. He stands around 6"1' with a slender build, but muscly physique. The build that prefers speed and stamina over raw power. When in his native land, Dache wears mostly lighter clothing, though the weather of Silencia does not permit this. Shin high boots with warm, gray pants that have the legs tucked into the boots, held up by a dark brown belt covers his lower half. The belt holds a few pouches containing essentials. Top half is covered by a warm woolen frock and a leather vest for armor. This is all under a white long sleeve and to top it all he wears a dark, hooded cloak. Nothing about Dache would warrant a second look. He could be considered handsome by some.

    Biography: Dache was born to a wealthy family, that is to say his wealthy father married his not so wealthy mother. He had everything he could need, education being one of them. This was hardly something a child was interested in though, so he usually escaped his tutor as a pass time. With time his father decided he needed training in something that would make him look good with his friends, namely dueling with swords. Even though Dache wasn't a klutz with the blade, it was once again not something he enjoyed so finally there was settled on archery. Nothing interesting really happened in his life though, except a few shameful run ins with the guard. Finally his father had, had enough and sent Dache on his way with a pocket of gold and the instruction to come back when he made a name for himself.

    Current equipment: Clothes as mentioned in appearance. Carries in the pouches at his waist spare bowstrings, gunpowder and three bullets, tinder and flint, a bit of dried meat and bread(if rationed well, would hold two days), a small knife(maybe a 3 inch blade) and also at the side of the belt a single shot pistol. He has no other equipment except a longbow and quiver with 17 arrows.

    Skills: Dache had always wished he could do magic, but was never blessed with the talent, so he applied himself in other aspects of life. Aspects most people would consider to be that of scoundrels. Things like lockpicking or hiding. That and using his nimble body to its peak, by training in climbing and increased reflexes and speed. Something else he also considers a skill is his keen eyesight. When combined with archery he can hit even the smallest target at a decent range or spot quick movements of enemies.

    Companions: A sailor named Silas Rough had agreed to show Dache around Silencia. Silas had come here many times and had heard a lot of drunken stories on his shore leave. He was thus a spring of knowledge and, being a burly seahand, a good pack mule.

    Objective: What more reason does a man need than wealth. Especially in a far off continent with rumors of solar roses and crowns that grant wishes.

    (Feel free to point out problems)
  4. Welcome to the RP, Cahill!
    The Character looks good. A high class scoundrel, eh? I'll look forward to seeing how he makes his fortune.
    Silas Rough is a good name for a meatshield companion, too. Don't get too attached to him!
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  5. What kind of races are being allowed for this?
  6. I was wondering that myself. Pondering rolling with two characters if I can get my rusty brain gears turning.
  7. Because if you are allowing a wide assortment of races (provided, of course, that you are approving of them), then do I have a meatshield for you.
  8. Character skeleton updated. Thanks for the question, it got me thinking.
  9. Alright. I wanted to make a badass half-giant viking mauler man to fit in with the entire "holy crap icy mountains" setting, but I suppose I can settle for a regular human viking mauler man.
  10. I totally missed that, but lo, I have the amazing power of editing!
    It's like I never made a mistake in the first place.
    Kind of.

    Hoo boy that sounds good. Why not make him half orc? That's kind of similar.
  11. No no, it was there the whole time. We just failed to see the fine print! Yeah!

    I'll make one character, not sure I could do two right now after thinking about it more. Still coming off a year of little to no forum/chat based rp.

    Either a human or a wood elf.
  12. It's KIND of similar, but the entire culture and the rest of that thing isn't very half-orcish at all, and it'd just be off.

    Admittedly, it's from a culture that I have already done a massive write-up before as part of a world-building exercise, so you might not want it in your game, and by half-giant, they are more like 8 feet tall than anything else.
  13. Name: Nikolas Revender

    Race: Human

    Age: 25

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Nikolas is not a small man by any means. He stands just over six and a half feet tall, and is just as broad. He has always stood out from those around him for obvious reasons. He has warm brown hair, which he keeps cut just above his shoulder, and ties back with a leather rope. If not for the enormity of his body, Nikolas probably wouldn't be one to stand out from a crowd. His eyes are brown, his facial hair isn't always properly trimmed, and he is only ever found wearing old clothing in earth tones. He is a very simple man.

    Biography: Nikolas was sent away from his family when he was ten years old to serve an eight year apprenticeship with the blacksmith in the port city of Forhenge. His father was himself a blacksmith, and wanted the same for his son. Though it would have seemed a fitting profession for the large man, who even at ten stood over both of his parents, Nikolas never found any enjoyment in the craft. The year that his apprenticeship ended, his mentor passed away quite suddenly. Rumor spread that Nikolas poisoned the well-respected old man in order to secure himself a job in the city, and Nikolas' reputation was henceforth tainted. So, today, he lives alone in Forhenge, detached from the rest of the community. He makes enough money in his craft so that he can live, but none of the people in the city ever seem eager to give him patronage. He survives day to day, but dreams of a life where he doesn't have to live in a city that hates him working in a field that doesn't interest him at all.

    Current equipment: Nikolas lives in the port city of Forhenge, in Silencia. So, once he makes the decision to journey, the equipment that he chooses to pack will be described. At this point, though, he has all of his earthly possessions. Since he is from this climate, the cold doesn't bother him too terribly, and he can usually be found wearing long animal skin pants and a fur coat.

    Skills: Though untrained in any form of fighting, Nikolas isn't unfamiliar with the ancient art of the bar fight. Also, he's huge if I didn't mention that already. Brute force tends to come in handy in many different situations. Also, being a blacksmith inherently means he has many different tools at his dispense.

    Companions: Given the previous descriptions set forth for this character, I think it wouldn't make sense for Nikolas to have any companions. Hope that's alright.

    Objective: He lives in Silencia. So, there's that...

    Character #2 coming soon
  14. Forgot to ask in my last post. What's your general take on wood elves for your setting? Anything special I would need to know about them if I did make one?
  15. They hug trees. They shoot bows. And they enjoy frolicking.

    Nah, I really don't know, I'm just making stuff up.
  16. The unassuming blacksmith, eh?
    I take it he arrived in the past six or seven or so years then?
    perhaps you could talk to another player and talk about getting Nikolas hired as a guide for the surrounding area?

    Wood elves are heavily druidic in their religion and enjoy a strong bond with nature, more specifically their forest of origin. Also:
    I think this sums up the tolkienesque high fantasy wood elf quite well.
    Note: the continent of Silencia is, for the most part, entirely devoid of plant life besides lichen and hardy shrubs that scrape a living off bare rock, though the Solar roses and their mazes of thorns protect a clearing in which plant life has a chance to thrive. though the canopy is filled with by flowers, of course, so no trees unfortunately.
  17. Then they hug icebergs instead.

    If you'd like me to submit the entire "half-giant" write-up, I could.

  18. No, he was apprenticed there when he was 10, so he's been there for 15 years. Then his mentor died, and he took his mentor's place. That's why all of the people in the city hate him. They think he killed his mentor to take the place as the blacksmith in the city.

    And that's a good idea if anyone is up for it...

    Also, the character sheet I'm currently creating already fits within your description perfectly, so I'm thrilled.
  19. Hmmm, perhaps not a wood elf then. I never do good with the straight up nature loving types, thus why I made my own war mongering type of elf race at one time haha.
  20. Oh, I was under the impression he moved to Forhenge after his master died to get away from the rumors.
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