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  1. Been watching Jeff Dunham lately. Anyways!

    Zizi here looking for a role play or two. Something that brings me back to life so to speak. XD Check out my role play resume to get a better idea of what I like but for now I’m really craving something to bring my muse back. I’m always looking for long term partners whom post once a day to a few times a week. Longer than a week and I regret to say I tend to lose interest and I’ll think you have too (unless you told me otherwise in a pm). I will always try to let you know if a reply will be more than three days to a week late, all I ask is the same. And if you feel we need to spice up the role play, just say so. Also feel free to pm me and say you’re bored and wanna stop. If you are one of those fickle people who drops role play at the drop of a hat, click back.

    Ongoing plottage is a must as I rarely just spring plots. I always like to run ideas by my partners and I’m looking for someone to contribute to the plot and not just leave it to me. I also like OOC chatter! I like to try and get to know my partner, maybe even be friends. I usually give between three and a few paragraph replies. All I ask is that you give me something descriptive and able to work with. Giving me a one liner after I’ve given a 2-3 paragraph reply is a sure way to make me lose interest.

    NO GOD MODDING. Don’t put your desired feelings and actions into my character. Just don’t.

    I feel a well played cast can absolutely add to the arch of a story so I often double or triple up on characters. It’s something I like to do, not a must. But there will always be one character that will obviously be the focus for me. Action, drama, adventure and violence? Bring it! Epic adventure with wars, murders, twists and turns? Love that stuff like a fat kid loves cake. I like dark, gritty, dangerous, adventures with deep believable characters and a splash of humor to lighten the whole thing up. That’s an awesomesauce role play pie right there.

    MxF or MxM. I love a good old fashioned well played flowing romance in my rp’s. HOWEVER. Romance cannot be the soul point of the plot. As far as those intimate moments I can be tastefully descriptive or fade to black but I’m not looking for smut. No fluff. No love at first sight. I want realistic angst and feelings. I want the relationship to build up.

    I’m craving something with a MxM pairing right now but I do have a few other ideas with MxF. And my muse is a fickle thing so I’d like something maybe light hearted? Not so serious? Maybe it can be serious later but for now I want to loosen up and have fun. I have plots but I'd like to see what people throw at me first. Pm me or post here. Dunna matter to me.

    Genera’s and other stuff I like… (* means favorites)

    -*Fantasy anything.

    -So modern and historical and high fantasy. (I have a world that is high fantasy that we can play in)


    -Magic in a future setting

    -Epic Quest/Adventure/Prophecy/Legend

    -*Vampires. (God not the sparkling kind. I can’t stress that enough. >8[ )


    -*Shifters/Druids/Shape Changers. (Think warrior cats but with tribal people who change into animals) (Sorta have plot for this)

    -Anthro (where I got my role playing start!)

    -Totalitarianism. I have a huge massive back story for this set in a futuristic setting. Government ruling a suppressed city. The city fights back.

    -Sci-Fi/Space Odyssey

    -Treasure hunters

    -Bounty Hunters/Assassins

    -***World of Warcraft. This currently is the only Fanfiction I’m willing to do. And ONLY with original characters. I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER IF YOU RP SOME WOW WITH ME. And you might as well role play WoW with me because I will most likely slip in one of my characters anyways. Just sayin’. Doesn't have to be centered around game events either!!
  2. I could try your WoW. Although...I only played it like 1 time and it didn't much interest me (I think because I'm just not good at the whole pc gaming?)

    I also like Vampire and Totalitarian idea
  3. 8D Someone is actually entertaining the idea of a WoW role play?! You just made my day my friend. Messaging you~
  4. I'd love for an MxF (me M) in the Totalitarian setting! if you're still looking~
  5. Awesome! Messaged you~
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