Signup Sheet: Code of Those Partial to Their Cause

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  1. A signup sheet for my roleplay, Code of Those Partial to Their Cause.
  2. Character Sheet Design:

    Special Abilities (If a magic-user):
    Bio (Optional):
    Appearance (Anime pictures allowed):
  3. Name: August "Randy" Baylen
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Race: Vampire
    Special Abilities: speed
    Likes: August enjoys a good laugh, water, anything to do with animals and girls
    Dislikes: annoying people, the sun (obviously), and people that are constant downers
    Personality: He tends to be the joker in the group despite his "condition" and always try to send the sunny side of this, ironically. He is quick witted and clever and loves a good argument. He's smooth with the ladies and a little bit of a player but he doesn't have a big head about it. He's quite loyal and loves his friends dearely although he may not always show it.
    Bio: it will come out eventually, just know he was born as a vampire
    Apperence: images.jpg
  4. (So hi, your rp looks pretty fun so hopefully we will have a good time)
  5. Name
    White Parker




    Special Abilities
    Agility/Speed/Hand to hand combat/Can mummify anything or anyone he touches

    White enjoys a quiet atmosphere with a book in his hands

    Bullying/Ungrateful people

    White is a very calm, yet twisted individual. He zones out a lot and seems to have his mind elsewhere.

    To be developed

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  6. Both accepted. I'll start making my character soon, when I can use the computer.
  7. Alright awesome :)
  8. Great, thanks!
  9. Name: Adrianna (ria for short) BrĂ³n
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Race: Demon
    Special Abilities: Shadow manipulation, heightened sight in darkness, and telepathic
    Likes: Dark areas, storms, and her violin.
    Dislikes: Maps, areas that are difficult for her to use her powers, people who are timid, and dead silence.
    Personality: Adrianna is generally ambitious and daring with a love for adventure. She has a dark sense of humor that can be seen in battle or when she is injured. At times she can come off as very elusive due to her connection with the shadows.
    Bio: As a child Adrianna saw the wrongs of the world and frowned upon them. There was so much chaos that it kept people from going out and exploring the areas around them. Her father told her that it was necessary for the world to be so that no one race could prevail. In the beginning of her rebellion she began sneaking out of her town and exploring the world around her. One day she stumbled upon the remains of a battle field and grew irritated. Returning home she spoke of the wrongs and found herself being called the unjust party. Adrianna could not respect the institute that protected her people and so was cast out from it. Wandering in the darkness of forgotten territory she stumbled upon other individuals who convinced her to join them in their plan.
  10. Character accepted, @Silver Winters.

    Name: Vasilisa Inna
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Race: Dark-Elf
    Special Abilities: Enhanced reflexes, speed, and strength.
    Likes: Quiet places to think, solitude, not being annoyed by people, reading, fighting, thinking up ways to torture using common items, attacking, reading, writing.
    Dislikes: Loud people, loud things, bright colours, neon, hyperactivity, using up energy, large crowds, boredom, being attacked.
    Personality: Quiet, solitary, but only because she uses up energy in large crowds. A dark, relatively pessimistic introvert.
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    P.S: After, say, two more people with races that are different from those already listed, we can start the RP.
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  11. Yay! ^^ Thank you!
  12. Name: Damon Fierce
    Age: 23
    Race: Human
    Abilities: Instinct driven blood-rage when life is in severe danger; Enhanced strength, speed, and dexterity, limited healing; none when safe and calm.
    Likes: Reading, doing jobs (stealing), keeping himself busy.
    Dislikes: Sitting idle, people with extreme prejudices (Amazons for example), killing in his blood-rage.
    Personality: Easygoing, and loyal to his allies, but not a strategist, and mostly acts on impulse.
    Appearance: dark-anime-guy-imageblind.jpg
  13. Accepted. Either way, now we only need, like, one more person.
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