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  1. You. You may be a banal citizen earning it's life or the head of your people. You might have been old, young, bold or prudent. But you were, above all, chosen. Chosen for what, you ask? To introduce your people to the galaxy. Soon enough, a gift will come to your planet. Use it wisely; it should be the gate to a bright future. Beware, you will not be alone. You will face others. Friend or foe, it is up to you. But beware: we are the status quo. We will not allow a disturbance in the forces that are. Now go my child and prepare yourself...

    Sheet for Big Heads (Civilizations)

    Name of Civilization: Self explanatory.
    Name of Ruler: Who governs the state, and what title does he have?
    Species: What species constitute your civilization? Which ones dominate? No limits on numbers.
    Homeworld: How is your homeworld called and what is it like? How large is the population?
    Space-Able: Yes or no. Has your species managed to exit the home planet?
    Colonies: If the above is no, this field cannot have entries. Else, name your colonies, what they are (Moons of a gas giant? Another planetoid? Space station?) and state their population. No extrasolar travel is possible yet; keep that in mind (although I would not mind bending the rules if you can come up with a creative reason)
    Current fleet: If your civilization reached space, what ships constitute your spacial fleet? (Refer to the sheet below for the ship sheet)
    Currency: What is your currency, and what is it based on?
    Civil state: Is your people at peace? At war between nations? At war within the nations? Or does it not apply? If not, explain why.

    Sheet for Lone Wanderers (pioneers/explorers)

    Name: Self explanatory
    Species: What species are you?
    Gender: M/F/Else/nonapplicable?
    Appearance: What do you look like?
    Inventory: What do you carry with you?
    Ship: What is the name of your floating tin can? Also, use a Ship Sheet below for the specs.

    Sheet for Tin Cans (Spaceships)

    Registered Name: Does your ship have a specific designation, like UNSV Impotence, or CR4P-3R? If not, ignore.
    Colloquial Name: The name you or your civilization call it unofficially, like Black Betty or Bockscar or Enola Gay or something.
    Measures: If it was enclosed in a box, how large would the box be? Measurements are height*length*width*weight.
    Appearance: What does your ship looks like?
    Equipment: This includes EVERYTHING. Starting drive, sensors, weapons if present, misc devices and all that jazz.
    Drive force: How much power can your engine output? Three units acceptable: m/s² (Gravity is a rounded-up 10 m/s²), Gs (number of times the standardized amount of gravity) or scaled Newtons (N with metric magnitudes. 1N equals 1kg at 1 m/s². So, for an example, a 10tonne (10000kg) craft accelerating at 1g would output roughly 100 kN.
    Misc info: Is there anything special we should know about this ship?

    Questions, suggestions and comments are welcome.
  2. I'm in! As soon as I get back from break I'm introducing the Arcrayans to the universe! (They're lizard people I'm already putting into a book I'm writing.)
  3. Name of Civilization: The Feltar Union
    Name of Ruler: President Chakk Therr
    Species: Feltar
    Homeworld: Zsaarti, Bioball world. Pop. 13.6 billion
    Space-Able: Yes
    Colonies: Gretnel, barren world. Pop.20 million
    Current fleet: Freighters
    Currency: The currency of the Feltar is in power units, a token that provides power to a machine, like money, these units have higher values, but they do not have fractional values. Power units, as one might expect are regulated by the generators, which also serve as banks.
    Civil state: N/A: united nation

    Name: Lurek
    Species: Feltar
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: 4'4" cicada-like insect
    Inventory: Wallet containing 50 power pellets. A small pack. 12 rations of spiced rootjuice.
    Ship: Unassigned (for now)
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  4. Name: The Void Wanderer
    Species: A Starssk trapped within a robotic shell
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Inventory: A Starrsk battle rifle
    2X Osmosian War Revolvers
    1X Starrsk warrior blade
    1X Star cube
    10X Petrified Stars
    3X Repair Modules
    Ship: Serenity

    Registered Name: *Earth's Hope
    Colloquial Name: Serenity
    Measures: Uh, sorry,im no good with measurements. Its a small ship for about 16 crew and passengers.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Equipment: Features an ecosystem detector, universal comms system, front laser blasters, plasma cannon, stardrive, Ion blaster, Prometheus shielding and a Flash burn pulse.
    Drive force: What the hell? Look, its fast
    Misc info: No
  5. Krazaz, so far so good, am awaiting for continuation although I am expecting the freighters to be defined.

    Guygombaa, I'll need a few definitions:
    What are the weapons able of?
    What's a Star Cube?
    What's a Petrified Star and what are they able of?

    Also, I will NEED the ship specifications. Just to help the measurements: the F-14 jet is ~20m long, the Boeing 747 ~70m long. F-14 is ~20000Kg (20 tonne), 747 is ~160 tonne. As for the drive force, saying "it's fast" doesn't cut it. In space, there's no real speed limit. A tiny probe can, with enough time, go as fast as a hypercruiser. The difference is the engine strength.

    If you want to go with the lore, the Serenity is ~82m long, ~52m wide and ~24m high with the landing gear extended and weighing ~128 tonnes empty, as for the drive considering it's a mid-size transport ship with a good power plant and two engines able to move at a safe 3g @ max 285 tonnes, it would be a ~8850kN total drive (which IS pretty damn powerful)

    As a side note: for a STARTER the ship is slightly overpowered. We can go two ways: either you remove a bit of equipment, or you start up as is and your growth will be slowed for a little while. Which one will it be?
  6. Fair enough. I knew there were problems, just didn't know how to handle them.

    The Starssk battle rifle is a fully automatic laser rifle.
    Osmosian War Revolvers are just revolvers
    And the Warrior Blade is a sword

    A star cube is the heart of a dead Starssk
    A petrified star is just that, they are worth a bit of money, so thats basically his cash.

    I'll go with those measurements, and I just didn't understand the measurements for speed either.
    Your right, it is. What can I say, I'm crazy. I'll remove the plasma blaster.
  7. They are freighters, you don't really need a definition for them: slow, unmanned, unarmed vessels with undefined shapes (usually about the size of two modern cruise liners stern to bow) that carry supplies back and forth between the homeworld and it's colonies.

    When the roleplay starts, development in "exploration ships" will be near completion. I am going to start working on a character now.
  8. GuyGombaa: It's all good then. The only problem I have is with petrified star - even if they are petrified, they are still stars, and millions of times larger than any planet, let alone your ship...

    Also, that's why I proposed them. I know not everyone is a whizz at those. But hey, if you ever feel like learning, let me know and I'll try to find things to help. (Also, quick correction: as I said, speed doesn't matter, only acceleration do. Picture it like this: it's like if vehicles could keep going faster forever. If you had to race, what would you pick? A F1 car or a dragster?

    Krazaz: I'll let this one slide because it's true you can't do much with that sort of ship, but just letting you know: you don't NEED a character, you already have the leader of your empire (which lets you control a whole civilization - it's research, politics and movements).
  9. Yes. That is indeed correct.

    'Fragment of' a petrified star then. The Starssk basically revolve around stars. The name got stuck in my head, so I just used it.
  10. Character is complete. While I understand that I don't need a character, I'd rather control one character in particular while also having to deal with the widespread affairs with the civilization. Chakk Therr is just a figure head to me.
  11. Both of you are perfect for now. Although just to make this clear, guygombaa, a fragment of a petrified star means that the star (or at least one of them) of your people is dying if literal, or if figurative, it's going to be a fragment of a shiny space rock called so. It may be buried in there, but I did mention in the Colonies section that there was no extrasolar flight possible yet.
  12. I love this! Are you still accepting?
  13. Main thread is not even out yet. I am waiting for more players. So yes, you're welcome to make a sheet.
  14. Name of civilization: Katzen

    Name of ruler: Diener des volkes, which translate to, " servant of the people" in human tongue. She governs the Schafs.

    species: schafs and loups.

    Homeworld: eve is a beautiful plant, blooming with wildlife. Animals almost over populate the plant due to lack of loups, the meat eaters. eve is 50% land, 25% is fresh water, while the other is salt. population is 28 billion.

    Space-able: No.

    current fleet: None.

    currency: The schaf use coins made of sheep horns, leading to the coins being black, different colors mean different amount of money. Loups use meat for trade.

    Colour of coins:
    Red coin: 10$
    Black coin: 1$
    Dark blue coin: 50$
    Yellow coin: 20$
    White coin: 100$

    civil state: The schafs are at war with the loups.

    Schaf (Girl, also leader.)
    Loups (Boy) images-27.jpeg images-33.jpeg
  15. Perfect. Accepted. I will wait either for 1-2 more people or a week, then I will start the RP.
  16. Okay! :)
  17. Gombaa, I have one problem with your post: the crew of the ship being mostly human implies one of two things. Either the Starrsk have evolved on a planet within Sol (I can accept this, especially if you claim it was an undiscovered planet), or that the Starrsk have low-range interstellar travel (which, if you can give me a proper reason, I will accept. Although this implies that the Starrsk reside in the Alpha Centauri systems at most). Which one will it be?
  18. Name: Y'Zyk Adanna

    Species: Xanaso


    Appearance: Y'Zyk stands at around 6' 1", and weighs somewhere around 200 pounds. He is of the Xanaso species, known for their aggressive attitude. He is bald, with a long, black, beard. His eyes are what seem to be ice blue, or an off white. His skin is a light red/iron color, complimented by his pitch-black lips, and nails. Through one of his eyes, goes a long scar from the top of his forehead, to his cheek. Y'Zyk is wearing padded, and protected clothing. He has a long sleeve shirt on, with a hooded jacket over it; the hood is over his head. Around his neck is his a scarf, rapped around for protection from weather, and identity.

    Inventory: Xanasian Plasma Rifle
    Xanasian Plasma Pistol
    Data-pad, containing information about the current galaxy.
    Energy ties
    Various tools

    Ship: IG-X, Model 19884

    Colloquial Name: N/A
    Height: 7.8 Meters
    Length: 21.5 Meters
    Width: 21.3 Meters
    Weight: 13 Tons (26,000 pounds)

    Appearance: The IG-X, Model 19884 is a modified model of one of Y'Zyk's, Home planet's military ships. The paint on the ship has been scratched/worn away, but what can be seen is the once dark shade of green. It flies in a vertical position, but upon being docked, it is horizontal. (For reference, see/google: Slave I)

    Equipment: Due to this ship being a modified military-grade ship, it has quite a few toys. The ship has three Z-65 Engine units, powered by two G6-2-100 power generators.
    Some of the utilities this ship has are: A cloaking device, effectively making the ship invisible.
    A sensor mask, making the ship hard to find on a radar.
    A military grade sensor array, making it a simple task to track other ships down.
    A military grade switchable shield, stops it from being hit with anything for a short amount of time.
    ZX-66 Twin blaster cannons, on the front of end of the ship.
    TP-32 Missile launcher, equipped with two missiles at the moment.
    GR-87 Tractor beam, making it possible for the IG-X to capture weaker ships.

    Drive force: 2,500 Gs / 1,700 km/h

    Misc info: The ship is a stolen military vessel off of Y'Zyk's home planet. He has been upgrading upon the ship ever since he has obtained it, adding more useful tools, to the already powerful ship. The ship has seating for: A pilot, a co-pilot, and 2 passengers. It has room enough to hold 6 prisoners. It is equipped with a singular escape pod, just in case something doesn't go to plan. The ship is able to hold around 45 metric tons in cargo, and can hold a months worth of food. Within the confines of the ship, are Y'Zyk's motorcycle which he uses to travel on surface land, and his armory, where he keeps weapons and ammunition.
  19. The Starrsk do not inhabit any one planet.
    There are probably less than 20,000 of their kind remaining, as their home planet was wiped out.

    'Ray' has been travelling around for as long as he can remember; he is also owed favours by many different people from MANY different races.

    That's my explanation....
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