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Basically anything as long as it has a good story line.
I just can't help it! I made a new signature of mine and I have to show it to the world...ehm, Iwaku world! ^.^

And you guys show off your own signature! xD
The face made me laugh! XD

I don't have anything FANCY in my siggy right now. D: I don't think I ever do! It's usually just a few links to whatever "thing" I think is important, or the notice I have up right now to remind people I'm busy until thanksgiving so they dun try to kill me...
Thanks xD It made me laugh too when I saw it for the first time xD

I love the blue part of your siggy, green one as well and the rest is useful. Your siggy is awesome!
*stares at the face*


*still staring*


No you won't! I never blink!
Some asshole put that weird ass clown on my signature.

I don't even know why the dude is doing what he's doing.
Whoa xD The clown remin me of Stephen King's book IT. The clown from there was crazy as well xD

Awesome sig!
lol pretty awesome. I like the sig. Mine is only fan based... so nothing original XD
I've been watching your sig for a while but can't figure out what anime it is from. Could you give me a clue? ^.^
That is so sweet!!!!
My signature just lists my moderator duties and above that, I always have a section of lyrics with a link to the song. No exciting pictures. I'm lame like that.

But I think my ridiculous, yet awesome, avatar makes up for it.
Really good poem in your siggy, but yeah, your crazy avatar is the best ;-D
Dunno about you guys but mines in the 500 px limit.


I want that face as an avi.. when you change you sig and everyone has a chance to forget I will steal it.

I will steal your face.
xD honestly, you made me laugh xD if you steal my face, I'm gonna ruin your imperium!
Really? Aren't you just trying to fool me? >.> Apart, from that, no I don't know about new to the site so am still learning my way around and who is who and stuff like that.

But if your imperiums are ruined...then what am I going to steal? :'(
The imperium is in warhammer 40000... look it up.

*gets topic back on topic*

Theres some xkcd strips that make great signatures.
Mine... has been the same "formula" for a long time.
I just change the content now and then.

Icon that I think is awesome/pretty/amusing
Song lyrics that I like that tend to in some way pertain to the icon (in my mind at least)