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Do you watch anime?

  1. Yes!

  2. No...

  1. Hello reader! Before I tell you what I am looking for be prepared, I believe it's gonna be hard to fill the request so if your looking to test you skills your in the right place!

    (Need to know the animes or just watch a review :D) So my favourite anime are ino x boku and ouran high school host club and was hoping if possible I could get a signature of them all together, I don't mind if it's drawn or edited in together so they don't have to be doing something as a group they could just stand next to each other however to be the best of the best I would love to see them doing something together for example...
    I would like as many people to attempt this so I can change it every once in a while :D I'm so greedy :/

    If you read this far I hope you will attempt this. Thank you and good luck!