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  1. We have to face the future! More and more people are using tiny little phones and tablets to access the internet. And these devices do NOT always get the quick and easy loading time that a computer and solid connection will have.

    Lately we've seen a lot of people piling tons of giant images in to their siggies, thinking that they can because of the auto scroll. (The scroll is there so people can post TEXT, like linking or advertising their roleplays, and stuff like that!) We haven't had a reason to strictly enforce our signature policies, but with the age of mobile users, now we MUST! We want Iwaku to load as quickly as possible for people with all the important parts.

    Signatures now only allow ONE image!
    This limit IS hardcoded in the settings, so when you go to update your siggy it won't allow more than one image tag anymore. We're not enforcing a size restriction on that image YET, but do try to remember to keep them SMAAAALL. If it's wallpaper size, it's too damn big. (Smilies will not count towards the image limit)

    We're gonna give people about a week or so to update their siggies on their own to strip out extra images. After that, admins will reset any siggies we see with too many images!
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  2. I have too many? I made them all small and stuff last night too @.@
  3. TOO MANY!

    We want to allow more, but we're unable to restrict signatures by filesize. >:[ so we have to restrict by image limit to make up the difference.
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  4. Makes sense.
    Technically I only have one image in my sig, and technically it's not a very big image size wise, but I'll tone it down to something smaller soon ^-^

    Question though, at times (on a different site) I've used small images as mini banners for roleplays. With the 1 img only rule that won't be possible anymore, right? Hm unfortunate, but I'll live ^^
  5. That is fine by me!

    I love my sig!
  6. In my opinion I think posts would also look a bit more aesthetically pleasing if the space between the end of a person's post and where their signature began was also cut down a bit shorter.

    Otherwise, smaller signatures sounds like a good idea in my opinion. I personally can't stand long and obtusive ones, so this is a good move.
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  7. Oh right, I meant to put an image in my signature at some point. I might get around to that eventually.

    But yeah, seems like a good limit. I've seen some people with crazy nonsense going on in their signatures, and I know they've caused me some really bad loading times when I access the site through my phone.
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  8. Why does this remind me of when RpG's spam section started posting ducks?
  9. Well, I have a problem. I'm trying to switch my signature (empty as you can see)

    And it says 'You can only have 1 image in your signature'

    plzhealp nao
  10. I have no idea. That was before my time. Or, well, during my long hiatus from RPG, so not something I was a part of either way. :P
  11. Wait I fixed it.

    But it was weird. I needed to go into BB code and edit the image out that way since it didn't show up on the rich code editor.

  12. Imagine hundreds of images of ducks.
  13. I have no idea why you've tagged me here, lol.
    It sounds glorious.
  14. just thought i'd let you know but like.

    i'm gonna tag adman now

  15. What if you have the pictures under a spoiler tab? Would the page still take as long to load? Just a thought.
  16. Yes, it does. Even if you don't click the spoiler, the image still autoloads when you're on the page.. Which still leads to slower loading and issues.

    At least, I know it works that way on threads. I assume the same with siggies.
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  18. There's a reason why I've hidden siggies.
  19. I just have one now, too bad you couldn't of done the filesize instead @.@

    Oh well. Just gonna be changing my Signature a lot now
  20. Huh. And here on my phone I can't even see the signatures.

    Home pc can, but not mobile.
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