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  1. The guide only says about signatures that including text and images, the signature should be no more than ten lines...But I have no idea how big of an image 10 lines is! I made a little graphic for myself to link to my search thread, because it seemed like a good idea. So...

    A) Can I make an image link to my one on one search thread in my signature (I just realized I should check anyway to see if that's against the rules, since I didn't see it there as such but it's best to double check)
    and B) If so, is there a dimension limit that is a bit more in-depth than 'ten lines'? ><
  2. That's a bit outdated!
    We got a little tired of checking signature sizes so now, if your signature is too big, a scrolling bar will appear and only the right amount of it will display instead. So try not to go overboard, but the ten lines bit is more or less moot.

    And, you can link all over Iwaku in your signature if you want, feel free. Don't link to any porn or anything, but that's about it...
  3. Ah okay! Thanks for letting me know. I only knew based off of the information on the page, so this helps a lot! All of it. :D I don't have to worry now~