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Two rules here. No OoC. Do not delete any CS's, even if you drop out, unless I ask you to, please.

Character Skeleton (let's keep this simple, shall we?)

Personality: (paragraph form please. This should include strengths, weaknesses, skills, and fears)
Important History Notes:
Notes on House:
Views on Other Houses:
Appearance: (picture or paragraph is fine)

Link to: Interest Check | OoC and Overview | In Character

We are looking for eight people to play Pig, Monkey, Rabbit, Cat, Rat, Dog, Rooster, and Horse. No reservations accepted, first come first serve. And please don't put a WIP up unless it's really almost done.
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[BCOLOR=transparent]House: Water Buffalo[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]Name: Minh Chi Banh [bright/intelligent, will/purpose, peace][/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]Age: 26 years old[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]Gender: Female[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]Personality: Minh is a very patient woman who knows how to calculate what to say in order to either be friendly or stay completely neutral. This woman sees her enemies [other businesses] as nothing but obstacles waiting to be squished. With all the wealth Minh has many people have tried to manipulate her into either giving them money or giving them a good position for work; causing Minh to withdraw from people even more. An intelligent woman who works hard even though she doesn't have to, Minh thinks before she reacts and believes that going on your first reaction can sometimes not end well. Even though Minh keeps her company to only about 5 almost-there-friends, her pitbull [Jynx] included, she donates money to 15 different homeless shelters, 5 hospitals, 7 animal shelters and a few other places that supported those who needed help the most.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Of course if you asked Minh if she did this she'd automatically deny it and say that it was something her grandmother had contributed to... which was true but several others had been added thanks to Minh. What no one knows about Minh is that she's actually socially awkward, not quite sure how to normally approach a conversation with strangers or people who aren't potential business partners.[/BCOLOR]

The rare times Minh allows herself to relax, get fat on rocky road while rewatching the two Avenger movies [her favorite character is Black Widow] is on her Sundays. Monday-Friday was all about work while Saturday was to prepare her house with food, clean laundry, paid bills and so on. Sundays were always her private days, spent alone in the quiet of her home. Though many might believe that Minh harbors dark feelings from her past they would be wrong. Instead of looking at the past Minh is about the present as well as the future. The mention of Minh's past only leaves an empty ache in her heart but other then that she can speak about it as if it hadn't been her who'd been forced to change into what she is now.

Children are a big weakness to Minh as she tends to be softer and more gentle with them, though in her own tense and awkward ways. Babies are completely different though; they make Minh completely nervous. Especially seeing as how she had only held 2 babies in her life time but that was as a child when... things were different. Now Minh sees them as extremely fragile and fears that she might drop a baby or somehow break it. As a child she had little friends to run around playing tag with; though Minh wasn't the same, even she knows children should be in softer environments. With her thoughts on kids needing better things, having one of her own is something she's thought of and. A thought that was quickly dismissed. Minh has nothing to offer to a child and therefore keeps her nose in work. If you asked her, Minh would admit to being a busybody. She tends to have a lot of energy and if there isn't anything for her to do Minh will grow antsy or a bit irritated.

Minh enjoys listening to current music but she also enjoys classical music which goes great with her favorite peach barefoot moscato wine and a good book. Despite always being busy Minh still does many things for fun such as: mountain climbing, swimming, dancing, rock climbing, etc.

The very few things that Minh is afraid of would have to be spiders, standing in complete darkness alone, heights and getting attach to something or someone that is only temporary.

[BCOLOR=transparent]Important History Notes: Minh was born as the second eldest daughter of the Banh family, born and raised within Vietnam as the next successor to take over the family businesses. As a young girl Minh use to be bright and cheery, always looking for the good through a life that rarely held any emotion. If anyone could survive a home as cold as that of the Banh family. The only person who had instilled emotion within Mai was her grandmother, a woman who believed that emotion could make one strong. In the beginning Minh was able to play and visit her grandmother whenever she wished (she was always followed by hired professional guards). Sadly at the age of 6 years old Minh's oldest brother, who was on his way home from a business meeting, had died in a car crash. The attention was suddenly on Minh. A Banh child who they considered untamed, naive and imperfect in so many ways. Growing up her parents didn't put her in regular school but instead hired private tutors, ensuring that their daughter had the best. Meaning the hardworking Minh had to learn 7 different languages, 5 musical instruments, martial arts, academic lessons as well as dance [hip-hop and ballet] and other little talents seemed perfect for their daughter. Though Minh could buy and do whatever she wanted, its all in exchange for being the perfect daughter. Keeping her secrets close to her like a second skin is the only way to keep whatever little freedom she had. It was when she was 14 years old when her family believed that it would be best to send Minh out to her grandmother's home. A very strict woman who was serious about earning money. Some seen Ly Linh Phuong [meaning: Lion, spirit/soul, phoenix] as a cold woman that the only emotional support she has or ever wanted was money. People seen the rich and famous Ly Phuong as a woman with eyes so dark and empty they could make a King bow down. For the next few years of Minh's life she has felt the icy touch her grandmother was known for leaving inside of everyone she encountered but through time and having very observant eyes, Minh saw otherwise. Ly loved Minh but had a very... hard time showing it. The way the woman educated Minh with the best tutors with daily reading and writing. Tea ceremonies were also in the lessons and though Minh could feel the emptiness in her chest from the lack of emotions in her life but the events of life eventually took a toll on Minh. Learning how to protect her heart and spirit by being strong and independent, Minh stopped smiling. Instead she took interest in her grandmother's music company that's been around for 70 years, being under Ly's wing gave Minh experience with negotiations as well as with business.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]When Minh was 17 she graduated early, took a break until her 18th birthday to go to college before graduating 3 years later when her grandmother died of a stroke. On her will her grandmother left her a total of 15.7 million dollars, the deed to her home and all her other possessions... including her dear business. Minh has helped the business thrive and has even dared to make her own make-up line that took 2 years to grow until it was a formidable foe with her mother's company. A year later both her parents decided to retire and ended up handing over their companies to Minh who is now a very accomplished woman who believes her isolation from others is a good thing. She didn't like being exposed to greed more then she already was.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]House History: The water buffalo house is a place who's children are known to be spectacular in at least 3 things. Its practically unheard of to hear of someone from this house having no talents or some sort of skill. They have an extremely large main house where only the elders and the more important family members lived. The others associated with the house live nearby and if you look on an updated map you'll noticed that the main house is surrounded by the homes of those who belong to the water buffalo house. The more important members of the family are treated like royalty while those who are farther down the bloodline are taught at a young age to make life easier, within in their power, to the relatives that live within the main house.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]The more important family members have a certain tattoo [this] somewhere on their body. Usually either on the inside of their right wrist or somewhere more or less hidden [Minh's is on her right side, a few inches diagonally underneath it].[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]If you're trying to make friends with Minh she really appreciate's intelligence, dreams and plans. Of course those with positive attitudes are always enthusiastic, she doesn't enjoy such positive energy when there's a dark cloud over her head [aka: in a bad/negative mood]. The people she truly can't stand are people with no ambition to do anything with their life and it seems as if Minh's patience dwindles with these types of people.[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]Views on Other Houses: [/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]The Rat- Sharp and determined with a distracting personality[/BCOLOR]
The Tiger- A fierce beast with amazing grace. Still a beast non the less.
The Rabbit- Though soft and small, they are a small swift ball of purity.
The Dragon- A grand creature of passion with a scary pride.
The Snake- A clever bundle of poison waiting to strike.
The Horse- Majestic and strong but large with dangerous hoofs.
The Sheep- Innocent wrapped in a light of purity.
The Monkey- Childish, smart and gets into things they shouldn't.
The Rooster- Blunt, dependable with a narcissistic side and an unforgettable pride.
The Dog- Loyal, devoted understanding but not that much of a people person.
The Pig- Capable of being a longtime friend
The Cat-

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House →
"I should think that would be obvious."

Name →
"Anger tempered with Justice. My father clearly wanted a second boy..."
Kwang-seok Noh

Age →
"I am not ashamed to admit that I have not yet reached two decades."

Gender →
"...My father clearly wanted a second boy, but that's not what he got."

Personality →
"Judge me as you will, you can not shake me."

Kwang-seok is a fierce proponent of justice, and a has a stubborn, rigid moral system that she is not willing to compromise for anyone. Immediately prone to suspicion around other people associated with the zodiac, she tends to have a "it's me against you" attitude, and though she can work well with people when she needs to, is extremely rebellious against anything she sees as opposed to her understanding of the world. While proud of who she is and what she can do, she holds no pride in being part of the House of Tiger, more disgusted and angered by having grown up as part of its system. She does have a bit of a temper, and is quick to lash out when facing a perceived opponent or enemy, whether verbally or physically. That said, she is a very gentle person to begin with, and believes in the inherent goodness of people until proven otherwise, though this does not mean that she is quick to trust. Trust and distrust are two things that both should be earned, not assumed. Intelligent, physically strong, fairly charismatic, socially sensitive, and hard-working, many people, especially within the Tiger House, see her as the "perfect daughter," but in reality, she struggles with the fear that no one will ever love her for who she is, and not what she represents and can do. In part believing herself to be unlovable, she tends to draw away when people get too close to her. Her mentality also strongly affects her performance, meaning that she is never at her peak strength in times of fear or anger, whether it be physically or academically. She is also forgetful and at times a little reckless, and she can be sometimes rebellious to the point of stupidity, going against even logical things if it is presented in a way she doesn't like, or by a person she distrusts. This, however, largely manifests itself in relation to the Tiger House elders and her father. Though she respects them inherently, she disagrees with the way they have done things up till now, and often locks horns with them when it does not always make sense from a logical standpoint. She is strong, but not dextrous, and refuses to be demure and "womanly" yet retains a natural, effortless grace in the way she moves. Though not at all afraid to express her opinion, she can be willing to compromise, and does take care to listen to others' opinions as well. And finally, though she has many strengths in her own way, it would be something of a stretch to call her abilities anything more than regular. She is not a superhuman and it cannot be said that she is thus any stronger or smarter or more talented than a regular person would be.

Important History Notes →
"The reason why I am here is because I must be here. Fate has given me no choice."

Kwang-seok is the second child of the main family. Her grandfather is the main elder, and her father the current head of the whole Tiger House. She has one older brother named Gun-seok, but no other siblings, because her mother died when she was still young, and her father refused to remarry. Normally, her older brother, only a year her senior, would be the one to inherit rule of the house, but he is strongly autistic. In the typical fashion of their House, everyone turned a blind eye to the truth, and refused to get him help. Instead, he was raised along with the other children, no mercy given. Seen as a "disappointment" and a "freak" (and most definitely not eligible to be the next leader), he was heavily bullied by the other children, who followed the example their caretakers set for them. Kwang-seok was constantly coming to his aid, fighting off the bullies and protecting him. Since she was only a girl, she was not treated with the same respect she would have received if she'd been a boy and the next successor, but she was still treated more politely and courteously than the other children, barring her cousin, who was thought to be the next in line.

Determined to be better in every way than every one of the people she'd grown up with, who had so tortured her brother, she upheld the ideals of the House more purely than any of the rest of them, more obsessed with a fierce and unwavering sense of justice than the rest. And yet, at the same time, she hated the House, it's pride, and all it had done to cause her and her brother grief. Knowing his son would not be competent enough to rule, Kwang-seok's father quietly groomed her as he would have a son of his, teaching her all the necessary skills to rule, even as she received her general education in regular schools outside of the main house. Unbeknownst to her, he was planning to officially declare her as his heir when she turned 20, but on November 18th, her precious brother disappeared. He was not the first to disappear, but he was the first to be gone for more than two weeks. When he came back, he was gripping the message on a small note in his hand, but everything else about him was shut down. Perhaps it was because he wanted to make a bigger statement, and she was the only one who would've recognized the change, but whoever the strange antagonist was, he decided to leave her with nothing. Gun-seok walked into the main house with a blank look in his eyes, reached his rooms, and collapsed into a deep coma. That was where Kwang-seok found him, as she'd checked his room every day since the day he'd disappeared.

He was quickly taken to the hospital, but though medical records showed no signs of any problems, he did not wake up. Enraged, Kwang-seok demanded to be allowed to go on a search for the sender even before the Four Pillars contacted them, and when the summons came, she forced the elders, her father included, to allow her to go, even though she was merely a woman and not considered a worthy representative. Bent on finding justice for her brother, she has every intention of beginning a search, no matter how this little conference goes.


Notes on House →
"It is in our blood that we stake our pride, and no doubt that blood is also what will rob us of everything that is truly important."

The House of Tiger has a very strict structure that hides itself in a false sense of levity. They have a main house that serves as a central base and houses a number of the families under the House of Tiger, particularly the elders and families they have decided are more important, called "central families," though no one really knows who or why decided they were more important. While there are no strictly enforced rules demanding that people of the blood return to the main house, it is something of an unspoken rule that no matter where you go in life after growing up, you must return at some point, particularly when you get married and have your first child. The children are taken in and all raised together, indoctrinated with the ideals of the Tiger House. Bringing the child back to be raised with the others is almost a legal policy, and if a parent refuses, the child will be taken from them. Most of these children do not see their parents again until they are the age of five. The more prestigious the family is within the house, the greater the likelihood the child will know their parents. Even among the children, there is a clear distinction between the central families and the satellite families, as some children are favored by the adults. Thus, they learn and get used to the hierarchy of the house before they even come to know their parents. It is a system that lends itself to a great deal of childhood bullying.

Also a strong patriarchy, girls are not expected to inherit anything like the pride of the house, and if they marry, their families are automatically considered a satellite family, unless they come from the main family itself. The "main family" as it is known, is the family that leads the House. The eldest sons are quite strongly favored and given more freedom overall, but with the assumption that they are going to inherit the rule of the House, and their own family will become the next main family. If the eldest son of previous head himself does not have a son, though this is rare, he can decide who will next rule, which is quite usually his eldest younger brother's eldest son. Overall, it's a rather complicated system that enforces ancient ideals of prejudice and ruthlessly ranks its families. They are a proud, wealthy family, with a great property in the style of an traditional Korean mansion. They are also rather nationalistic and supremacist, so descendants that have married foreigners are shunned, and it is not unusual for them to consider themselves above "regular humans." A number of the people found in this House are very unpleasant because they have been brought up with this mindset; though, of course, not everyone is this way. Children are fluent in Korean, English, and Chinese, and are taught martial arts and calligraphy, even the girls.

An important thing to know about the House of Tiger is that it lies right on the border between North and South Korea, in the seaside county of Goseong. This being the case, the Korean War was a terrifying time for them. Thanks to the protective magic around the main house, they remained precisely where they were as the rest of the area was laid waste to, hiding within their walls until the armistice was established, only to find that they were right on that border. It may be exactly because of this whole trauma that they are so protective and rigidly traditional.

Views on Other Houses →
"Why should we concern ourselves with the affairs of others?"

As Kwang-seok was growing up, she never really thought about the existence of the other houses. While she knew the legend inside and out for as long as she could remember, as every Tiger child must, they'd been so alone for so long, that it was difficult to actually imagine these other houses existing. This being the case, she'd never really held any particular opinions of the others. Right up until she read the words, "the Thirteen Houses" on that nasty little note she'd read and reread so many times, it had become thoroughly crumpled. Hearing the Four Pillars call for a "conference," she immediately understood that the House of Tiger would not be the only one attending, and started researching the other houses desperately. Unfortunately, she couldn't find any real, concrete information about them, so her opinions of them remains uncertain. All she has to go on are the original legend and the opinions the house holds in general.

She sees:
the Rat as somewhat devious, and perhaps one to keep an eye on, but also potentially misunderstood and capable of good insight.​
the Water Buffalo as probably somewhat gullible and hard-working, but that does not mean they're necessarily weak.​
the Rabbit as ... quick-footed and resourceful maybe?​
the Dragon as kind, observant, and noble, but also perhaps a bit too proud, like many of her Tiger colleagues.​
the Snake as, much like the rat, clever, but perhaps a bit more self-absorbed and devious than might be wished for.​
the Horse as ... maybe strong and fast, but who knows?​
the Sheep as kindhearted and willing to help others, but perhaps just as ready to rely on others, rather than go its own way and rely on its own strength.​
the Monkey as cheeky and more likely to cause mischief than anything else, but capable of working together with others.​
the Rooster as more sharp-witted than it looks, and willing to give a little to gain a little.​
the Dog as a little too playful and easily distracted, and less serious, despite being perfectly capable.​
the Pig as being too absorbed with the present to remember to be cautious of the future, and most definitely not very ambitious.​
the Cat as willing to give second chances, but a potential source of conflict with the Rat.​

Appearance →
"Who cares what I look like?"

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Romance, Slice of Life, Fantasy
[BCOLOR=#000000]House: [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000]Rabbit.[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=#000000]Name:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000] Chiyo Gekkou[/BCOLOR]​

[BCOLOR=#000000]Age: 16[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=#000000]Gender: Female[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=#000000]Personality: [/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=#000000](paragraph form please. This should include strengths, weaknesses, skills, and fears)[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#000000]Chiyo is very tense around new people and it takes a bit to get used to those people. She’s very jumpy and absolutely hates being teased about her size (really short). She’s dense about others feelings, and doesn’t really get things making her somewhat ignorant. She’s independent except for a few favors. She gets things done as soon as possible and adores speaking about things like a new book and the little things she notices around her if she’s that close to the person, otherwise a very quiet person. She’s a “nerd” but is a catastrophe with cooking. She’s also very neat and hates when people touch her things. [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#000000]She’s scared everything is going to go downhill if she interacts with people so she tends to make sure there’s distance between her and people. She tends to put genius puzzles around the place to make sure they can’t get to her, except for times with education and receiving things for classes. She can play the piano but she rarely plays it in fears that someone would catch her and support Chiyo going to a concert hall. She makes sure she doesn’t lose all her skills though. She’s a realist on the outside but adores daydreaming, but she doesn’t reveal that side to anyone. When exposed to the moon it’s quite different… (Will tell if must, but listed as spoiler) She doesn’t mind children but when they reach the age of 13 she acts different being they’re at their teen age. Uncomfortable wearing things that show “too much” skin. (Except for occasions such as summer, where T-shirts and shorts are okay. Dresses not so much.) Tends to lean towards the pajama side when at home, but otherwise uptight about “appropriate” wear. [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#000000]Once Chiyo meets someone she thinks is a good person she kind of gets “attached” except when the suspicion between the two is too great, then she “cuts” the “string”. She is pretty hardcore when equipped with a physical substance. (Very jumpy) In very “tight” situations she doesn’t really panic she thinks of reasonable answers but she can’t think straight. She is a[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000] huge[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000] otaku obsessor. [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#000000]Important History Notes:[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=#000000]Chiyo has had no problems educationally but socially. Everyone called her a nerd except for a girl her age. The girl encouraged everyone to accept Chiyo for who she was and everyone didn’t buddy, buddy but didn’t go as far as tripping her and vandalizing her locker anymore. This girl ended up dying of a disease and everyone turned back to normal. Chiyo had enough and locked herself in her room until her younger brother nagged her about joining an online school. He was the only one Chiyo would talk to if needed to present something. She didn’t mind that he was 12 because he was the one who brought her out of the dark. Her parents were very modern and didn’t mind gadgets being in the house and didn’t really like traditional things . [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#000000]Chiyo had no expectations except to exceed her grade level and to carry out the houses needs and wants. Chiyo still living in a moderately rich family, her dealing with the background and economic things and her 12 year old brother dealing with meetings and social parties. She being influenced by her younger brother decided to dedicate some of her time to the children. She still hasn’t forgiven humanity for being so cruel to her but deals with some stress because of the house’s needs. Chiyo’s family adores her despite her hair color.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#000000]Notes on House:[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=#000000]Her house requires a meeting every month to check up on every generation. This house tends to be small but is mostly filled with maids and servants, being that everyone is mostly independent and hates being pitied. Every generation is though, required to have a successor and must keep going on no matter what. Even though tradition isn’t carried much it is a bound [/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=#000000]rule that there will never be any adoption in fears that their bloodline will crumble. Also that if connected to the “main blood” family you must have a job that is important. There’s no “daddy I want to become an artist!” Or “I don’t really mind being a teacher.” [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#000000]If you don’t follow the requirements you are automatically punished and put in a crowded room, dark room full of loud sound. (Enchanted as to not causing deafness or any other disorder.) Children born with white, or black hair are considered blessed while being born with blond hair is a curse. Families cannot disown or abandon their child, or hurt them. Children are considered an honored symbol throughout the house. [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#000000]Views on Other Houses:[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=#000000]She’s not very social so she didn’t really care to interact with them even though she is well aware of them, even though dense this is the one thing she’s alert to. (Being a “daydreamer”) She tells the story of the cat to the children once in awhile a different version each time. When the message gets smothered with paint across her wall she suddenly shudders realising how confused and unsure she is. Knowing that she must interact with the other houses she knows she cannot rely on her brother or inform him. She goes with the basic information that “rats hate cats” kind of things. Also realising that she has to work with others she attempts getting her nerves under control. She hates adults, teenagers, and people her age. She desperately begs to “god” that there would be at least one child.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#000000]Appearance: -[/BCOLOR]


[BCOLOR=#010101]I, xLarius, agree that I have read all the rules and understand that I must stay until the rp is finished, or is called dead by GM firejay1. Exceptions only made in truly...[/BCOLOR]
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[fieldbox="Character Sheet, goldenrod, solid"]


House of the Rat - 쥐 의 집

Choi Hye Gyeong , also known as Hailey .



Hailey can be seen as a loner , as well as a people's person . Due to her shrewdness , courtesy of her family's inheritance , she is seen to keep to herself as much as possible . Or in a more specific sense , she keeps her friends close , but her enemies closer . But , due to her ability to charm others , she can also be seen with a group of....'followers' , as she likes to call them . This two distinctive trait of hers can alternate when met with people of whom she classify as worth her time , and those who are not .

Worth her time - "Friends , you say ? Alright , call them that . They will prove handy when the time comes , so it's best that I show my interest towards them - but not too much , just enough or slightly more is alright ." .

Not worth her time - "They are the more....second class , I guess . Of course , the tools in the shed may prove their worth when in desperation . But still , wasting too much time on them may prove very....uncanny ." .

Like many people , even though she doesn't prefer to admit it , she has her own strengths and weaknesses . One of her strengths are that her persuasive trait allows her to get farther in whatever she does , compared to others . If in a more Harry Potter term , she's definitely from the house of Slytherin . Although , the irony doesn't prove as a source of amusement for her . She enjoys sports , growing up in Korea , the South , of course .

Also , what is unlikely is that other's weaknesses can prove to be her biggest strength . As mentioned before or hinted , Hailey has her ways of getting through to her goals , whether fairly , or just plain cunningly . Therefore , one should be careful as to not expose themselves too much to her , because she might just turn against you and climb up of the food chain , proving that the smallest of beings - in this case , the rat - can be the ones that are unknowingly on top of the most predator of all predators .

Enough of her strengths . Although she obviously loathes to admit it , her weaknesses can be the very downfall of her house . Her greatest fear of all is , is expectations of others on herself . Her ancestors and now passed on to her , she was reminded of the death of the cat - proving that she preferred a life that depended not on her , but others . Once expectations befalls her , Hailey will react by ensuring that the expectations she is to meet , falls completely off the Earth , reaching into the deepest pits of Hell itself . She also has a complex of being emotionally involved with anyone in any sort of relationship , whether friendly or of the more romantic nature .

"What are you talking about ? Having people around you is more than enough . You do not need others . They only serve as your distraction from the reality of the the truth ." .

Important History Notes:
Hailey was born into a rich household - no surprise , considering a rat's behavior . She was the last child of her family , but that wasn't too much of an important information , considering she only had one other sibling , her elder brother , Choi Chul Kwan . But she acts as though he doesn't exist - not because she wants to , but she has to . Hailey has always been the pride of their House - charming , polite and most importantly , accepting towards her fate . While Chul Kwan was a rebelling 23-year old that saw his family and the Zodiac families as mere victims of a cursed game , but he did inherit the charm of their family , considering the House of the Rat would always receive unwanted female visitors demanding the head of him .

Hailey's father was the previous head of the House and before him , her grandmother . Her immediate family has always been the lucky or some might say unlucky ones , to inherit the name of the House of the Rat . This was because it is believed that her ancestors were the direct relatives of the first reincarnated human form of the rat . While Hailey's mother was her father's cousin . As not acceptable and frowned upon society , the next head of the House of the Rat is required to marry a sibling or at least , a close relative of its household .

As a child , Hailey did not grow up in a stereotypical 'house arrest' situation , but was encouraged to go into society , interact and create a good name for yourself , but most importantly - your family . As such , her charm was groomed from a very young age .

Notes on House:
The House of Rat is systematically divided into its own hierarchy status - the Rulers , the Upper Class , the Moderate Class and the Lower Class . As the name suggests , the Rulers comprises of the closest immediate family to the ancestors of the reincarnated human of the Rat , which is Hailey's family . The Upper Class comprises of Hailey's uncles , aunts , cousin and etc. , basically her extended family . While the Moderate Class are the distant relatives of Hailey's and those married to them . The Lower Class are the families who's descendant of the Rat has passed away and remarried to an outsider .

Hailey's immediate family members each have a role . The Father , if still the Head , represents the House and rule over the whole household . The Mother , is seen as the Head of all household duties . The Offsprings , are seen as examples to the other children , but if the Offsprings do not reach a certain level of class , they are disowned and are asked to live by their own means - Choi Chul Kwan , Hailey's brother . Each Head of the House of Rat has an adviser . Now that Hailey is the Head , her adviser is her Father , and an adviser has an equivalent of 50% say in any matter . The House of Rat has very close ties to the leader of Korea and it's ministers , as well .
House of Water Buffalo -
"They are very resourceful in the terms that they undermine everyone in industry . A good contact to keep . It shows that they are very forward in thinking and have a vision of the coming world . Mild threat ." .

House of Tiger -
"The generals of war . Ferocious , but not dumb . They know when to strike and when to keep still , while executing every job done with profound grace . It's best to be good in their books , because their thoughts may very well match ours . High threat ." .

House of Rabbit -
"They're naïve to the world , but they have a certain degree of alertness . Can't be too easygoing with them . But other than them being sophisticated , nothing much appeals to the eye , or at least nothing the show . Low threat ." .

House of Dragon -
"Passionate and looked up to . This house is seen as the most dignified one among the others . Royalty , one would say . Being good to them is a definite , but not too good . The House of Rat can't be seen as a house that sucks up to other houses . High threat ." .

House of Snake -
"The biggest threat to us . They're a mysterious bunch that keeps to themselves , but they serve to show that their brain capacity is as big as the amount of time they spend thinking . It's either stay away or completely befriend them . Very high threat ." .

House of Horse -
"Albeit rebellious and easygoing . Although , their believe in freedom proves that they have an absolute A+ in resourcefulness . Other than that , their speciality may be in automobiles or something . Low threat ." .

House of Sheep -
"Nothing important . They children of the houses . Innocent and blind to the cruel world . They may be of good use , but that will have to be figured out later . No threat ." .

House of Monkey -
"Agile and smart . They know where to find things and how to find it fast . Good contact to keep . They may be wary of many things . Mild threat ." .

House of Rooster -
"They will point you out for who you are and are afraid of nothing anyone would say . But their ego is their downfall . Low threat ." .

House of Dog -
"The soldiers . Loyal if you're in their good books . This doesn't necessarily mean they are of no use . If properly interacted , they will defend anyone at all cost . Good contact . Low threat ." .

House of Pig -
"Rich . They have the wealth , but maybe they don't have the skill to keep it . Although , looking down on them is a dumb idea . They're a good contact to keep . Probably secretly conniving . Mild threat ." .

Houses of Cat -
"Need to avoid at all cost . Doubt they'll appreciate what our ancestor did . Also , they're very aware of even the slightest changes . Certainly one that will catch others in the act of doing something wrong . High threat ." .


I, Katsumi Y. , agree that I have read all the rules and understand that I must stay until the rp is finished,or iscalled dead by GM firejay1. Exceptions only made in truly .

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. Name .
Meng Li

. Age .
. Gender .
. Personality .
|| passionate || optimistic || quick-minded || prideful || loyal || hard-working || observant || honest || stubborn ||
Lee can be described as nothing less than passionate. No matter what he does, he puts his whole heart into it and doesn't believe in half-assing his way through even the little things. He's an optimistic person by nature, although he can recognize a lost cause. He's known to be a quick-minded fellow, with a thirst for knowledge that borders on being horribly bookish. Like most in Dragon House, Lee is quite prideful, so much so that even his own house members can find him infuriating. However, no one can deny that he is loyal to those in his house and anyone else he cares about. He will do anything, even sacrifice his pride, to protect someone he loves. His passionate personality causes him to be extremely hard-working and motivated, able and willing to see any task to the end. Around others, Lee prefers to remain observant, although he is not afraid to speak his mind when he wishes to. No one can deny that Lee is an honest man, though perhaps too stubborn.
One of his main strengths is his passion. It is very difficult to deter him from a task, and he will stop at nothing to complete it. He's also well-educated, with a plethora of knowledge on various topics. His loyalty is a strength and a weakness, as he would give life and limb to protect those he cares about. He can also be a bit reckless.
Lee has few major fears, but they can affect him greatly. First, he fears humiliating himself or his house. Such a mark on his pride would be detrimental to him. Second, and probably more terrifying, is losing someone he cares about or somehow allowing them to be hurt.

. Important History Notes .
Born into the most dignified household within Dragon House, expectations were set high from an early age for Lee. His parents were lead scientists in their own right, both having separate companies that later joined to become one shortly after he was born. He quickly rose up to be an intelligent young man, finishing his secondary education two years early at 16. Although not physically strong, his mental prowess was practically unequaled within his house. Many came to him for advice of all kinds, and he gladly helped. However, it was a well-known fact that Lee had developed a strong sense of pride, to the point of being insufferable even for the other house members. No one rebuked him for it, though, out of respect for his parents' achievements and his own. His life was nothing short of spectacular, with his parents holding parties for all those dignified in the house quite often.
Although not completely antisocial, Lee never grew up having many friends. Whether this was his own fault or his parents', he did not know. He did not mind much, as he always found himself enjoying a book more than another's company. But as he grew older, his parents' expectations only grew. As such, he was forced to become acquainted with nearly everyone within Dragon House, as he was lined up to be the next head. Thus many false friendships were formed, much to his irritation. Everyone scrambled to keep him in good spirits while in his company, but it wasn't hard for him to see their lies. While there were many who respected his academic and scientific progress (as he eventually became a talented scientist), there were also many who found him to be insufferable. As such, Lee was never eager to make any real friends.

. Notes on House .
Dragon House is known for its unconventional habits. Rather than follow tradition, the house is heavily influenced by personal achievement and progress. The more achievements you have, the more respect you gain. The head of Dragon House is the man or woman with the most achievement and thus the most respect. Although they are the "head" of the house, it is extremely taboo for them to make any major decisions without first consulting the Council of Nine--made up of the nine most respected households in Dragon House, second only to the head. The head of Dragon House is not decided by blood, although first preference is given to the firstborn of the current head. Therefore, it is quite possible for any family to rise to the top by way of personal achievement. It should be noted that the Meng family has kept its spot as head household for eleven generations, the longest record thus far.
Because everything is based on personal achievement, pride is a heavy trait in this house; there is hardly anyone who does not take some sense of pride in their life.
Those who have achieved very little or somehow humiliated/dishonored the house live in practical poverty. They are nicknamed "Guizi," a commonly known derogatory term in China that usually refers to foreigners. Guizi are considered to be only part of Dragon House by blood, and blood is practically worthless without achievement. As such, the stakes are extremely high to remain in good standing. Guizi are not the lowest in Dragon House, however. Those who use dishonest means to achieve greatness are considered the lowest of the low and are banished completely from Dragon House, their names erased from the house's history completely.
Personal achievements can be academic, scientific, physical, business, etc. It does not matter what the achievement is, as long as it has some importance in the world. Although, admittedly, some achievements are held more highly than others.
It is well-known among the houses that the dignified members of Dragon House live rather lavish, even eccentric, lifestyles.

. Views on Other Houses .
Rat -- "Such creatures are pitiful. They do not stand on their own right; rather, they use trickery and dishonesty to reach their goals."
Water Buffalo --
"I have high respects for this house. They work hard and hold themselves honorably."
Tiger -- "They can be rather dangerous if one does not know how to interact with them. Their pride and ferocity nearly matches our own; I cannot help but both fear and respect them."
Rabbit -- "Resourceful and kind-hearted, this house also holds my respect. I greatly admire them, although they would likely not amount to much in the eyes of Dragon House."
Snake -- "Devious and unworthy of trust just like the House of Rat. I would personally avoid interaction with them."
Horse --
"What they lack in strength and hard work they make up for in loyalty and strong, unyielding beliefs."
Sheep -- "I do not hold respect for the House of Sheep, as they cannot seem to pull their own weight. They rely too heavily on others."
Monkey -- "A clever bunch with a keen eye for detail, I find their playful nature to border on naive irresponsibility at times."
Rooster -- "Their egos are not well-founded in personal progress, but I appreciate their reliable nature."
Dog -- "Their main weakness is their inability to socialize, so they pose no immediate threat. They're an honest people."
Pig -- "Their wealth rivals our own, and their location makes them our most immediate competition. However, I respect their motivation, even if they are easily influenced."
Cat -- "Their attention to detail could be potentially threatening, though I see no reason why we cannot be allies. I sympathize with their situation involving the rat--those devious fiends."
. Appearance .

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.:Baatarsaikhan, Warrior of Peace, Heir to the House of the Horse:.

Mongolian Wilds
Baatarsaikhan, often going as Sai, was raised in the wilds of Mongolia, as most of the old families of Mongolia are. He was born to a wealthy family that thrived off the rich lands they had staked claim to. Over centuries of good fortune, they slowly attained enough wealth to purchase a large section of land on which to raise their herds. The land was vast enough that they were able to settle down, to some degree, and maintain the rural lifestyle with much less movement. With great flock of sheep, a bounty of yaks, numerous goats, and horses with which to herd the livestock, his family flourished.

Sai was born the first of five children, having three younger brothers and two younger sisters of varying ages to look after and help raise. He lived with his parents for a length of time before he took over over ownership of the herds and land, as was his duty as the first born son. His parents remained living with them, as did his three youngest siblings. The two older brothers of the three grew until they could hold their own and left with a small portion of the family wealth to start their own lives. The younger three children remained to help care for the lands which now belonged to Sai.

It was a cold day in Autumn when a strange occurrence left Sai's family deeply disturbed and summoning a local Shaman. The Shaman blessed the lands but did nothing to settle the fear in his parent's hearts. His siblings, being younger and of a more modern generation like he was, were less afraid and more concerned. Sai, as it stood, was the acting head of the household. Being a member of the Horse Zodiac House, it was his responsibility to respond to the child of evils that summoned his house by name. For all his life, the tale of the Zodiacs had just been a small part of his history, an origin for the unique trait he and his father possessed. The ability had become so... normalized in the isolation of the wilds. It didn't occur to him that maybe the story of his family's origins and the spawning of his family's gift held some dire nature to them.

And so, he could not ignore the strange message.

Leaving his family behind, the eldest of his younger brothers left in charge of the land, Sai took his best stallion and three of his most robust goats, and left. He traveled out across the land, heading south for weeks and weeks with an insane mission given by something that shouldn't have been real. The glowing eyes of the boy haunted him at night as he worried for his family. What if the demon returned? What if it demanded more of his family? What if the lands were cursed? He felt a pitted guilt for leaving them, but he felt a strong fear that if he chose to ignore the words of the demon, he and his family would face a fate more dire than any that lay before them now.

It took nearly 3 weeks of travel and the sale of one of his goats to feed himself before he set eyes on the smoggy horizon of a great scar on the lands. Beijing was unlike anything he'd ever seen and like nothing he'd ever desired. And yet, it held his fate.


Kindness goes a long way in a land where the economy has a heart beat and buyers and sellers knew each other on a first name basis. Friendship is key to a good community.

.:Down to Earth:.
Though this goes without saying, a man who's never seen a television is the least likely candidate for a shallow, materialistic personality.

If there's one thing he learned from his father, it was that strength was the glue that held families and herds together. To be strong in times of fright or strain was to be a man, and he'd be damned if his sons weren't going to be men!

Few who've grown up in the Mongolian Wilds are in need of pampering and care. Sai has been trekking across the landscape alone on his stallions since the age of 7 and there is little that can make him question himself.

His nature is one of nurturing. Raised to care for the land, his herds, his parents, and his siblings, Sai is a generally caring person who aims to look out for all those he comes across, should they be deserving.

Due to the nature of his trip and the his great lack of familiarity with the city, he's highly cautious of his actions.

Physically strong and agile
A skilled rider
Communicates easily with a common mode of transportation across Asia: the horse
At home in the wilds

Fear/Wariness of large machines and vehicles.
No knowledge of technology
No money (only his two remaining goats)
No experience with weapons, only a simple rifle for getting rid of wolves


.:House of the Horse:.

The house of the horse has long since diversified across the landscape of Mongolia and spread across Asia. The nature of the horse is one of movement, but a herd never forgets its kin. Just like a wild herd of horses, the house is structured and led by a leader, in this case, the heir of the direct lineage of sons from the first of the line. Sai is the standing patriarch of the house and as such, was summoned to deal with the responsibility of the strange summons of the glowing-eyed child.

Freedom has long been an important aspect to the House of the Horse and its members. No one is bound by any ruling to live in any region or any manner, but the few rules that do exist are as such:

1. The abilities of the members of the House must be kept secret.
2. No war is to be waged in the name of the House, nor any life taken.
3. Once a month, all members of the House living in Mongolia must meet for a sharing of information and updates. Those living farther away must attend every 4 months.
4. The head of the house retains the right to break any of these rules, if he sees fit.
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