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  1. This is where we we'll fill out our character sheets.
    Please write them out in the following format:

    Appearance: (no anime/CG)
  2. Name: Terrence
    Nickname: Terry
    Age: 32
    Height: 182 cm
    Background: Born and raised in Hawaii, he moved to his wife's hometown when they got married. Although he studied business in college, he chose to pursue his love for plants and opened a flowershop. His wife works abroad, leaving a six year-old daughter who likes offering free flowers to couples who pass by their shop. They also like giving free cookies.

    Personality: Mild-mannered, friendly, generous and sentimental, quite the romantic with a soft and sensitive heart. He loves love.
    Likes: plants and animals, gardening, spending time with his daughter, coffee and pastries, rainy evenings, jazz music
    Dislikes: arguments, rude and impatient people
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  3. Name: Song Kerchavel

    Nickname: None

    Age: 24

    Height: 5"5

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    (And baby Hope) [​IMG]

    Background: Song Kerchavel (neƩ Monroe) met her high school sweetheart John at the age of 16. He was 18. They fell in love with each other rather quickly, and when she was old enough, John proposed. Two years passed during which John joined the military. They married when Song turned 20. Everyone who saw them could tell they were very much in love. 4 years into being married, Song found out she was pregnant. John was deployed not long after and was killed on active duty during his wife's third trimester. Since having her daughter, Song has started working as an Assistant manager at a local bookstore.

    Personality: Mature and ladylike. Becomes easily attached. Bubbly when talking to her baby.

    Likes: Long walks during the evening, pearls, the ocean, chocolate, flowers, moonlight.

    Dislikes: Rude people, secrets.
  4. Name: William Knight
    Nickname: Will
    Age: 26
    Height: 5'9"
    Show Spoiler

    Background: William was born to a lower class family that valued hardwork and dedication over everything else, so there's no surprise when those values are passed onto him. He was someone people usually depended on and he liked that, so this boosted his confidence in his skills. This continued until he reached high school when he realized he was just being used. He still went forwards with his dream and became a lawyer, but this time with little trust upon others.
    Personality: Considerate, knowledgable, loyal, cynical, pessimistic, and dishonest
    Likes: Sweets, justice, and cycling
    Dislikes: Mornings, fish, and repetitive songs
  5. I don't mind if we go ahead and start the roleplay for now. We can write the parts for the other characters as needed until they're filled.
  6. Alright, I'll start tomorrow though. My muse is dropping like a heavy object dropped from the Empire State building. )X
  7. I think I should wait for the umbrella scene.
  8. I don't know if you've logged in recently, but there's a scene waiting with your name on it. :)
  9. Crap, sorry! I didn't see it. T_T
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