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    Fate's Rhythm


    Welcome to The School of American Dance.

    For many years, you have toiled and poured your heart into your craft, your medium for expression. Dance, the one thing that occupies your life. You gave up friends and love and a normal life for the slim chance to one day perform here.

    And you have succeeded.

    The smooth glass windows that arch above, both intimidate and welcome you. It seems to good to be true, that you have been accepted into a company far beyond your dreams.

    You are young, talented and sometimes too headstrong for your own good. But you have been accepted as a revolutionary new idea, to allow fresh dancers to fulfill their dreams.

    There only a few of you, compared to your old dance class, a little under 30 you think. Some are clearly foreign, with such beautiful skin and smooth lines of dance, that you are intimidated. Though you are talented, you see so much talent that you never know if you will make it.

    But: you hold a secret. A secret so complex and fantastical and unbelievable, you doubt anyone would believe it. Some are you are half human and their secret ancestry is not human, so to speak. Angels, demons and spiritual creatures far beyond imagining that dwell beyond the rhythmic beat of the dancer's life, the blood of these creatures dances through the veins of some.

    In a place of intrigue, which become mysterious as time passes and the spiritual and mundane mist clash in the most intimate ways. Love and hate, War and peace... These and more will be decided, as humanity and the secrets in the world clash and mix.

    Is Fate's Rhythm always to be obeyed?

    This roleplay will be heavily based on the drama and romance and competitions that will spark outside of the dance studio.

    Characters may be half human, half supernatural or full human.

    Any romantic pairings or preferences may be included, as long as an agreement is reached among both users. This is not under mature, so I expect anything of that category to either be posted elsewhere under it's appropriate category or fade to black on anything past acceptable standards. E.g. Light petting, heavy kissing, etc. Nothing beyond this.

    Supernatural creatures that MAY be included:
    Kitsune: Mischievous Fox spirits, able to transform into a fox form.
    Inugami: Enthusiastic, protective dog spirits. They have a dog form.
    Bakeneko: Cat spirits, they have a cat spirit.
    Vampires: Blood sucking creatures, their eyes grow red when thirsty and they are able to retract their fangs.
    Angels (fallen): they are winged individuals, able to hide their wings.
    Animal spirits: they have the characteristic of the animal their supernatural parent is. So a child of a human and a cat spirit would have increased flexibility, agility and also a large curiosity.
    Shape shifters: able to shape shift into a maximum of 3 animal.
    Each species has a weakness.

    All races, creeds, sexualities, nationalities are accepted.

    I would ask that any character be over 16 and preferably under 30. These are vital years of a dancer's life and most often, characters are between these years anyway.

    So, yeah... This was an idea I have had on my laptop for months and have never used before. There is a plot but... Hush, it's a secret. Don't speak and Don't tell!

    PS: Any dance styles or variations are available, as long as its appropriate. So no 'exotic dancers', if you'd please. You do not have to be a dancer to role play, this is merely a means to an end. Most professional dancers do have a great love of their careers and chosen art, so anyone in this class would be passionate about dance. Even if you want be a musician or a choreographer or a teacher of something other than dance for the high school age students!


    As for abilities and powers, it really depends on the supernatural creature chosen. Keep in mind, they are only HALF supernatural, so any abilities and powers would be weakened. I was thinking of setting a limit, such as only 1 or 2 abilities.

    One ability available to everyone would be improved natural grace and balance, as well as stamina and physical ability. Also, smexiness is an inborn trait. XD

    As for forms, some would have a secondary form. Kitsune, Inugami, Bakeneko, Shape shifters, animal spirits will have a secondary form. While vampires, demons, fallen angels basically hide their defining features behind a glamour or are able to retract wings/fang/horns at will.

    CS Sheet

    Name: Self Explanatory
    Age: Self explanatory but should be in normal years. 16-30.
    Gender: Self explanatory.
    Species: Listed above.
    Special ability: only one and cannot be op (NO mind control or illusions that are unbreakable).
    Dance Styles: any, as long as it's appropriate and you are familiar with it.
    Appearance: pictures please.
    Personality: brief details, people's personalities are constantly developing. Perhaps a list of main qualities.
    Reason for dancing
    Friendships: both within the group and outside. This can be updated.
    Crush/Romantic relationship: NA until the RP begins really.
    History: How they began dancing, how they grew up.

    You don't have to fill them all but the main should filled.

    Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 10.32.22 AM.png
    Sorry it is so small
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  2. [​IMG]Leilah
    Name: Leilah Sullivan
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Species: Half Kitsune, half Human.
    Special ability: Kitsune-bi, also known as fox fire. It obeys the will of its creator and can be any colour.
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Foxfire (open)


    Dance Styles: Ballet and dramatic dance.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    • Self reliant
    • Independent
    • Mischievous
    • Prankster
    • Emotional
    • Socially Awkward at times
    • In total, she can be very hyperactive at times, especially at the twilight hours. She is stubborn and often bull headed about what she wants and how she will get it. Once she has decided on something, she will pour her and soul into it. If she wants a dance part, she will train day and night, for weeks, to get that role. Her determination knows no bounds and she locks onto something with the determination of a blood hound. She finds herself getting emotional easily, though she had learnt to hide behind a mask of cool disdain and fake emotions.
    History: A victim of circumstance, Leilah was born to a woman who worked the streets of London. Left on the steps of a house in Surrey, she was taken in by a couple as sweet as pie. Or so many thought. As the financial pressure of having a child weighed down upon them, their marriage splintered and fractured. Her father left their little family when she was 6 and though it was hard, her mother rose to CEO of a law firm by the time she was 8. At the age when most little girls only dreamed of dancing, Leilah did it every day she could. Ballet was her passion, the technicality her strongest point. It allowed her grow and develop, to decide who she was, not WHAT she was. She realised she was defined as the prankster from school or a good for nothing joker. She realised she could something for hereof, be free and have the freedom to be who she wanted to be.
    Her mother realised her passion for it and supported her wholeheartedly. Leilah has not looked back from dancing since. They moved to NYC when she was 10, supporting both her dream and her mother's career.
    When she was 14, her mother began suffering from a rare neurological disease and was confined to a wheelchair. Her mother's own dreams of dancing were dashed to pieces but her mother was content to see her daughter dance for the both of them.
    That same year that she turned 14, she was accepted into a large regional school, dedicated to advancing their students to the National Dance Company. By age 17, she had been accepted into the School of American Dance as a low level dancer. She takes classes in both ballet and dramatic dance.
    • Because she is independent, she is can cope and live by herself.
    • She is very flexible and supple, a trait held by all supernatural beings.
    • She loves to dance, therefore finds it easy to accept the sacrifices she has to make.
    • She is a friendly person, very excited and bubbly.
    • She can be too logical.
    • Often quite shy.
    • Tends to correct others, without care for them.
    • Foxes
    • Cats
    • Grapes
    • Boys
    • Dancing
    • Being injured
    • Not being able to dance
    • Arrogance
    • Liars
    • Cheats, in both academics and relationships.
    Reason for dancing: She loves the sense of freedom and grace it gives her, the way she feels she can be herself while on the stage and in pointe shoes.
    Biological mother: Unknown
    Biological Father: Kitsune, 'Sarate'.
    Mother: Helen Sullivan
    Father: Darcy Mac'Clennan
    Friendships: NA
    Crush/Romantic relationship: NA until the RP begins really.

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  3. [​IMG]

    Nino Jauffer
    Age: 22 years old
    Gender: Female
    Species: Shapeshifter: polar bear
    Special ability: Empathic Voice
    Dance Styles: Scarf-dancing and belly-dancing
    Sexuality: Heterosexual // Heteroromantic


    Nino is quite immature for her age and profession, but often it is forgiven due to her skill as a dancer. She's ever the optimist and almost always trying to get a laugh out of someone by cracking jokes. Often she's shy when first meeting someone, but quickly changes to her usual outgoing self.
    Nino is cheerful, bouncy, and energetic, and is almost never upset. She tries her hardest to keep the moods of surrounding people up. Some say she's afraid of sadness or anger, but nobody knows for sure.
    She is self-sufficient, mischievous, cheery, motivated, passionate, and has the interests of others in mind, though she may not always show it. She is also secretly quite lonely and craves the attention of others.​
    Nino was born an only child to a polar bear shapeshifter mother, named Serina, and a human father, named Roy. They tried their hardest to raise her like a human child, but things didn't go as planned. When Nino got very emotional, she shapeshifted into a polar bear. Luckily she only shifted into a cub at the time, so she was easy to control and hide.
    Eventually Nino was pulled out of public school and was taught from home by Serina. Roy worked at the local auto-manufacturing plant, producing parts for cars. He was lucky enough to be placed on a regular shift and worked from 7 AM to 4 PM.
    Along with Nino's studies, Serina attempted to teach her daughter emotional control through breathing exercises and meditation. They didn't work.
    A shapeshifting friend of Serina's suggested that she enroll Nino in ballet as a means to relieve stress and let out emotions. Serina did, but it didn't help much. After about two months of Nino expressing her distaste for ballet, she found a different form of dancing that intrigued her: belly-dancing. The way the bodies of the dancers flowed seemed magical to Nino. Serina pulled her out of the ballet class and enrolled her in belly-dancing.
    No longer did Nino shapeshift. Her emotions were in check and she was always happy. She found that she loved belly-dancing and looked forward to her class. She quickly rose to become top in the class and started being tutored on the side in addition to her class.
    At the age of fourteen, Nino decided to take up scarf-dancing in addition to belly-dancing. The two dance forms branched from the same base, but were quite different. Belly-dancing focused on the flowing of the body while scarf-dancing focused on the motions of the body and the scarves. She became proficient in that, too. That same year, she enrolled in a dance academy. Serina had decided that she could be trusted to keep her emotions in check, and the academy would challenge her dancing and academics.
    Nino thrived at the academy, enjoying every day of it. She was one of the top ten in her class all three years she was there, then she graduated to Juilliard Dance School. She stayed there for four years, then transferred to the School of American Dance, where she has been for about five months.
    Reason for dancing: Nino dances to control her emotions, express herself, strengthen her body, and because of the inexplicable sense of freedom and beauty she gets from dancing.​
    None currently.
    Crush/Romantic relationship:
    None currently.


    Naturally graceful
    Naturally muscled and lean
    Has very strong abdominal muscles
    Will stand up for herself and others
    Weighs choices before making important decisions
    Is an approachable person

    Is clumsy when not dancing
    Is shy around new people
    Makes rash choices when the decisions are not vital/of high importance
    Can become hotheaded at times
    Becomes passive-aggressive easily
    Will always go out of her way to help, which can make her a target

    Physical activity
    Animals (especially polar bears and cats)

    Flying insects
    Rude people
    Extremely greasy foods

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  4. [​IMG]

    Name: Tamika Gale
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Species: Animal spirit (African Savannah Hare)
    Special ability: Energy bullets (releasing small projectiles made entirely of raw energy)
    Dance Styles: Shuffling/Melbourne Shuffle and Break dancing
    Personality: True to her heritage, Tamika is a hyperactive ball of energy. However due to instances in the past where her high amounts of over friendliness and hyperactivity have scared people off, Tamika remains a stoic young lady who reigns in her feelings. Even though her mind is constantly racing with responses to basically any interaction, she simply interacts with others using short sentences that make her seem distant and antisocial.
    When she is angered or feels as though someone has been rude to her, she targets them using sneaky and underhanded methods of torment.
    History: Tamika's childhood was quite rough. When she was born her father (and the source of her animal spirit attributes) ran out on her mother, leaving her to raise a child that wasn't quite human. Tamika displayed inhuman like traits before she learned to speak. She would throw tantrums and blast the house with an array of tiny energy bullets. She only hit her mom a few times but even then it was unintentional. Because of the swirling energy inside of her, Tamika was always active, day or night. She would keep her mother up for numerous nights, playing or crying or even just shooting energy every which way. And sometimes when she got too, excited she would vomit. It was fair to say that Tamika was a handful, and her mother couldn't get help because she didn't want her daughter to be taken away from her. ​
    When Tamika became of age to go to school, she tried to reign in her energetic disposition but to no avail. She was excited 24/7 and it seemed like nothing could calm her or act as a reprieve for her energy. Her personality got her into so much trouble at school that she was in danger of being kicked out, and her mother knew that if Tamika was expelled, she would attract the attention of child services, and they would be investigated.
    So Tamika's mother began researching ways for Tamika to part with at least some of her zest. And that was when she found therapeutic outlets. Drawing, writing, singing, dancing. She tried all of those with Tamika but dancing was the only one that her daughter took interest in. And so her future dancing career began.
    She's bold and able to get what she wants if she tries hard enough.
    She can box.
    She's agile.
    She's adaptable.

    Her lack of verbal communication has made her blunt and somewhat insensitive.
    She can't take many hard hits.
    She's not a team player and prefers going solo.
    She can't do slow paced dances and becomes very clumsy when trying them.

    Fruit and veggie smoothies

    Splatter art
    Sugarless gum
    Jungle gyms

    Bossy people
    Being touched without permission
    Group work

    Reason for dancing: It started out as a means to release her pent up energy but it soon became a hobby and then a prospective career.Her goal in the long run is to teach kids with ADD or ADHD or other Hyperactivity Disorders to dance.
    Family: Danielle Gale [mother; alive], Iilom M'Bala [father;unknown]
    Friendships: TBA
    Crush/Romantic relationship: TBA
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  5. [​IMG]
    Appearance ​

    Name: Clara Wright
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Species: Half human, half inugami
    Special ability: Empath
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Dance Styles: Lyrical and Contemporary


    • Caring
    • Protective
    • Stubborn
    • Overemotional
    • Secretive
    • Kind
    History: For as long as she could remember, Clara had always been dancing. She danced with her mother and would perform for her father on the weekends. She went to lessons and loved it. However, when she turned nine she tried out for competition upon her teacher's recommendation. The person who held the auditions completely tore her apart. After they did the dance, they had an individual session in which the judge would critic the dancer. The judge absolutely hated Clara's performance. He thought she had no talent, was too sloppy, and didn't have the right look for the competition dancing. Clara took it as a challenge. She tried year after year until finally when she was twelve, she made it into competitions. She worked through the competition world until finally she was able to do solos and duos. She had trouble with partners and people in general since if they touched her, she could feel everything they were feeling at the time. She became more withdrawn from people after that, though she still hung out with her friends. As she grew in her dancing ability, she was accepted into a local dance academy. Her dream, however, was to be accepted into the School of American Dance. When she finally was accepted, she was ecstatic and excited to start her new life there.


    • Flexible
    • Great Balance
    • When dancing, her movements flow well
    • Great Listener
    • Always ready to try something new.
    • Tends to lie at times
    • Overreacts to some things
    • Is distracted easily
    • Can get defensive quickly
    • Often cares to the point of hurting herself in the process
    • Dogs
    • Dancing
    • Music
    • Hanging out with others
    • Food
    • Books
    • Making Friends
    • Cats
    • People touching her
    • Sour Foods
    • School work
    • People who don't work for what they want
    • Cheaters
    • Arrogant people
    Reason for dancing: It's one of the few ways that Clara lets out her emotions. It expresses her emotions in a way that no other form quite can. It helps her tell a story that she couldn't tell otherwise.


    Family: Marx Wright-Father, Human
    Danielle Wright-Mother, Inugami

    Friendships: N/A

    Crush/Romantic relationship: N/A

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  6. Name: Shai Yasashi

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Species: Shapeshifter - Wolf, Fox, Cat

    Special ability: Ability absorption- the ability copy another's ability for a short while.

    Dance Styles: Ballroom and Ballet

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Shai is very independent and self-confident, she always wants to prove herself to others and is never afraid to make her opinion known, Shai can be very childish and do things that are dangerous and inappropriate. She hates seening people sad and always tries to cheer them up. She can be extremely hot-headed and stubborn at time. Shai never let's anything pull her back, she goes out to do what she wants to do.

    Naturally graceful
    Naturally small built.
    Doesn't hesitate stand up for herself and others
    Is an approachable person
    Friendly person.

    Rushes in without thinking
    Doesn't pull any punches
    Very hot-headed and stubborn
    Soft spot for people in need
    Can over work herself

    Likes: Animals || History || Antiques || Sour things || Reading || Music || Dancing || Skateboarding || Jogging || Children

    Dislikes: Arguing || Red Meat || Chili || Lazy days || When people scare her || Her sickness

    Reason for dancing: Shai was born into a family of dancers, her mother and father used to ballroom dancing partners before her father died, Shai started ballroom at age 9 and ballet at age 10. She also enjoys how light the music makes her feel, and how it makes her feel normal.

    Family: Father-Shinji Yasashi [Shape shifter][Diseased]
    Mother- Hana Yasashi

    Friendships: TBA

    Crush/Romantic relationship: TBA

    History: Shai was born an only child of a shapeshifter, Shinji Yasashi and a human Hana Yasashi. She was born with Insomnia, the doctors said that she couldn't attend normal school due to all the stress it would cause her. He also said that it would be good if she tried a sport that relieves stress like horse riding or dancing. Luckily Shai's parents were both professional dancer. When Shai was 10 her father was driving home from work in a hale storm, the car's tires had slipped on the road, and the car crashed into an oncoming truck. When Shai discovered that her father was dead, she didn't know how to cope, her Insomnia got worse, and she over worked herself in dance practice. Eventually when she turned 16 she made a new start, she made new friends and tried to distract herself from her father. She and her mother still go to visit her father's grave. Shai still has problem with her Insomnia and it can be seen in the dark lines under her eyes, it looks like she wears eyeliner. On the 1 of August the day her father died, Shai would go wondering around the forest and take flowers to his grave.
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  7. Jae
    Name:Jae Moon (Jae is pronounced 'Jay')
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Bisexual.
    Position in the Academy: Principal dancer and teacher of young classes (20 and under): Ballet, ballroom, lyrical, hip hop, contemporary/modern.
    Special ability: Linguistic Assimilation, Omnilingualism
    Dance Styles: He is familiar with the dance styles he teaches (Ballet, ballroom, lyrical, hip hop, contemporary/modern) but his true passion lies in ballet.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Jae is a dedicated dancer and often overworks himself. He is determined to get the most out of his career, knowing that in 10 years or less, his career as a dancer will be finished. He is passionate about a few things, mainly teaching and dancing, both if which he does regularly. He is loud and out spoken, demanding the very best of his students and more. He is quite emotional, often having trouble reining them in and acting upon impulse. He often gets into strife by accidentally offending someone or being overly blunt. He is overly blunt and harshly truthful in most cases, leading him to have a reputation for being a strict but fair teacher.

    1. Teaching- He enjoys helping others in this way.
    2. Ballet- He loves it, pure and simple.
    3. Empathy- He is very emotional, so he finds it easy to help others emotionally.
    4. Teacher mode- Every teacher needs this, to be able to be constructive and blunt at the same time.
    5. A hard working perfectionist
    6. Secretive, utterly and totally.


    1. Cooking- He cannot cook to save his life.
    2. His left shoulder- Due to an injury, he has trouble lifting at certain angles but works past it.
    3. Can be overly blunt or honest
    4. Speaks his mind way too much
    5. Often over trains.
    1. Cats
    2. Horses
    3. Cheese
    4. Butts (Cause they be smexy ;) )
    5. Hard workers
    1. Cheaters
    2. Drugs
    3. Slackers or lazy people in general.
    4. Being touched with bare skin.

    Reason for dancing: As a omnilingualist, Jae can touch a person or animal to immediately understand their language. However, culture and emotions often make the trip as well. He is left with the ideas, language and emotions of another person. It manifests itself as night terrors or temporary lacunar amnesia. So he dances to work out these feelings and ideas, so he can find himself among the myriads of cultures and languages he has absorbed.

    Family: Jisun Moon, Mother/human/Unknown
    Jae-Hwa Moon, Father/ Bakeneko/Unknown

    Friendships: both within the group and outside. This can be updated.

    Crush/Romantic relationship: NA until the RP begins really.

    History: Jae was born to his parents in Seoul, South Korea. His mother and father both worked full days in the same office, leaving him with neighbours or relatives from the time he was 6 months until he started school. He was an abnormal child, finding touching anybody difficult and always having to cope with the fact that he was different from others.
    His school annually took part in a series of dance auditions, designed to find prospective dancers and provide them with tuition. He was chosen by the Universal Ballet Academy at the age of 9, with his parents consent and pride following him. Though he loved his parents, he knew they had basically signed over his guardianship details to his grandmother, whom he had grow close to as his true guardian over the years.
    For 6 years, he trained with the UBA, before receiving a offer of employment from halfway across the world: NYC. They wanted him to be a principal dancer and teacher. It was everything he desired in one package and so he moved with the help of the School to NYC. He has not been home since but as he lives in America, he has truly become at home there and is currently saving to pay for his Grandmother's trip here.
    He lives in an apartment less than a block away from the School, a small but comfortable layout for two people. He lives on his own, as he is single and finds it hard to accept people into his life.

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  8. image.jpg
    Name: Zelda Oz Grace
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Species: Half Vampire Half Human
    Special ability: Animal Mimicry, the ability to take on the abilities and sometimes form of certain animals
    Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
    Dance Styles: Dramatic Dancing
    Appearance: pictures please.
    Zelda is very shy but she doesn't let that stop her from doing what she loves and meeting new people. She's very introvert when she first meets someone but when she warms up to someone she gets easier to be around and is kind of crazy. She has always been one to finish what she starts and get done what she needs to so she can do what she wants, which is dancing and gymnastics. Zelda's a very determined girl and has been for a while. She cares about a lot of things, especially animals and the people she loves and she's very stubborn.


    • Doesn't let people walk all over her
    • Persistent
    • Good cook
    • Flexible
    • Smart
    • Gymnastics
    • Stands up for herself and others
    • Friendly
    • Very understanding

    • Hopeless romantic
    • Pushes herself really hard
    • Speaks her mind a lot
    • Has a short temper
    • Gets distracted easily
    • Stubborn
    • Blunt
    • Sleep
    • Music
    • Gymnastics
    • Dancing
    • Family
    • Smoothies
    • Mango
    • Teen Wolf
    • Flirting
    • Smoking cigarettes
    • Drinking
    • People who think they're better than others
    • Rude people
    • Vault routines (in gymnastics)
    • Cheaters
    • Liars
    • Whipped cream icing

    Reason for dancing
    Zelda started to be infatuated with dancing when she would watch her mother dance. She started dramatic dancing because it reminded her of doing floor routines in gymnastics and fell in love with it.

    • Mother: Melissa Penelope Grace (deceased)
    • Father: (unknown)
    • Older sister: Kitana Louise Grace (deceased)
    • Adopted parents: Maria Alexander and Analiese Grey (mothers)
    Friendships: none yet. This can be updated
    Crush/Romantic relationship: NA until the RP begins really.

    Zelda started dancing at the age of 11 and started doing gymnastics at the age of 6. Her mother was seduced by a vampire, thus giving her vampire DNA. At a young age she started watching her mother dance and loved seeing her happy. At the age of 10 her mother and older sister were hit by a drunk driver and killed, putting her in an orphanage. She became depressed in the facility and secluded herself from the outside world. Zelda was adopted at the age of 11 by a lesbian couple who helped her through her mother and sisters deaths. When Zelda was 11 she remembered now happy dancing would make her mother and wanted to be the same way. She wanted to make her family happy so she started dance classes and fell in love with it.

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  9. Name: Kristiina Harmaajärvi
    Age: 20
    Gender: female
    Species: Fallen Angel
    Special ability: able to possess a human body, but only for a limited time and vessel has to be fully human
    Sexual orientation: lesbian
    Dance styles: fast swing, ballet and hip-hop
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    • Loud
    • Childlike
    • A bit perverted
    • outgoing
    • random
    • Immature
    • rarely seen caring
    • Lazy
    • Determined
    • Smart
    • snarky
    • strong
    • Lots of energy
    • Great cook
    • trilingual (Hungarian, Finnish, English)
    • Pushes herself too much
    • has a sailor mouth
    • Stubborn
    • Lazy at times
    • Distracted easeily
    • Quite careless about things at times
    • Sarcastic
    • Can't do slow dances
    • Sleep
    • dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets
    • meat
    • green apples
    • milkshakes
    • dancing
    • dogs
    • Music
    • swings
    • Liars
    • red apples
    • cigarettes
    • Red
    • cherries
    Reason for dancing: Kris would always be jealous at how that how people danced back in the 30's and 40's and how they moved so fast, yet stay on their feet. So she forced herself to learn how to dance swing, which took her a good two years to dance it like a pro, and decided to do some ballet. After seeing her sister do ballet, she decided to follow in her sisters footsteps.

    sister: Leena Harmaajärvi
    Mother: (unknown)
    Father: (unknown)

    History: Kris grew up alone with her older sister in Finland, for a few years. Their parents abandoned them when Kris was born but that didn't stop them from surviving in this world, so Leena got a job by 15 and Kris was 6. Kris was always amazed by the swing dance and jazz and how energetic it was and started to train herself by studying the video. So when Leena signed Kris up for dance school, at the second week, she got set home early with a referral saying that she was using outragous and loud dance techniques. And then her sister took her took to a ballet school and thought it would teach her to be a bit gentle, but it showed her she can be lazy. She kept up with the ballet (thought she doesn't have a major in this) and wanted to take her swing dance further.

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  10. Attention!
    The RP will be starting in about 1-3 hours, which will be Friday for me! If there are CS to get in, now is the time!

    Well, hope to role play with you soon! :)
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  11. I'm unfortunately stuck at camp so I can't write a char sheet before the RP starts...
    Sunday will be the earliest I can do so
  12. I'm at work right now >.< the soonest I could get mine in would be tonight. Is that okay? I understand if not
  13. [​IMG]
    Name: Amber Mae Lee
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Species: Half Human- Half Shapeshifter
    Special ability: She can transform into a cat and an eagle
    Dance Styles: Lyrical, Ballet (Pointe), and Contemporary
    • Outgoing
    • Bubbly
    • Lovable
    • Friendly
    • Happy
    • Stubborn
    • Fiery
    • Fierce
    • Protective

    Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual
    • Extremely Flexible
    • Hard working
    • Lots of energy
    • Determined to do things right
    • Loyal Friend
    • Loving Friend
    • Smart
    • Good Cook
    • Can speak Italian
    • Graceful
    • Stubborn
    • Head Strong
    • Debates almost everything
    • Swears a lot
    • Easily Distracted
    • Thinks she knows it all
    • Sarcastic
    • Emotional
    • Hopeless Romantic

    • Dancing
    • Gymnastics
    • Sleeping In
    • Music
    • Flirting (Boys and Girls)
    • Friends
    • Texting
    • Family
    • Animals
    • Tomato Juice
    • Romance Novels
    • Liars
    • Brats
    • Cigarettes
    • Alcohol
    • Drugs of any kind
    • Sexist people
    • Lazy People
    • Whipped cream
    • Strawberries

    Reason for dancing: Amber dances to feel free. Her spirit feels free to be creative and when she dances she feels beautiful. She feels the stress of everyday life melt away and dance is her outlet.
    Karen {Mother} 46
    Daniel {Father} 47
    Kasey {Little Sister} 6

    Friendships: None Currently
    Crush/Romantic relationship: NA until the RP begins really.


    History: Amber was born into a loving family in May. Hence her middle name, Mae. Growing up Amber was always dancing like the big girls at her dance studio and started taking dance lessons once a week Her mother worked as a personal assistant to a bank CEO until Amber was about 13. Unknown to Amber, her mother had been having an affair with her boss and had started drinking and using drugs. Amber's mother started to neglect Amber and pulled Amber out of dance classes. That, however, didn't stop Amber from dancing, practicing, and stretching everyday for hours. Her Father, a shape-shifter, was a pilot in the U.S Air force until Amber's aunt called him and begged him to return home. Upon arriving home though he found an unsettling sight. Amber and her little sister Kasey (Who was 1) had bruises from her mother's new boyfriend. Amber suffered emotional and physical abuse while her father was away but after a messy divorce, her father got full custody and signed Amber up for actual dance classes that she could attend regularly. Amber threw herself into dance completely and found that she had a gift for Lyrical and Ballet. Amber's true passion was dance and the few friends Amber managed to keep accepted that and were very supportive of Amber's dreams. Amber's father and sister supported Amber though all the highs and lows and once Amber graduated high school and was accepted into this company her father let her go happily.


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