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    Open to +3 Female Characters and +3 Male Characters​

    This is the Character Creation thread. Here you post your characters!
    Table of Contents
    • Sky Trip || End
      Crammed into two separate buses, the girls and the boys are expected to cooperate with one another and not only plan out how they're going to find their school's feather, but how they're going to tackle the dreaded Acolytes' Mount, where legends speak of a formidable demon stalking the stone after claiming the lives of young acolytes. The boys are more successful, however, as the girls fall apart at the seams, made worst by the antagonistic Raina. With no plan decided upon, the girls are forced to face the mountain with uncertainty while the boys remain confident and trusting of Louis.
    • Acolytes' Mount || End
      Now disembarked, the two groups have gathered their wits and are now working on finding a suitable campsite for the night. With Louis still in charge of the Evergreen boys things still look good for them. Well, that was until Malachai twisted his ankle. Luckily he isn't the only Caster on their team who knows a healing spell. Meanwhile, Cerise has taken charge of the Rosewood girls and finely progress is being made.

    The Overview

    • [​IMG]
      From the moment of their establishment Rose Wood Academy for Gifted Girls and Evergreen Institute for Exceptional Boys have rivaled against each other trying to determine who is better at casting magic: boys or girls, and from this dispute the Caster Challenge was born. Every two or three years when a second full moon, or "Blue Moon", is expected the games are held as two full moons within a single month doesn't amplify a caster's power for just that night, but for the entire thirty days. This allows the young casters to perform at the hieght of their ability; however, these games are reserved only for the graduating classes. Competitors are expected to traverse rocky and even mountainous terrain, weave through marshes, brave thick jungles, and survive intense deserts all to collect four Phoenix feathers of their school color. Be warned, young casters, you're not alone out there.​
    • Magic and Origins
      Casters are humans born with the gift to manipulate the essence of an element, or rather, magic that takes on the appearance and effects of a natural force by drawing it from their respected realm through their familiar and into their magic reserves. Often times on a smaller scale. For example: fire casters can use their magic to duplicate effects of natural fire but they are not actually controlling physical fire and cannot influence an existing source. They can, however, use an existing source to aid in casting but this requires more energy.

      Very much unlike Casters of the "Ancient Era", also called "The Ancient Ones", who could manipulate the physical elements around them but at a cost. Most argue this evolution of magic was caused by the advancement of human technology and that technology is to blame for its weakening. Whether this true or not the fact remains: modern Casters aren't as powerful as their ancestors. Notably, Casters don't have to have Caster parents to be born a Caster, and having one or both parents as Casters doesn't guarantee a Caster offspring, yet rarely can a Caster be born of a different element from their parent(s).

      Magic vs. Body
      Every two or three years when there is a blue moon, magic is boosted in all magical creatures for the duration of that month in which both full moons occur. This is called the Blue Moon Phenomenon. Being able to perform at the hieght of their ability is all fine and dandy, and means your character can preform spells they may not have been able to perform otherwise, but while their magic reserves may be capable of casting spells almost continually there does exist physical limitations, and this is where Magic vs. Body comes in. The more magic your character uses, the more they will have to eat, drink, rest, and in some cases sleep, which could hinder you and your allies while out in the middle of hostile territory. Long story short, be careful with your stronger spells and be prepared to compensate for the drained energy. On the other hand, magic reserves are not meant to deplete. Your familiar will cut you off long before your reserves empty. At this point your Caster will either be too tired to notice or too passed out to care.

      Personal Spells vs. Ordinary Spells
      Personal spells are spells you can not copy despite being of the same element unless relatives. These are spells either handed down from generation to generation or created by the user, and there can be as many as five personal spells per caster. In case there was any doubt: your magic abilities are not limited to your personal spell list. Ordinary spells can range from common to powerful and can be accessed by the general public. If your character uses an ordinary spell in this roleplay, another character of the same element (or not depending on the spell) can also use it unless stated otherwise. To be clear, ordinary spells are spells not listed under your Personal Spells in your application.
    • Realms and Spirits
      There ten realms representing the ten elements: water, fire, earth, nature, spirit, light, dark, gravity, physical. Different from the physical plane these realms are manifestations of pure magic and where familiars, or spirits in their purest form, are created. They take the shape of an earthly animal or object depending on preference the Caster of their choosing upon their initial summoning, and act as their Caster's only connection to the magic within these realms. On the other hand, a spirit can also become a demon if is forced into this realm by a Caster, often by those who are already claimed by familiar, and are driven into a rampage by the wrongness of their physical existence unless properly bound. Familiars can easily become demons themselves if they are forced into a physical existence. This often happens as an act of war and desperation.

      The Fundamentals
      They come to be when a infant is born with magic developing in side of them, making them life long companions. Created from element of their realm they aid their charges with properly controling and focusing their magic - like semi-ethereal magic valves and foci. Their abilities are limited to manipulating their size to accommodate their Caster for rides but can not interact with the world around them save for their Caster, other Casters, and other familiars. In other words they cannot cast light despite being made of a light source, cannot emit heat despite feeling warm to the touch, and don't leave tracks despite walking on mud. They can also reduce your Caster‘s magic when their reaching their limit, making it difficult to cast more powerful spells but not impossible, and completely cut them off from access to their magic when they pass their limit, allowing time for your magic to regenerate.

      Mounted Combat
      While familiars can't influence the physical world familiars can be ridden, providing a mobile advantage in certain circumstances. This applies to both ground familiars and winged familiars. Those who strive to create a career out of it like Areo-Combatants, are likely to have an easier time with guiding their familiar and casting spells while on the move. Either way, mounted combat can take a lot out of a Caster, especially an unseasoned combatant. Distance effects regular spells even when not mounted, so the higher you fly or the further away your opponent, the more energy used to cover that distance. Even simple spells can be exhausting at high altitudes or at a distance. How focused your Caster is can also have an effect on their performance while mounted as this can impact their spell's range and if they weaken over the distance they have to cover.

    • → First and foremost: Iwaku sites rules and policies apply
      → Only character sheets go in the OOC, out-of-character auestions, comments, and concerns go in the GC, and in-character post go in the IC.
      → No God Modding nor Power Playing
      → Exercise common roleplay courtesy.
      → Minimum of one, legible paragraph.
      → No back and forths/quick replies. At least allow everyone time to post before you post again, so if you're a quick replier, try to limit yourself to one post a day. Otherwise once a week should be fine.
      → Normally this isn't a thing in my roleplays but I feel this is necessary: please keep genders even. We currently have 5 males and 5 females.
      → When doubling please play one of each gender and do not claim both counterparts to an element.
      → When posting more than one character, post them in separate posts please!
      → Please remove bracket text from character sheets: thank you.
      →Yes, LGBT relationships are permitted.
      → At the start of an area, information on that area will be posted in an Update Post, which can be accessed through the Update tab.
      → The Archives do not count towards character count, taken elements, nor taken familiars. The Archives list character sheets that were active once upon a time but no longer are for one reason or another.
    • → Casters are humans with magical abilities based on a given element. How this manefests is completely up to you, the player, to decide. Just because one caster has their magic behave one way doesn't mean that's the only way magic can behave.
      → Casters of the modern day era aren't as powerful as their ancient ancestors. Don't think too hard about this, this is just me emphasizing the No God Modding nor Power Playing rule. Just don't be powerful to be powerful, simple as that.
      → Casters don't directly control an element, they control the essence of that element. For example, a fire caster's magic emits heat, casts light, and burns like any other fire. The difference lies in the fact it's fueled by magic and dependent on your energy.
      → Casters can have up to five personal spells and no more than five.
      → There is no limit on how many ordinary spells a Caster can have. Note: No matter the category a spell can be weak or powerful. I.e. just because a spell is personal doesn't means it's strong and just because a spell is ordinary doesn't make it weak.
      → Along side spells Casters also have access to modern day technology. Just be aware not even AT&T covers demonic mountains, icky swamps, baren deserts, and looming jungles.
    • → No legendary creatures for familiars [i.e Dragons, Griffins, any else non-existent in this day and age]. You're familiar has to be of a species that already exist.
      → Try not to have two of the same familiar at the same school [I.e. one cat familiar as Rosewood and 1 cat familiar at Evergreen, but no two cat familiars one or the other].
      → Familiars are made up of the element of your Caster. For example: if your Caster is a water caster and has a cat familiar, the cat familiar would be completely made of water.
      → Familiars don't have to be animals, they can be objects too, but unlike animal familiars, object familiars are non-sentiment and thus do not interact with their caster in the same way (an example of this being Trent's will-o-wisp familiar and Shira's notebook familiar).
      → Animal familiars can change their size to fit the occasion and can be ridden. They can grow to a reasonable size, just big enough to accommodate their caster.
      → Object familiars cannot change size nor be ridden.
      → A familiar's form is completely dependent on the perception of a Caster. If you expect a cat made of water to behave like water and ripple, its pelt will ripple. If you expect a wolf familiar to have fur, it's pelt will feel furry.
      → Familiars do not have to be summoned; they are always with you.
    Characters and Creation
    • There can be two of each: 1x Female counterpart and 1x Male counterpart.

      → Water [1x OPEN, 1x OPEN]
      → Fire [2x TAKEN]
      → Earth [1x OPEN, 1x TAKEN]
      → Nature [2x TAKEN]
      → Air [1x OPEN, 1x OPEN]
      → Light [1x TAKEN, 1x OPEN]
      → Dark: [1x TAKEN, 1x OPEN]
      → Gravity [1x OPEN, 1x TAKEN]
      → Physical [2x TAKEN]
      → Lightning [1x TAKEN, 1x OPEN]
    • → Name: [Name from Birth]
      → Age: [17-19]
      → Grade: Senior
      → Sex: [Gender from Birth]
      → Gender: [Gender from Identity]
      → Sexual Orientation: [Partner Preference if Applicable]
      → Appearance: [Image and Physical Description]
      → Apparel & Gear: [Clothes they wore to the challenge and what they brought to prepare for the challenge.]

      → Element: [Form of Magic]
      → Familiar: [Magical Companion]
      → Strengths: [Caster's Strong Suits]
      → Weakness: [Caster's Not-so Strong Suits]
      → Ambitions: [Caster's Hope to Achieve]
      → Likes: [Caster's Personal Preference]
      → Dislikes: [Caster's Not-so Personal Preference]
      → Other: [Additional Details]

      → Personal Spells: [Caster's Unique Spells]

    x5 Girls || x5 Boys
    • Raina Summers || Dark Caster || Bat Familiar || Played by Noctis the Devious GM
      Zelda Fenrir || Fire Caster || Snake Familiar || Played by Cybermoon
      Dakota Olivia Snow || Lightning Caster || Cat Familiar || Played by Misaou
      Cerise Eliora Valentine || Light Caster || Butterfly Familiar || Played by Namora
      Angelica Orchid || Nature Caster || Owl Familiar || Played by Nano
    • Trent Brooks || Fire Caster || Will-o-Wisp Familiar || Played by Noctis the Devious GM
      Sorrell Edelstein || Wolf Familiar || Gravity Caster || Played by Cybermoon
      Louis Loki Maddox || No Familiar || Physical Caster || Played by Wicked
      Trap Hanamura || Earth Caster || Parot Familiar || Played by Jakers
      Price Green || Nature Caster || Buck Familiar || Played by Zackymas
    • Lux Aeternia || Light Caster || Star Shard Familiar || Played by EddiEddi
      Grayson Mathew Heyes || Spirit Caster || Raven Familiar || Played by xX Ella Wolfe Xx
      Corrina Marina Ashton || Nature Caster || Doe Familiar || Played by xX Ella Wolfe Xx
      Aliarand Priere || Earth Caster || Horse Familiar || Played by Azula
      → Ceila || Water Caster || Application Deleted || Played by Seeking Calliope
      Ava Reed || Gravity Caster || Owl Familiar || Played by Blue Jay
      Marion Estelle Martin || Physical Caster || Lion Familiar || Played by The Spartan Potato
      Toby Kyle Newton || Dark Caster || Panther Familiar || Played by The Spartan Potato
      Eidos Shira || Gravity Caster || Notepad Familiar || Played by Karakui
      Inanimado Avliden || Spirit Caster || Fox Familiar || Played by DarkiusHeavenstein
      Malachai Dwin'anea || Water Caster || Cat Familiar || Played by DarkiusHeavenstein

    Area Information
    • Weather
      I'm not going to make you guys play this out day by day, the will just be a reference in case there is a time skip and there's no surprises.

      Day: 1
      Weather Description: Normal
      Temperature: High 33°F (1°C) / Low 18°F (-8°C)
      Wind Speed: 7 mph (11 kph)

      Day: 2
      Weather Description: Normal
      Temperature: High 28°F (-2°C) / Low 16°F (-9°C)
      Wind Speed: 5 mph (8 kph)

      Day: 3
      Weather Description: Inclement
      Temperature: High 38°F (3°C) / Low 20°F (-7°C)
      Wind Speed: 8 mph (13 kph)
      Precipitation: 4 hours of snow

      Day: 4
      Weather Description: Storm
      Temperature: High 18°F (-8°C) / Low 6°F (-14°C)
      Wind Speed: 10 mph (16 kph)
      Precipitation: Snowstorm producing 7 inches

      Day: 5
      Weather Description: Normal
      Temperature: High 32°F (0°C) / Low 22°F (-6°C)
      Wind Speed: 3 mph (5 kph)

      Day: 6
      Weather Description: Normal
      Temperature: High 36°F (2°C) / Low 22°F (-6°C)
      Wind Speed: 6 mph (10 kph)

      Day: 7
      Weather Description: Normal
      Temperature: High 32°F (0°C) / Low 20°F (-7°C)
      Wind Speed: 2 mph (3 kph)

      Juniper, Maple, *Golden Currant, Scarlet Gilia, *Clasping Leaved Twisted Stalk, *Red Raspberries, *Pin Cherry, Elderberry, *Holly Grape, Spruce, Pine, Fir, Mandrake Root.

      Junipers are evergreen with needle-like and vary in size and shape from tall trees to low shrubs, and can found at amazingly high altitudes. They produce "berries" that are red-brown or orange but are mostly blue. These berries are often use in potions are as a spice.

      Golden Currant
      Golden currant is a woody shrub that bears edible "fruits". They are easily identifiable by their golden leaves.

      Scarlet Gilia
      Or "honey suckle", are tubular red flowers that can be "suckled on" for the sweet nectar that drips from the back. Used in potion brewing.

      Clasping Leaved Twisted Stalk
      The plant is often found near moist areas like streams and is not only used in brewing potions but is edible as well. The shoots are said to have a "cucumber-like taste" while the small fruits tend to taste similar to watermelon.

      Red Raspberries
      Red raspberries plants tend to have a flaky "bark" and aromatic leaves that can be used in tea and potions. They're over all rather dry yet delicious.

      Pin Cherries
      Grow on short trees and shrubs and are edible, but their leaves can be poisonous. The wood, however, is rather weak but can be used as fuel. Both leaves and fruit is used in potions.

      Elderberries are berries that have variety of uses but should not be eaten raw as they are mildly poisonous, only made edible when cooked. Their flowers, leaves, and berries are often used in potion brewing, but only the berries and leaves are usually used in foods.

      Holy Grape
      Holy grapes should not be mistaken for grapes and are small, purple-ish-black fruits with a tart taste and large seeds. They too, can be used in potion brewing.

      Mandrake Root:
      Mandrake Root's flowers are lavender-like in appearance and admit a sweet smelling smell that draws victims near. The longer the victim is under the spell the more likely they are to start hallucinating. The victim will eventually feel nauseous before the paralysis sets in. Roots will then begin enveloping the victim before their magic is slowly drained, and then their life. They have a nature resistance and they can be found at lower altitudes and become scarcer higher up but not non-existent.

      *Snow Leapard, *Black Bear, Tahr, Goral, Red Panda, *Ice Troll, Elk, Bighorn Sheep, Ibexes, *Jumping Spider, *Mountain Rat, Cutthroat Trout, Naked Carp

      Ice Troll
      Towering beween 7-10 feet (2-3 meters) tall, Ice Trolls are territorial, bi-pedal creatures known to attack anything within radius of its cave and/or feeding grounds, and tend to live in groups no bigger than two. Not very intelligent yet strong, a single adult can overpower a black bear. They are duel element creatures with control over both earth and water, their low body tempture allowing their magic to freeze. Because of this, Trolls can breath ice and snow, freezing their adversary. They have rock and water resistance. Often found at higher altitudes.

      Jumping Spider
      Ranging from 12-15 inches (30-38 centimetres) in diameter, jumping spiders are a carnivorous species known to apply advance hunting tactics to capture their pray whether they be dangerous or simply bigger. They live in single groups and while rare, have been known to ambush smaller humans. Thier venom contains a potent paralysis that can paralyze an adolescent in seconds. They can be found in both low and high altitudes.

      Mountain Rat
      Often the size of domesticated cats, mountain rats tend to be big as well as aggressive to intruders, with one male dominant over lesser males depending on the size of their group, which can range from 6-11. Though aggression is the least of a human's worries as Mountain Rats tend to steal food, they can pose a threat if they manage to land a bite. They can be found in low altitudes and become scarcer higher up, but not non-existent.
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  2. [​IMG][​IMG]
    → Name: Raina "Shadow Princess" Summers​
    → Age: 17
    → Grade: Senior
    → Sex: Female
    → Gender: Female
    → Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    → Appearance: Raina stands a grand total of 5‘6" tall and has a rather lithe build, but that doesn't stop her from talking big. She keeps her jets black hair long and takes surprisingly good care of it, as each whispy lock is sleek. Her eyes are a blue with a purple tint and like most Dark Casters her skin is rather fair and prone to burning.
    → Apparel: Glad to be out of her school's uniform she adorns a flannel in the shade of Rosewood's school color, purple, to show some school spirit. Under that she has on a band T-shirt and a pair of boot cut jeans tugged over a pair of good quality hiker boots. Draped across her hips is a thick utility belt equipped with a water skin, smoke pellets, one or two poisons in short supply, and weaker paralyzers, knock outs, and burn potions. Slung over one shoulder is an old worn out leather knapsack enchanted to carry just about anything she might need and then some: winter clothing, an extra change of clothes, food rations, sun block, basic medical kit, bed roll, rain gear, and plenty of soaps and wash clothes.


    → Element: Dark
    → Familiar: Bat or "Batter"
    → Strengths: Hair care, standard survival, sense of direction, offensive casting, come backs, aggressive
    → Weakness: Problem with authority, co-op, healing spells and potions, defensive spells, arrogant, overly lit places
    → Ambitions: She doesn't want to simply win the Caster's Challenge, she wants to become the head of the Dragonfly House Hold and be recognized for the powerful Caster she thinks she is.
    → Likes: Power, Winning, Dressing Comfortably, Being Prepared, Clear Starry Nights, Flying with Batter
    → Dislikes: Losing, Being called "Vain", Sneaking Around, Attacking From Behind and being Attacked from Behind, Being Caught Off Guard, Dressy Clothes and School Uniforms.
    → Other: Each branch of magic is represented by a house ran by a Thane, and Raina is the third granddaughter of House Dragonfly's current Thane, earning her the nickname "Shadow Princess".


    → Personal Spells:
    → Shadow Hands: Shadow manifestations Raina can use like her own pair of hands. She can either summon smaller hands as numerous as the shadowy area permits or two large hands.
    → Dark Joust: Larg, dark manifestations in the shape of lances. She can summon three-nine at a time.
    → Shadow Redemption: A highly destructive discharge of raw energy that concusses enemies, but leaves her hands severely burned and magic reserves completely drained. Only effects the living.
  3. → Name: Trent Brooks​
    → Age: 18
    → Grade: Senior
    → Sex: Male
    → Gender: Male
    → Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
    → Appearance: Trent is niether tall nor muscular, and his complexion sun kissed, only darkening when further exposed to sunlight. His gold-brown eyes burn bright with mischief and highlighted by a facial scar he recieved during a mishap involving a sickletail. Blonde locks frame his boyish face, tied back at his neck with tufts poking out from the rubberband.
    → Apparel: Trent loves keeping warm even when the temperature could be considered warm, and thus wears a fire resistent trench coat everywhere paired with fingerless gloves. The goggles he keeps around to protect his eyes from his own magic. His unassuming shirt and pants are nothing of note. Around his hips he keeps a simple alchemist belt complete with vials of tonics and tempest potions to aid in lighting himself on fire. His own bag contains empty bottles, dried herbs, food rations, a heavy blanket, bowl and pestle, some healing potions, a compas, and a thermas.

    → Element: Fire
    → Familiar: Will-o-Wisp or "Willow"
    → Strengths: Charismatic, Loyal, Alchemy, Pyrotechnics, Herbology, Mathematics, Chemistry
    → Weakness: Water Magic, Spoken Directions, Swimming, Protentially Reckless,
    → Ambitions: He doesn't see himself landing a big time job or becoming a house hold name, but traveling the world selling tonics and fireworks seems like a good life. Maybe he'll even join a demolition squad or a circus.
    → Likes: Fun, Fire, Explosions, Summer, Good Weather, Hot Drinks
    → Dislikes: Cold Drinks, Winter, Bad Weather, Duds, Thinking Things Through, Calculations
    → Other: You can't point him in a direction and tell him where to go, he'll just get lost. You have to actually show him where to go.

    → Personal Spells:
    → Self Light: With the aid of a tempest potions made from a recipe that has been passed down through his family for generations, Trent can set himself on fire for a limited time without taking damage; however, one miss calculation and he could possibly give himself third degree burns.​
  4. → Name: Sorrell Edelstein
    → Age: 17
    → Grade: Senior
    → Sex: Male
    → Gender: Male
    → Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
    → Appearance:[​IMG][​IMG]

    Sorrell stands at only 5'7" with pale skin, silver-white hair and pretty violet eyes. His features are soft and can sometimes be feminine. He cares about hygiene but will push that aside during the challenge as they don't know where they will be.
    → Apparel: His everyday clothes consist of a light blue dress shirt under a baggy white knit sweater, black jean and grey vans. When in combat, Sorrell wears a light blue jacket with black accents that is lined with light chain mail underneath, black pants and black boots. He also has an enchanted pack that can carry the following items:
    -a well stocked medical kit
    -food rations
    -3 flasks of water
    -5 toxic potions
    -8 smoke bombs
    -4 stink bombs
    -extra clothes, both for winter and summer

    → Element: Gravity

    → Familiar: [​IMG]a starry wolf named Ammy

    → Strengths: His heart; Sorrell has a big heart and is willing to forgive and forget.

    → Weakness: He is a bit naive and has a slight temper

    → Ambitions: To one day find equality between the schools

    → Likes: cooking, reading, tending to his familiar, napping in the sun

    → Dislikes: the feud, being alone, spiders

    → Other: His favorite thing to make is cakes and chocolates and likes someone who has a large appetite. He also likes a man who can make him laugh.

    → Personal Spells:
    Distortion - A spell that can temporarily alter the gravity of a battle field. Lasts only for 5 minutes. If he tries to hold it for any longer, he will start to bleed from the nose and become light headed.
    Meteor Crash - This can only be activated after Light Weight, as this will cause Sorrell to plummet straight back with the speed of a meteor. This is very dangerous, as of not done properly, Sorrell can cause great amounts of harm to himself. (This one is self explanatory)
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  5. General
    Name: Angelica Orchid || Angel, Ori, Angeli, Angi
    Age: 17
    Grade: Senior
    Sex: Female
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Asexual (Romantically interested in males)
    Appearance: Angelica stands at 5'2", so she isn't far too short height wise. She tends to have flowers or some sort of petals scattered in her hair, if not just wearing a simple flower accessory. Her face makes her look as though she were tired, despite just having a usual, soft yet almost blank poker face. She can show emotion, and she doesn't look too bad doing so. Her hair falls down past her shoulders, and just down her back in wavy layers. As far as color goes, it's kind of a mix up of light and dark hazel brown, mainly due to different levels of exposure from the sun light. Never had she dyed her hair, nor does she put on make up. Otherwise, she will often wear a dress, or a shirt with a skirt. In the winter, she often wears black leggings with an animal hoodie.
    Apparel & Gear: The girl doesn't seemed to be bothered by the weather, at all. Though, she much prefer being warm whilst not wearing too much. She isn't much of a fan of too many layer, thus she only ended up bringing an almost weightless dress, a loose but warm hoodie (When it's pretty chilly) and generally seems to enjoy dressing up in simple, yet cute outfits. Though, she is almost never seen without some sort of flower accessory in her hair, unless she felt as though it wouldn't fit the occasion. She doesn't really like fighting hand-to-hand combat, but she carries around a wooden staff and a small handful of flowers to use as mediums when casting spells and such, or when she just wants to smell them. They do smell pretty nice. Now if she reeeeeally had to use weapons, she rather stick with a stick. No, seriously, she can poke one of your eyes out with that. Asides from that, most likely the whip that she crafted with vines. Let me tell you it hurts. Now, anything else, she did bring a sleeping bag, her suitcase, a reusable water bottle, a medical kit, her laptop, and her phone.
    Ambitions: Angelica would love nothing more than to live in a nice valley when she grows older, and surround herself in nature so that she can further study her magic and what effects it has on the actual environment. If anything, she wants to figure out a way to balance out economy with environment, despite most people calling her naive for trying.
    Likes: She loves anything that has to do with animals, plants, and nature in general. She enjoys the serenity and peace that it gives her, and she much prefer waking up early to watch the sun rise on the hill side over sitting in her room and surfing the internet. Seriously, give her a bouquet of flowers and you might actually get a smile from her.
    Dislikes: She doesn't seem to enjoy the use of technology very much. Sure, she enjoys listening to music, but she doesn't like how people are always chopping down trees, and useless killings for no reason. It goes without saying that she also doesn't like it when people harm the environment, her seeing it as some sort of letter as challenge. A taunt, telling her how weak she is for being unable to do a thing.
    Personality: Angelica in general is more or less straight forward and blunt. She is seen to enjoy speaking to other females, but she is more or less shy around males due to attending an all females school. She has no sexual or romantic attraction towards females, and so ends up befriending them easily due to the fact that she is more comfortable around them. She can also be pretty emotional, but she doesn't have much of a temper. Hell, you can annoy her for days upon days, but the most you'll get from her is "... Could you stop, please?" before going a week or something before she finally snaps. She isn't too worried to speak her mind, but she always takes the other person's possible reaction into consideration. She would never force her own ideas onto someone else, and will gladly try to work around something if it doesn't sit well with the other person.

    Element: Nature
    Familiar: Her familiar is that of an owl, who she takes fairly good care of.
    View attachment 98264
    Strengths: The girl can work when under a lot of pressure, and I mean a lot of pressure. Though, she is human, so she will more or less mess up every now and then by accident. She is also very obedient, and pretty good at luring people into any trap she had set up prior. She doesn't let her emotions cloud her judgement, but it really depends on the circumstances. She is also pretty spot on when judging people, and keeps most of her thoughts to herself, so you can barely tell what the hell is going on inside her head (Well, most people just assume that it's all flowers and rainbows in there anyways).

    Weakness: She... Isn't very fast. She rather take things slow and study, and at her own pace. Sure, when she was in a serious fight with someone, she may be quick. But it would take a while for her to actually register that the fight were important to actually start picking up the pace. She's one of those people who you would get mad at for being slow and holding up the line. Also, she is... Actually amazingly observant. Maybe a little.. Too observant. She thinks too deeply into things, and may or may not get nosy and start almost.. more or less stalking someone. It's... Kind of creepy, but she knows boundaries after someone mentions it to her. Also, she can't lie to anyone for the life of her. It's more of a 'don't ask don't tell' sorta thing.
    Personal Spells
    Drain and Rejuvenate - By taking energy from the plants around herself, she is able to use it to enhance her own speed, casting power, and mana pool. Depending on the plants being drained, the effects can last longer, but the strength of the effect will not change, nor will the cost. She can also bestow her own energy from her body and into the earth to the plants around herself if she needed it, but she cannot revive dead plants. This spell can be improved on/developed over the course of the role play.

    Drain and Rejuvenate Drawback - She cannot take energy from plants that are withered or dead, and she cannot take a tree's energy in winter. Also, this goes without saying, but she cannot use this spell when indoors or when she isn't around any form of plants. If she bestows her own energy into the earth, she will lose any effects granted from the drain. If she did NOT drain and is transferring her energy to the plants, then, well, she'll get tired. Very tired.

    Sun's Serenity - As long as the sun is out, she is able to regenerate the majority of her wounds and status ailments. At the moment, it can only heal cuts and wounds, along with burns over time. It allows her body to take in the sunlight and disperse of the toxins in the body, should there be any over an certain period of time. If she has her wooden staff with her, the wood and leaves from the said staff will be able to take in more sunlight, and transfer it to her body in order to amplify the effect for the same amount of mana being spent. This can be improved on/developed in the future.

    Sun's Serenity Drawbacks - As the name goes, it can only be used when she is in direct contact with the Sun's UV rays. Meaning, she has to be outside, and a cloud can't be blocking the sun. She cannot use this in the night time, and the duration of this spell will slowly drain off her mana bit by bit. Although it doesn't take much mana, it will still make a large difference if she were using it for long periods of time without rest.

    Nothing here yet >w>

    I HAVE RETURNED @Noctis the Devious
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  6. >>T
    rap Hanamura<<

    The Posing Boomeranger

    → Age: 17
    → Grade: Senior
    → Race: Southern European, Light
    → Sex: Male
    → Gender: Masculine
    → Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual - he's not homophobic or anything, but he's all about the ladies when it comes to that stuff.
    → Element: Earth
    → Other Nicknames: 'Mr. Fabulous', 'Hanna', 'Posy' - the list of nicknames (that Trap thoroughly dislikes) that Trap's been called in his early college years could continue for quite a while.


    → Appearance: Trap stands very tall at an impressive 6'4, with long, debatably attractive legs, and a slender build that doesn't yield much muscle: a body designed for posing at birth. His hair is long and combed, of a rich light brown colour. His eyes are of a bright red-brown that accompany his young and perfectly clean-shaven face.

    → Personality: Whilst he loves to be the center of attention, is overconfident and egotistical, and has really poor attempts at showing off rap skills from time to time, Trap is often a pretty likeable guy. Once you get over all the posing, selfies, and constant tweets to the little friends he has on social media sites - he can be funny, encouraging, selfless, and a fun guy to be around in general.

    Those who possess personalities that are clearly stronger and more dominant than his cause Trap to be flustered, and he often tries to show off or say stuff to 'seem cool'. He can possess quite a kind-hearted and lovable aura about him... but when he sees a lady he likes, chances are they'll kill him when they hear his collection of improvised and absolutely dreadful pick-up lines.

    → Fighting Style: Trap's arsenal of moves may seem flashy and far-fetched... because most of the time, they are. A lot of Trap's moves consist of more aesthetic than actual power, making him look cool but... actually not doing that much. This is a partially deliberate method of Trap - to confuse and disorientate enemies, using his set of ridiculous moves to try and break the confidence and concentration of his opponent. He makes use of the terrain around him and his giant boomerang to create clever and unique moves that probably nobody's ever seen before.

    Posing is his game; it's rare that Trap actually gets serious about a fight. But, on rare occasion, Trap can get serious. If the right strings are pulled, and his rage goes beyond his ego, then his fighting style will turn the other way around. He'll stop doing anything flashy, and simply pull out devastating moves designed to take down his opponent. It's extremely rare for Trap to other do this though, thanks to his very quirky personality and sometimes overly nice attitude towards human opponents. Trap is actually pretty freaking tough, possess clever (sometimes even genius) moves, and is often underestimated.

    He knows Kung Fu, too. Opponents be damned.


    →Apparel & Gear

    Trap's Giant Boomerang, 'Kaze-Suprita': The huge boomerang has two pieces of pure earth on either side of it, and one in the centre 'grip' of the boomerang, so that Trap can control the boomerang with his Earth control. The boomerang is made of an extremely tough metal - whilst it isn't the sharpest - it looks snazzy and is very durabl. When the huge rang' is thrown in combination with Trap's powers, it can produce some pretty devastating attacks, and it's the central 'medium' for casting all of Trap's flashy and impressive moves. Trap can coat the blade of his boomerang in earth to reduce the cutting power of his weapon and make it better for non-lethal attacks - which he often does.
    Trap's 'Battle Outfit': Consisting of a headband, various decorations, and little means in terms of actual protection - it's likely he wears this much more for aesthetic reasons rather than combat enhancements. The outfit is light, allowing for much more maneuverability, but that's about it. It's all Trap and his boomerang when he fights - no special enchantments.
    Trap's Straps: These various straps can be used for climbing purposes with ropes, but are mostly used for attaching items he needs to carry onto his body - such as his giant boomerang. It's also partly for aesthetic.
    →Smoke Bombs of Various Colours: For making dramatic entrances, and making cool moves look even cooler, obviously. They can make people cough and provide cover, but Trap using coloured smoke bombs for tactical reasons is extremely unlikely.
    Trap's Smartphone: Where would the ultimate poser be without his purple-cased smartphone? Whilst one wouldn't consider a smartphone to be a part of 'gear', Trap uses the smartphone to take selfies, upload quick vids of him kicking ass, tweeting about his latest accomplishments, and playing free app games all the time. Sometimes he deliberately uses it just to annoy/distract opponents.
    Trap's Canteen: A canteen strapped to Trap, that he often pretends contains just water. The truth is, it often contains highly sweetened (usually cherry-flavoured) fizzy energy drinks that give Trap a nice big caffeine boost in combat.

    → Familiar: Trap's magical bird, 'Lizzie'. A small, bright-brown, parrot-like bird with long wings, Lizzie likes to say single words in their parrot tone to make snarky remarks to Trap, usually regarding how ridiculous he looks. Despite their love/hate relationship, they make a pretty good team - Lizzie is able to scout out and hear faraway objects for Trap, so that Trap doesn't fall in a... trap.


    → Strengths: Whilst he may seem pretty reckless, Trap is a clever fighter, and his body is tuned to be a lot stronger and faster than it looks. He's put a lot of effort into training and perfecting his moves - and it really shows when he fights. One of Trap's greatest strengths is people underestimating him - because as ridiculous as he is, he's actually pretty damn strong for who he is. His 'serious side' could also be considered a strength, but it's so rare to see that it might as well not be on the list. Out of combat, Trap is quite charismatic, and is great at cheering people up or making them laugh when they clearly need comfort. He also knows how to craft quite a few useful survival-based structures and mechanisms, such as making traps for animals, crafting makeshift weaponry (like bows or spears), or crafting improvised first aid implements.

    → Weakness: Against human or humanoid enemies, Trap lacks killing intent, making him weaker in one versus one duels. Whilst he'll happily beat up an opponent and confuse them with flashy moves, Trap actually doesn't like hurting people - especially women. His habits of moving about everywhere whilst posing like a demon can make fights drag on for longer than they should, and it can give chances for enemies to attack back. He can also sometimes make really stupid and reckless decisions for the sake of looking cool. He does have a sense of self-preservation, but he doesn't mind hurting himself for the sake of looking badass in the process. His somewhat childish view of treating fights like they're a big game could be a long-term weakness unless his view is changed on the field for some reason.
    → Ambitions: Whilst Trap seeks some sort of fame and recognition for his talents, and to be known as the flashiest, most devilishly handsome fighter that ever lived... a part of him is pretty desperate to find a wonderful lady to start a relationship with. Whilst it's fun to act flirty and gentlemanly in front of ladies, he's looking to find a girl that he truly loves and can spend his life with. In a girls VS. boys challenge, Trap figures that'll be hard - but impressing people is one of the reasons for his existence. Becoming strong and entering this challenge will hopefully allow Trap to find himself and see who he really is, because if he fails to complete this challenge, he isn't sure what he'll do with his life.


    → Likes: Fizzy energy drinks, sweet foods, having rivals, winning against said rivals, being challenged, flashy clothes, bright colours, pretty ladies, like-minded men, fighting alongside/in view of people, selfies, social media, sleeping, rapping terribly, musical instruments, having top-quality banter, awful jokes, loud music of most kinds, performing aerial moves with his boomerang, flying in any form.
    → Dislikes: Coffee, tea, fire, pretty much any drink that isn't sweet/fizzy, eating meat, eating vegetables, insects (mainly spiders), messing up his hair, falling over, messing up in front of an audience, when a girl rejects him, when people insult him (he's pretty sensitive), getting one-upped, alcohol/drugs of any kind, snarky/unapproachable people.
    → Other: Trap's list of habits and quirks could go on for quite a while, but it's very common to see him posting images or tweeting about fights... sometimes even whilst he's in the middle of a fight. He likes to flick and brush his hair to the side whilst smirking after doing or saying something cool, and generally bigs himself up; giving himself honorific titles sometimes. It's not as un-likeable as it sounds... but it can still be pretty annoying. As much as he doesn't want to admit it, and although it's pretty obvious anyway, he's also pretty desperate for a girlfriend. It's almost as if he doesn't take anything seriously, although that isn't always the case.


    → Personal Spells

    Boomerang Art: Twirling Edge - One of Trap's most simple spells, twirling edge a simple yet elegant hurl of his boomerang. By controlling the pieces of earth either side of the boomerang, Trap can throw the giant boomerang in an almost-perfect, long arc, slicing through enemies that it passes, and 90% of the time it'll return to him. If he coats the blade of his boomerang in earth, he dulls the cutting power of the boomerang, knocking people over instead of cutting into their skin instead. He usually does this due to his lack of killing intent.

    Boomerang Art: Glorious Parry - Another simple spell, thanks to the very strong material of the boomerang, Trap can block quite a few physical attacks with it. How he does this is by making the boomerang float like a wall in front of him, and then making it spin really fast - essentially creating a large, circular shield. Obviously, this can only block in one direction, and after using it - it takes a while for Trap to prepare a different move with his boomerang. It's good at blocking melee attacks, but ranged attacks like arrows or bolts can sometimes go through the rotating boomerang.

    Boomerang Art: Splitter Dash - After many years of balance training, Trap has learnt Splitter Dash. The move consists of Trap jumping on his boomerang, and carefully levitating it in the air, before making it dash in a certain direction. Trap often holds forth a long pole of earth whilst doing this, essentially making the move a long-ranged thrust, or can use it to cover a large amount of distance. He sometimes jumps off the boomerang in mid-flight to perform a long-range tackle - which usually ends really badly. Whilst he's taught himself not to - Trap can still fall off the boomerang and hurt himself pretty badly from time to time.

    Boomerang Art: The Grand Slam - By using the large shape of the boomerang to his advantage, Trap can essentially levitate the boomerang's 'V' shape into a human (or slightly larger) sized target, scoop them up into the air, then slam them onto the ground. Most of the time it'll just trip up enemies - but when it works, it's a pretty brutal move. He can also use the boomerang to hastily push away enemies to put distance between him and his target. A mistake enemies sometimes make is thinking that they can pick up Trap's boomerang, or hold on to it to stop Trap from using the boomerang. This just allows Trap to slam an enemy to the ground even harder.

    Boomerang Art: The Grinder - A move Trap barely ever uses, The Grinder consists of a brutal move where Trap begins to build walls of earth around his opponent so it's harder for them to dodge an attack. Then, he sends his boomerang twirling at full force and spinning across the ground - like a massive, bladed wheel. The move can be dodged with ease, but if Trap sets up the walls correctly, failing to dodge the huge spinning blade of the boomerang can have devastating results.

    → Common Spells

    Earth-Terraforming - This the basic art of making small walls, boulders, spears, or changing the structure of earth to mud or sand to break a fall. Pretty much every willing Earth Mage knows how to do this in some form or another. Trap focuses on controlling his boomerang to execute powerful moves, and can't make walls/boulders that are very big.

    Mud/Dirt Flick - A simple flick of mud or dirt into an enemy's eyes can be enough to give an opening, or allow Trap to dodge an attack. This super simple spell is used by many Earth Magi, mostly by brawlers, and although Trap avoids using this somewhat primitive move, it still comes in handy in a pinch.
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  7. Name: Zelda Fenrir
    Age: 19
    Grade: Senior
    Sex: Female
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
    Appearance: [​IMG][​IMG] she is a tall girl of 5'11" without her boots and very curvy and busty. Her hair goes to her butt when up in her usual pigtails and close to mid thigh when down. She is brash and loud and will get into a person's space without their consent. But she does have a code of honor and will not be afraid to smack someone if she sees that they are trying underhanded tactics.
    Apparel: Zelda wears a sleeveless shirt that shows off her cleavage in the middle, black arm warmers that stop at her wrists, a pleated black skirt, black socks and tan ankle boots. She carries a re-curve bow with a red jewel as it's sights and a quiver full of arrows on her back. She also has a bag that carries the following items:

    5 healing potions
    1 large first aid kit
    Several items to make her arrows
    A bow repair kit
    Food rations
    4 flasks of water

    Element: Fire!!!
    Familiar: [​IMG] A fire snake named Loki
    Strengths: Her confidence, her strength, her hunter’s spirit
    Weakness: cannot follows certain rules, secretly a sensitive romantic
    Ambitions: To prove that she is a powerful fire caster.
    Likes: Hunting, making more arrows, meditating, training
    Dislikes: being proven wrong, water

    Personal Spells:
    Fire Arrow – This allows her to encase one of her arrows in fire and shoots it, setting fire to her target.
    Purification flame – used only against any sort of spirit enemies.
    Fire breath – Zelda can use this for short bursts at a time.
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  8. [​IMG]

    Cry Baby: Melanie Martinez
    Superstition: Stevie Wonder: C2C Remix

    "Just you watch, I'll be great on my own!"


    Dakota Olivia Snow


    "Livi": A shortened version of her middle name, her family calls her this the majority of the time

    "Ko': Her childhood friend Liam calls her this one.

    "Snowflake": Her uncle Rae calls her this and it's unbearably annoying. It makes her sound like she's a kid!

    "Dwarf": This and a number of any other nicknames that make fun of her height will be met with a displeased pout and possibly a good kick in the shins

    → Data Entry 001


    18 || June 1st || Gemini ♊ || Sydney, Australia ||





    Sexual Orientation




    Eye color & Hair Color

    Amber eyes and light brown hair


    118 lbs || 53.52 kg




    She prefers sweaters, tights, skirts, shorts, t-shirts, anything that is basically comfortable. She does try to keep up with the latest fashion trends, but she's not too concerned about it. She has an enchanted utility belt , (that can store a lot contrary to it's outward appearance) where she carries an extra set of throwing knives, 2 general mana potions (3/4 strong), 3 packets of trail mix, 3 packets of gummies, a flask to carry water, a lighter, a first aid kit (that includes the normal plus a syringe, scalpel, a needle, and thread, bandages, and vials to put medicine in), extra clothes (like shoes, tights, underwear, warm jacket, ear muffs, mittens, and a turtleneck), a small case of hand warmers, and a pack of charged batteries for when she runs out of juice and needs to recharge herself. She also carries two daggers that are engraved with magic runes so that she can channel her lightning through them and use them as well. She has thigh holsters for these, so she can keep her weapons concealed.
    → Data Entry 002




    Kiara || Cat



    Dakota's ability to adapt in numerous situations in one of her strong suits. Of course, she knows her limits, but problem-solving instead of panicking and having a meltdown is something she would rather do. Dakota is also very book smart, getting good grades had never been a problem for her. Her small frame allows her to get into small tight places, it also helps that she is extremely flexible and agile. She likes to do it right the first time so she always strives to be the best she can be. Failing isn't an option for her. Kind hearted by nature, Dakota has a sweet spirit. She loves surrounding herself around her friends, having a good time and laughing. She usually thinks of others before herself. If someone needs help she's willing to give it. Her parents are also doctor's so it's only natural that she picked up the things from them. Of course with her own magical twist. She's really good at healing spells, and making healing potions and normal herbs. She could basically be a makeshift apothecary on the team so she's a good asset to have.


    Dakota is very gullible. For some reason, she can't get it through her head that she can't trust what everyone says. This gets her in trouble a lot and it tends to be that once people learn this little fact about her they use it to their advantage. She's also very emotional. She likes to think she has a huge heart which means she has a lot of feelings. She does seem to cry easily and she hates that, she views them as a weakness. Dakota has had to train hard to build up her endurance. When she uses magic, she tends to tire quickly. This is especially bad when the stronger the spell the more tired she is. She usually blacks out once she's used too much of her magic. She calls this 'Mind Zero'. (She likes giving cool names to things) Because of this she loves to eat. Which could be a plus but once she eats too much, it ends up becoming a bad thing. Dakota is very stubborn, maybe too stubborn for her own good. She hates messing up, so once she sets her mind on something she won't lose sight of it until she's achieved it or she dies. It's that black and white.


    All her life Dakota has been told who she would and wouldn't be. What she could or couldn't do. Even her body has had a say and set her back, since casting magic for her is such a hard task since she can tire out so easily. Still, she refuses to give in to what people think. Who are they to limit her? Because of that, she thinks this challenge is perfect. She'll prove to everyone out there that ever doubted her, that she can do this and be successful. Losing is not an option. She has worked too hard for her to lose and it all go down the drain. Besides, she doesn't want to accept the fact that everyone might be right. It's frustrating how she feels as if she had been left with the short end of the stick all her life. It just wasn't fair. So she decided to take fate into her own hands and show it who's boss.
    → Data Entry 003


    Dakota loves spicy food. Like she worships spicy food. It's also safe to say that she loves food, in general, but spicy food just has a special place in her heart. She can also play the piano and harmonica, so music is pretty important to her. It soothes her whenever she's stressed out or it helps her focus when she needs to plan. She generally likes all music but she really likes classical, swing music, and electronic, and oldies. She prefers warm weather rather than cold weather. But she doesn't like stupidly hot weather at all. When she's not training and studying she likes to knit. It's a fun past time and no, it's not just meant for old ladies. (She hates it when people bring that up. Yet they always want her to make something for them) Photography and traveling are some more things that she loves doing.


    Dakota doesn't like swimming because she had a bad experience one time. She can't swim so she just avoids it. Even though she loves water. Looking is just fine, but if she has to get in the water, then she limits herself to a bath and shower, that's about it. Besides, water is dangerous. She. Hates. Bugs. Don't ask her to kill one because she'll already be having a panic attack if she sees it herself. Also don't let it out of your sight. If it's lost and she's still in the room or area, she won't be able to have any peace of mind. Like what so ever. Bitter things make Dakota very unhappy. Things that taste bitter are disgusting and she wishes such a taste never existed. Arrogance isn't attractive to her, on anyone. She also doesn't like narcissistic people. Those two things just irritate her, they aren't amusing traits and she doesn't know how people can stand to be around individuals like that. It's not worth the headache.


    Besides being the best caster she can be, Dakota wants to actually get a boyfriend. She's had crushes before, but no one's ever crushed on her. At least, not that she knows of. She's never even had a first kiss. So she really wants to experience that side of life and see what it has to offer. Is it really like what the books and movies describe? Who knows? She surely doesn't. She also wants to be able to sell the things she makes (knitting-wise) on a bigger market. Rather than selling them to the girls at her school. She's really good and people keep telling her that she's really good so why not make some extra cash on the side?

    Livi also knows martial arts. She figured she'd learn this since her parents were always more concerned about her health and well being more than she was herself. Her parents were doctor's so they disapproved greatly of her choice to be a Caster. But she didn't care she had the skills and the talent. Though she deeply wanted them to accept her, she didn't care, or at least tried to seem like she didn't care. And went ahead and did what she wanted to do in the first place. Her body was technically born weak which is why she struggles so much with Casting, which is why her parents didn't want her to do it. Still she stuck it through her training. She picked up martial arts so that she could master hand to hand combat so that she wouldn't always have to rely on her spells to get her out of tough situations. She excels at martial arts and swordplay if you will. She fights with two enchanted daggers as well.

    Personal Spells

    (** = Strongest spell )

    Heaven's Rain: A rather large area of attack spell that releases chains of lighting from the sky within the spell's radius. Dakota must cast this by charging up and focusing her magic in her palm then smacking the ground.(or if she wants to make the lightning like homing missiles on a target, she can smack the target with her charged palm.) The radius is, therefore, the area around her.(or her target) The attack doesn't damage her, though. But a physical side effect to this spell is that the world seems to slow down, but that's not the case. Lightning is fast by nature, so instead of the world slowing down, Dakota has actually sped up the process of her body. This isn't to be confused with Physical magic, this is just a side effect of the spell she cast. She can now move faster and react faster it also because of the increased speed she starts to regenerate health. (cuts heal etc.)

    Drawbacks: She can only use this spell two times and the duration of the effects last 15 minutes. Because of the health regen factor, this is one of the major spells that takes a huge toll on her body. Her vision might begin to blur at first letting her know that she'll be reaching 'Mind Zero' soon. Parts of her body also become numb or heavy as lead after a while. Not to mention she also starts to have heart palpatations at this stage

    Lightning Thief: Like this awesome name suggests, Livi has the ability to redirect lightning as she pleases. Of course, she can't just shoot lightning bolts at will, she has to find them. So while it might seem like she can she really can't. So once Livi has found lightning she allows herself to be struck by the lightning, without harm, of course, and can move the bolt in whatever direction she wants, however, she wants.

    Drawbacks: In this spell since she's also absorbing electric energy she has to be careful not to absorb too much. But since she's also controlling the direction her heart starts to have irregular beating with this spell since she is putting a strain on her body and heart just by casting in the first place.

    **The Battery: Like stated above, Livi can't just shoot lightning from her hands at will she has to find it. But what can help is that she can make her body a powerful conductor and attract the lightning to herself. So where ever this thunderstorm might be she will be able to draw it towards her by focusing her magic inside her. From there, when she is struck by lightning she can store large amounts of energy from it like a battery and then discharge it at will. The stored energy could be used to speed her up or she could zap the hell out of someone with it.

    Drawbacks: Drawing storms near her is not an easy feat. In fact, this is another one of her spells that extremely wears her out. She only needs to do this once per fight of course because of how much energy from the storm she can store within her body. And while that's all well and good, there are some issues. Like for example, if she absorbs too much energy from the storms she can seriously damage herself. The body naturally has electric currents. In fact to stop and restart a heart electric currents are required. If Livi absorbs too much electric currents she puts herself in danger that could lead her to having a heart attack or worse. In fact when Livi's body can no longer store anymore electric energy it just releases it.

    All at once in this massive uncontrollable discharge that can seriously damage anyone who gets too close. Which to a degree, this is also a perk because it raises the leathality of this spell through the roof , since the power of the discharge is similar to a bomb going off. Of course, the price of this perk is Livi's life, or rather her heart. Once the discharge occurs her body is left with no more electric current, not even her bodys natural current. So her hearts stops and the only way to restart it is for someone else to do it.

    Another huge drawback to add to all this pile of shit, is that Livi can't tell when she's absorbed too much electric energy. So she'll never know when she'll switch to that uncontrollable discharge, which is why this spell is one that can not be taken lightly. She is super careful with this one and tries her best to judge how much she should absorb herself so she doesn't end up in this situation.

    [More to come later...]

    Common Spells

    Common Static Regen & Discharge: All lightning caster have stored static electricity inside of them that they can discharge at will. They can use it with all things involving electricity as well. Should they need to 'charge', they can bite into live wires to regain their power or anything like that.

    Thunderclap: All lightning casters have the ability to channel their magic into electrical energy. That energy can then be focused to a single location and become concentrated. By them focusing their energy into their palms the concentrated energy builds up. From there the caster can combine the two concentrated energies forming it into on small burst chain of lightning to zap an opponent. So basically by storing the energy in their palms they can clap them together to make a chain of lightning.

    Night Vision: Keeping the concept of channeling, focusing, and concentrating their magical energies in one place, all lightning casters can focus their energy to any point of their body. Even their eyes. They can supercharge their eyes so that they can be able to see just as well as a cat can in the dark.

    [More to come later....]

    Face Claim's Anime: Kyoukai no Kanata

    Character: Kuriyama Mirai
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  9. Thanks to the school's PC (And limited time) this is as much as I can do. When my personal laptop gets repaired I'll post it correctly ASAP.
    Price Green
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  10. ~Alexander L'vovich~


    ~Main Info~
    Name - Alexander Van L'vovich
    Age - 17
    Grade - Senior
    Sex - Male
    Gender - Male
    Sexuality - Asexual
    Appearance - Alex has quite strong feelings for school, although its hard to see his emotions eventually. He wears green shirt with long, blue colored, sleeves, showing his feelings of school pride. Underneath the shirt he wears blue t-shirt, which is very comfortable to train in water. He doesn't appreciate formal clothes, so he wears light, tight navy blue pants, but he sometimes rolls them up, as it's hard to train in pants in water. On feet he wears, either nothing, or blue shoes, with metallic tips.
    Apparel & Gear - Alex brings several things:
    Basic medicine kit;
    Several darts, poisoned with special medicine, that knocks out;
    Special warm clothes;
    Water in liquid state;
    Cold meat, and some vegetables.


    Element - Water
    Familiar - Mora // Quite big spider (sized like an average human head) made out of water.
    Strengths - Mental flexibility
    Control over low and medium emotions

    Advanced potion-making // Medical/Chemical studies
    Weaknesses - nNo control over high emotions
    Fears (Being betrayed; betray; kill on accident; hurt friend; to die, and make other cry from his death; etc)

    His rage
    Parallel element (Fire)
    Ambitions - Alexander's main goal, is to help anyone he is able to, and to save any life, he can.
    Personal Spells - Water torture:
    Spell, basically composes water, or condensates water from air, around body of enemy, and grips him/her hardly. With concentration, this spell can kill, but only if enemy is not trying to break out.
    Rain of arrows:
    Spell, rounds up selected amount of water, and forms "arrows". Water "arrows" go high up above target, and freeze. Then, they speed down, raining on target like thousands of arrows. Spell can bring big damage, because can affect big territory at once.
    Healing water:

    Spell, which can develop healing energy, on certain amount of water, turning it into "healing water". Healing water can heal severe wounds, but healing of wounds is also decided by power of casted, and by his will.
    Common Spells - Hydrokinesis:
    Basic manipulation of water, includes:
    Shaping water,
    Moving water,

    Building structures out of water.
    Ability to condensate (soak) certain amount of water out of air, by bringing water molecules that are in air, together.
    Ability to manipulate temperature of water, by increasing or decreasing speed of water molecules in liquid. It includes:
    Freezing water, by completely stopping water molecules from moving;
    Making water boiling, for additional damage in combat;
    Changing temperature of air, by decreasing speed of water molecules in air element.


    Theme Song - Monster // Remix
    Likes - Books // Reading // Drawing // Swimming // Kind People // Helping
    Dislikes - Full helplessness // Idiocy // Egoism
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  11. → Name: Gai Greymane
    → Age: 19
    → Grade: Senior
    → Sex/gender: Male
    → Sexual Orientation: Straight
    → Appearance:
    Black hair, slightly moving towards dark purple, pale green eyes and a fair complexion. His hair is relatively short, although slightly longer than the normal length for guys, his other features are quite unremarkable. He has a few wrinkles around his mouth and burrow, despite his young age.

    → Apparel & Gear: Just a regular set of clothes, jeans, running shoes, a T-shirt and a jacket. A small backpack on his back, with a set of pen and paper, lighter, a box of matches, a blanket and a bottle of water. Oh, and a flashlight plus a gun with an extra clip, if those are allowed.

    → Element: Shadow
    → Familiar: None
    → Strengths: Resilient, Good at thinking under pressure, strong intuition, hard to intimidate
    → Weakness: weak sense of direction, lack of trust in teammates, too prone to take unnecessary risks
    → Ambitions: Contrary to what may be perceived of someone entering this contest, he is quite realistic about his abilities and doesn't feel he needs to be victorious at all costs, in order to get recognition. However, a contest of such scale presents so many opportunities to test his limits and break through, achieve new heights as well as find himself in situations that he would otherwise never have imagined. His ambition for this tournament is to live everything to the fullest, without holding back and without "playing safe". He wants to experience all that this contest can offer, without much concern over whether he would win or lose.
    → Likes: Challenges, new things, puzzles, people he'd deem interesting
    → Dislikes: Loud, repetitive sounds, clingy personalities
    → Other: Being born in an ordinary household, his parents were quite proud when he started manifesting his abilities and a bit scared, since they realised the nature of his alignment. His father spent a long time reading him stories of the foregone eras of their world, in order to show him how the bearers of his elements had often fallen to the taint of darkness and lust for power. Nevertheless, as all those stories showed, power and darkness never led those who craved them to a good end... but as it turned out - seldom did selflessness and good. With philosophy of magic and the reason for his powers' existence being the target of his thoughts, he seemed distant and even apprehensive to the other students, even if he would never act threatening towards them. All of this, combined with the mental breakdowns of some students he'd witnessed over the years, had made it hard for him to rely on others, as he's slow to trust them to maintain the same presence of mind that he does. One could go as far as to say that fruitful collaboration with the rest may prove difficult.
    → Personal Spells:
    "We now hide in shadows" - Unless there is a bright light to illuminate the surroundings, he is able to supernaturally enhance even the tiniest shadows nearby to conceal him and a few others, hiding them from their enemies. The shadows meld so expertly well, that the beholder(s) cannot even spot movements made by the people hidden, unless bright light is cast at their direction, or some sort of farsight magic is employed to pierce the veil. As he or the group moves in any direction, as long as there are even the smallest shadows cast in that area, they will cover the movement seamlessly, although a very keen observer could spot some form of a movement inbetween the switching of the shadow areas.
    "Dark escape" If the shadows are thick enough, he is able to sink into one and come out of another one, which needs to be just as thick. If bright light or magical light are cast on either of the shadows while he is in the process of using this spell, he will appear in his original destination.
    "Eyes in the dark" He is able to form shapes and objects within any shadow over vast distances. These objects are, of course, phantoms, however if the people or creatures around are unaware of that, they will seem just as real as anything else. The manipulation can be both visual and audio, meaning he could simulate whispers, groans and a whole plethora of sounds.
    "Mutilate" Causes thick shadows near him to obtain density and manifest as rendering claws, shooting themselves towards targets at his command. It takes a great deal of concentration to maintain this spell.
    "Blackout" He is able to extinguish all light around for about a minute, using the resulting darkness as thick shadows. This spell cannot be used more than once a day and using it in a few days continuously could put the caster at a serious risk and even backfire. While this spell is active, all other shadow & light magic based magic is suppressed. If the caster is knocked unconscious, killed or otherwise prevented from keeping his high focus, the spell is immediately broken. Moreover, this spell may have reduced duration, up to only a few seconds, based on the difficulty of the situation. (All the other spells work with this one.)
  12. → Name: Victor Markov
    → Age: 18
    → Grade: Senior
    → Sex: male
    → Gender: male
    → Sexual Orientation: heterosexual
    → Appearance: victormarkov_zps8cc8de4c.jpg
    Victor stands in at about 5'9" tall and has piercing steel blue eyes. He always can be found looking like a biker, claims it helps him channel his lightning.
    → Apparel & Gear: What you see in the picture plus a magic bag that holds an insulated tent with a hammock, a coat, a scarf and a few m.r.e.'s with a decent amount of water and a water purifier.

    → Element: lightning magic
    → Familiar: coastal taipan named Thor.
    → Strengths: tracking, hunting, combat,
    → Weakness: heights
    → Ambitions: to become the top lightning caster alive.
    → Likes: winning, warm weather, good food, winning
    → Dislikes: heights, the cold, bad cooking, loosing.
    → Other: Victor is a skilled martial artist and a genius capable of doing complex calculations in his head.

    → Personal Spells: Railgun: the caster uses a pair of segmented rods wrapped in copper wire on the back of his gauntlets to launch a metal projectile at supersonic speeds in one direction. Caster must calculate the distance to the target, how many volts, how many amps, and other variables before he launches it or he will miss.

    Charged iron sword: uses magnetism to gather iron particles from the earth, blood is another possible source but is harder to pull off if the caster isn't skilled enough (Victor isn't skilled enough, so he sticks to the ground), to form a sword that is vibrating at such a high rate that it could be used as a chainsaw. Limited to close range.

    Rage of the thunder beast: can only be cast during a thunder storm. The caster manipulates the lightning in the clouds into the form of a ferocious beast and sends it at a specific target. Note, this is not summoning in the least, but a display of a skilled electromancer or lightning caster.

    Samurai form: Victor gets encased in a suit of samurai styled armor with a traditional samurai weapon. Note, only one weapon is used each time the spell is cast. Weapons range from duel wielding katana to a Japanese long bow and everything inbetween.

    Mjolnir strike: lightning dances around his fist before he punches the ground and stuns, if not knocks out, anyone within a twenty foot radius for five minutes. (Number of posts determined by GM)

    Note, almost all attack based spells are not that effective against lightning, nature and earth casters and some spells require an incantation. Some could even be beneficial
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