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as long as I'm craving it.

I'll always roleplay it.


Welcome Iwakuians.

Name: Vanessa
Age: 19
Posting Style: 2-3 paragraphs per post

Got A Sample?:
The voices of the crowd was what filled her to her breaking point, her fingers pulling softly on the worn down strings of a her guitar, the rhythm pulsing through every ounce of her body. Sweat trickled down her forehead as she felt the stage lights excruciating heat beat down on her skin, this was the moment that she been waiting for her entire life. Lacey smiled as she threw her hair over her should singing the song that she had been working on since the start of her career, a song that she hoped with every ounce of her being would propel her in the reins of stardom.

But then things started to go downhill from there, it started with a p***k of pain running through her chest, like if someone had placed a needle against her diaphragm and was slowly turning it back and forth in a constant rhythm. She coughed once hiding it under a powerful soprano note. What's wrong with me, this is my big night to show how much this song means to me and here I am, feeling woozy. She caught herself on the microphone feeling the sweat sting against her already sizzling hot skin, she glanced down at her chest watching it heave with each breath she took, feeling like her lungs were on fire.

Come on Lacey keep playing there cheering your name, you can't keep your fans waiting for your encore even if means pushing every limit that this body has ever had. Lacey's thoughts screamed to her as she slowly rose so she was standing upright again, focusing on the steady rhythm of the drum beat behind her, she moved across the stage, her body swaying with her dizziness and music that filled every nerve in her body and nodded her head along with her drummer who had been the one who had offered her career to sort to new heights.

For a moment there eyes met and she gave one of her snarky grins to him knowing that he worrying about her like he always did when she pushed her body to her limits. Hearing her bassist picking up the vocals she turned her head to look over at him and nodded her head, before wincing softly feeling the familiar twisting sensation in her chest. Come on, your bandmates are picking up the slack for you, you better get your a** back to the stage and show them what your really made of. her thoughts screamed at her but her mind had gone hazy, she stepped forward nearly tripping over her own feet as she made it back to the mic stand, her hands wrapping around the sliver lined mic, roses completed the stage display making it seemed like she was performing in a worn down ruin.

"Are you ready for my new single everyone." Lacey cried out feeling her voice break from the pressure in her vocal cords and the audience's roaring cries answered her back as she reached her hands up clapping along as the song began. "This might be my last performance, so make sure you keep your hearts tuned to every note." Lacey joked smiling as she started to sing the song, her hips hypnotically swinging to the beat. Each note made the pain stronger but there was no way she was going to give up this amazing feeling if they had to tear the guitar from her cold dead hands, her heart felt like it was soaring into the galaxies and was dancing around with the comets high above her head. "You see this god, this is what I wanted to show you, this is the reason you put this voice in my heart." Lacey sang knowing the words to her iconic song by heart, it was called Angelic Sunrise, a special song that she had co-written with her best friend and now manager.

Genders I prefer to play: male and female roles and one very annoyed futa
What's your sexuality : I'm Bi, So I'll do Yaoi and Yuri and Straight Roleplays
Sexual Content Okay?: Yes but only if you're 18 and up
How many times are you on?: Every Single Day!
What you don't like: Rape, Tentacles, people who don't hear me out, people who won't work with me when it comes to idea making.
How should we contact you: you can post here if you want or you can message me. I'll be sure to check it in a flash.​


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Non Fandoms:

★ Grim Reaper x Ghost

★ Grimm Fairytale Characters

★ Enchanted Doll x Creator

★ Dragon x Knight

★ Alien x Human

★ Cannibal x Prey

★ Experiment x Scientist

★ Greek God x Mortal

★ Naga x Hunter

★ Imaginary Friend x Creator

★ Old Vampire x Freshly Turned Vampire

★ Prince(ss) x Knight

★ Bounty Hunter x Space Pirate

★ (Space) Pirate x Native

★ Time Traveler x Person of Era

★ Space Captain x Space Pirate

★ Dream Eater x Insomniac

★ Elf x Human or Mythical Being

★ Vampire x Anything

★ pregnant creature x mate / scientist / anyone

★ dragon x mate / rider / thief

★ centaur x mythical creature / helper

★ griffon x hunter

★ angel x abused woman

★ Fairy x Anything

★ Murderer x Psychologist

★ Expecting Mother x Anyone

Teenage Pregnancy

Spoiled Princess/Working-class girl

★ Princess x Knight / Maid / Prince / Kidnapper / Pirate

★ Pirate x Stowaway

★ Island Princess x Man from the mainland

★ Woman who is about die x angel sent to take her to the afterlife

★ time traveler x woman he needs to kill

★ witch x man who needs some help capturing a demon

★ vampire x princess of a certain race / human / hunter / person he/she kidnapped / knight of his / her kingdom

★ Victorian Woman / Man x Baron / Baroness / Vampire / Maid / Demon / Werewolf

★ Geisha x Apprentice / Samurai / Modern Day Business Men / Tea Maker / Man in a Arranged Marriage

★ Gentle Queen/Goddess x Insane King/God

★ Sickly person x fallen angel / goddess / demon / vampire / doctor / woman/man that he/she loves / nurse

★ Samurai x Female Samurai / Geisha / woman he is an arranged marriage with / female samurai / general's daughter

★ gang or malifa member x pregnant girlfriend / gay boyfriend / boyfriend / another gang member / daughter of a man who owes the gang a lot of money / singer / band members

★ Celebrity x manager / paparazzi / agent / producer / adult film star / girlfriend or boyfriend that the fans don't know about / unknown number one fan / retired celebrity / rival coworker

★ principal's daughter x rebel boy / gang member / troublemaker / shy guy / rival

★ circus performer x circus performer / ringleader / new help / cook / tightrope walker / injured performer

★ bride x soon to be husband / rival bride / ex boyfriend / man who only wants to marry said bride for sex and ex has to save her / pirate / demon husband / pregnant maid of honor / or bride is pregnant

★ Arranged Marriage

★ master x slave


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Ask me which character I play, I might surprise you, if there is a pairing you want to try out. I'm all ears.

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Hey! Interested in the Murderer x Psychologist one. Pm me to talk about it :)

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I would like to do dragon x thief with you if you don't mind
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