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  1. Its really simply this is a fantasy/medieval/mature/adventure RP. I just wanna do a really fun action packed RP with a bunch of people. Any my requirements are that you 1. Be able to give at least three and more sentences per post and that is not including the dialogue. 2. Message me in private if you have any questions or are confused. 3. Do NOT control MY character. She is mine for a reason. Please don't say actions for my character. Thank you. And 4. Chose what kinda creature you wanna be. You can be anything you want. But at least message what you are please and thank you! One last thing this isn't just my adventure its yours as well. And it can be as wild and as crazy as you want. If you want to join Fern on her adventure please let me know, other wise enjoy and I look forward to RPing with you all!!! Its pretty simple okay? Anyway you are welcome to play anything you want just please leave a comment saying what creature you want to be or even private message me. If you have thoughts or ideas to make the RP more enjoyable please tell me and I will hear what you have to say. I hope to see you soon all soon on this fantastic adventure!!! :)
  2. I might join =D
    Is a CS required? I'll probably do one regardless, out of habit.
  3. Cs? Sorry I am not familiar with terms. Please just tell me what kind of creature you would like to be and then your all set my dear
  4. Ah, a Character Sheet. Its not really a problem now, since all you want is the species. :P Why not...Elf. Been a while.
  5. Mkay. Can you tell me a bit about your character? And your all set to join. I won't be posting tonight but for sure tomorrow I am.
  6. Been looking for a RP where I can use my Lily character =3

    Name: Rion "Tiger" Redmon
    Race: Human.
    Gender: Male.
    Age: 23


    Personality: Mixed military/scholar personality. Tiger is able to control magic at a high level. He is a seeker of wisdom and have made his life goal the collection of artifacts. He isn't close minded though, and if you earn his trust you have a loyal friend.

    Bio: Rion "Tiger" Redmon was born into the Redmon Noble Family. The Redmon Family is a House of Elite Dragon Knights, with their primary weapon being the two-handed sword. You can imagine the surprise when Rion's father discovered his son was able to use magic. The view on magic range from House to House, but to Rion's Family it was a blow to their pride. Rion wasn't that easily thrown out though, and that's where his nickname "Tiger" originate from. He mastered the use of the family sword, and then went to study Magic in the Capital City. He showed promising results.

    But his mixed bio made it hard for him to stay. He wanted to explore the world, and find artifacts and holy relics.

    Profession: Former Royal Battlewizard. Now artifact hunter. Skills range from magic casting to melee with a two-handed sword.


    Name: Lily (Tiger's familiar)
    Race: Nimbat
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17


    Nimbats are about one foot and a half tall and are covered in orange/white fur. On the back two wings grow out, also but slightly less covered in fur. Even though nimbats have legs do they prefer to fly. As the cat and bat, are nimbats mostly night animals. That said, they don't mind moving around in the day.

    Personality: Being more or less forced to follow Tiger, Lily is at times cheeky and often talk back to her Master. However, she have come to enjoy helping Tiger out. Her personality is quite different from Tiger, in the sense that Lily want things to end peacefully. Tiger, less so. She is not stupid, and not even easily scared. Probably because of the time she have spent with her Master and natural born curiosity.

    Bio: Tiger found many new exotic races and creatures on his travel. The nimbats being one of them. At first he thought they were primitive creatures, but after studying them further he discovered that they were capable of talking. Lily herself lived in a cave with her big family. Being still young, she had never seen a human before. The first time they met is still embarrassing to them both. You had to crawl into a small hole to get inside the larger cave, so when Tiger wanted to explore it he almost got stuck. When Lily was flying low to get outside, she smashed into Tiger's face. You can imagine the chaos that followed. In the end, Tiger used the familiar spell on Lily, binding her to him. She still had her own free will, but now she would forever require Tiger to survive.

    Profession: Tiger's familiar/companion spirit. She mostly serve as a helper, but can cast spells of her own. Her magic is on a weaker level than that of Tiger. She can write and read and keeps check on Tiger's books.
  7. That is awesome! I look forward to RPing with y'all. I'll send you a copy of the link and you can start however you like my dear. ^~^ I am so excited!
  8. I'm scared ._.

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  9. Look my RP is as graphic as ones mind can think of. If you can't handle it then you better get to walking and don't bother wasting my time -.-
  10. I was trying to be funny. No need to be angry over a small mistake like that.
  11. I did find it funny but also rude. Like your insulting my RP. I'm not angry but maybe you should think a little before just posting something.
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