Sign Up For Adventure: A Fallout RP

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  1. Zombie walked into Moriarty's carrying a large piece of cardboard and his trusty Super Sledge. He nods to Gob and walks into the side room to the right of the bar where he sets the cardboard on the end table. Zombie easily unhooks his sledge from his back and sets it next to the corner chair. He takes a moment to fix the cardboard so that it properly shows the words written on it in thick black, 'Looking for partners/ Heading to GNR/ Will Stop anywhere on the way'.

    "Hey Gob!" He calls out to the bar, "Can I get a beer?" He waits for Gob's harsh sounding "Sure" before reclining in his chair and waiting for potential partners.

    Sign Up and OOC:
  2. Bjorn steps in to the bar and looks around then walks up to the bartender "Do you do Nuka cola quarts here ?"He asked,
  3. "Yeah, sure. Grab a set or something" Gob motioned to the bar stools as he moved get the man's drink.

    Zombie watched with interest as the heavily armored man walked in.
  4. Bjorn nods to say thanks and puts 30 bottle caps on the bar and replies "here payment keep the change", Bjorn takes of his helmet and placed it on the bar as he sits down.
  5. "Oh, uh thanks..." Gob hesitantly takes the caps and feels a little awkward, yet relieved, at not being yelled at.

    Zombie's eyes never leave Bjorn as he takes a drink of his beer and sets the bottle on the side table. He stands, walks over to Bjorn, and sits in the stool next to him.

    "Excuse me, Sir, but you look like someone with a lot of traveling under your belt." His smile was wide and friendly as he took in the man's face.
  6. Bjorn turned around on his stool and said "yeah ive come from New Vegas , Did some work there Went sight seeing visited Places like the Sierra Madre, Big Mountain where i got lobotomised by Scientists whose brains were preserved in robots, I got my Brain and I was told by Doctor Klein that was welcome to come back to the sink and big mountain any time, anyway so im assuming this is where I sign up for joining your Caravan to GNR?"p
    Bjorn took out a Bar of Gold from his Back Pack.
  7. Zombie's eyes slowly got wide and his smile fell as the stranger spoke. He stared blankly for a moment when he was questioned and sputtered out a awkward half laugh at realizing he was staring.

    "Ha, uh, yeah. Hell yeah!" His smile was back knowing such an accomplished traveler would be with him.

    "The name's Zombie, but you can call me Zom" He put out a gloved hand for a handshake.
  8. Bjorn shakes zom's hand and says "Cool im Bjorn, I'm a Courier From The Mojave Express" it then dawned on bjorn that he had heard of this place and the town and he said "ah now I remember here this is the legend its self that is Moriarty's, I've only really heard about the town a its self when I was still a child living in vault 3 in The New Vegas are, That was until it was raided when I was 15 by a gang of drug using free loaders called the Fiends, is it really true that there is a An old Nuke here still unexploded?"
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  9. "Oh yeah, I've heard about that. I think the Brotherhood is trying to set something like that up." Zom shrugged, "Anyway, we'll be leaving in the morning. Talk to Nova for a room upstairs; price isn't that bad." He moved off the stool with a little jump, "I'll be here for a few more hours and I've got a room upstairs, so yeah." Zom turned around to go back to his chair, but stopped and faced Bjorn again.

    "Right, right, uh, do you have any questions or whatever?"
  10. "yeah so where will we be heading out to oh and check this out i found this at Big mountain ?" Bjorn said as he stopped at the stairs on the way to see nova about a room then he passes an saturnite fist to zombie
  11. "I was thinking that we head east and-" Zom's eyes narrowed in confusion at the weird power fist in his hands. He turned it over and admired the blue paint.

    "Nice paint job... No, wait... somethings different," He looked to Bjorn with curiosity, "What's different about it?"
  12. "Its a saturnite fist from the Science Facility at the Big Mountain Science facilty, They pack a strong punch too" Bjorn replies
  13. "That's really cool!" Zom smiled and handed the fist back and suddenly remembered something, "Oh! Just so we're clear, I'm not paying you. Like, I'm not hiring you to be my guard. You get to keep whatever you find, but, yeah." He held his hand out for a handshake, "Deal?"
  14. "deal, Hey " bjorn replied as he took back the Saturnite fist then he went up stairs to see nova, Bjorn Paid Nova for a room for the night Nova gave him the key for room 5, Bjorn went to room 5 and unlocked the door and got settled in and sat down on the old bed, an small radroach scuttled from under under the sofa and back under the remains of an old book case bjorn didn't flinch when he saw the rad roach he was use to rad roaches and radscorpions that were twice the size of this one back in The west, Bjorn Lay down on the bed and went to sleep.
  15. "Alright!" As Bjorn left, Zom went back to his chair. He hulsters the super sledge, picks up his sign, and grabs his beer. As he walks past Gob he tells him goodnight and goes to his room. Zom sets everything the corner of the room and settles in. After staring at the walls for a while, Zom drifts off to sleep.
  16. Bjorn awakes early the next morning and stretches the radroach had reappears in the night but now laying quite still in the corner dead, Bjorn shot it in the night with his nail gun , Bjorn locked up and took his stuff with him and went to see Gob about some breakfast.
  17. Zom wakes ups a little after Bjorn and moves out of his bed in a haze. He manages to get dressed, holsters his weapons, and looks around the room to make sure he's not forgetting anything. He sees his beer from last night sitting on a table, shrugs, and drinks the warm booze. He leaves his sign behind figuring that Nova will either throw it out or keep it for him. Zom walks down the stairs while drinking. He throws the now empty bottle in a trash bin and approaches Bjorn.

    "Hey, Bjorn, yeah? We'll have better luck for breakfast if we go to the Lantern."
  18. Bjorn heard Zomb talk behind him and turned round and said "Morning Zom, cool ok"
  19. "Alright, we'll head out after we eat. " Zombie says and then heads out the door.
  20. Bjorn follows zomb to the Lantern