Sign Up For Adventure: A Fallout RP (OOC)

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  1. Zombie walked into Moriarty's carrying a large piece of cardboard and his trusty Super Sledge. He nods to Gob and walks into the side room to the right of the bar where he sets the cardboard on the end table. Zombie easily unhooks his sledge from his back and sets it next to the corner chair. He takes a moment to fix the cardboard so that it properly shows the words written on it in thick black, 'Looking for partners/ Heading to GNR/ Will Stop anywhere on the way'.

    "Hey Gob!" He calls out to the bar, "Can I get a beer?" He waits for Gob's harsh sounding "Sure" before reclining in his chair and waiting for potential partners.

    Name: Zombie
    Age: about 23
    Gender: Male but appears androgynous
    Weapon: Super Sledge and 10mm
    Other equipment: Backpack filled with a number of survival tools like lockpicks and firestarters.
    Clothes: Female Merc Troublemakers outfit
    Other: A number of small scars all over his face/any visible skin and a larger one on his forehead that cuts into his hairline about an inch
    Bio: Is unusually friendly but his scars tell a different story. He likes drinking with friends and loves to socialize. People tend to think he's a very open person, but he never talks about himself. (Try to keep the bios short)

    In Character:
  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Bjorn
    Age: about 20
    Gender: Male
    Weapon: H&H Nail Gun ,Sturdy Caravan Shotgun,Dean Domino's 9mm Pistol
    Other equipment: Backpack filled with a number of survival tools like lock picks as well as some souvenirs from the Sierra Madre, Big Mountain
    Clothes: Riot Gear
    Other: Stands 6ft tall and has brown/blond hair and steel blue eyes,
    Bio: After Roaming Most of New Vegas And its surrounding area including the infamous Sierra Madre Bjorn Decided to leave the Dusty Deserts New Vegas and the Helios project behind for new adventures in the rest of the new world, Bjorn is Quiet personality but is Still quite friendly.
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  3. So um I joined like 15 minutes ago and I'm not sure how this all works yet so if I do something wrong please give me notice!!
    Name: Nona
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Weapon: Chinese Pistol/Sniper Riffle
    Other Equipment: A brown leather messenger bag filled with some dirty water, cigs, ant meat, and some ammo
    Clothes: An old beat up school outfit she smuggled from a destroyed house
    Other trademarks: A tattoo on the back of her neck that simply says 'Maybe', she's short at about 5'4 and has long blonde hair that she always keeps in a bun
    Bio: After being born in Tenpenny Tower she was exposed to scandal left and right and as she grew older she decided that not only that she didn't want to live a life of bigotry but to also try to right the wrongs of her hated mom and help out any ghouls possible. Ever since leaving Tenpeny Tower she has been traveling the wasteland helping ghouls that would accept it, but now she is running out of supplies and she needs to find some sort of town.
    I'm not sure if I just post after this point or await for a reply?
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  4. The way jump in works is just as the title says, you just jump it at anytime. However from what I've seen it's common to wait for a reply from the original poster before joining. Anyway, you can join this one at anytime.