.:| Sigil - Chapter one: the beginning, which lead to the end |:.

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.:| Sigil |:.

Chapter One: The begining, which lead to the end,...

A life to live forever, to never know nor see an end in sight. To some this would be a dream come true. In reality it's a nightmare that one can never be awoken from, and yet you've been awake the whole time. It's like to want sleep, to have eyes that burn for the lust of slumber. But the sleep never comes, no matter what means are taken to gain it. How I wished for that endless slumber for so long. To enjoy the peaceful end that mere mortal's fear with their very lives. How strange it is, to wish for death. But that is the life of an immortal.

My kind bares this never ending burden, for eons we've travel the stars for a place to call home. With each place we visited our eyes met with the same sad story of destruction and death. Far too many souls have passed before us, and far too many times our abilities were used for injustice deeds. And much like the circle of life, our lives ended to be begun again somewhere else. Like the never ending travels of a gypsy. All until the stars bestowed on us a timeless secret, and a place named Sigil.

From a planet in the same galaxies, the blackness of space ripped open in a dance of lights. It was unlike anything any of us had seen before. Mesmerized by this display of true beauty we watched in awe. As seemingly lost in the absents of darkness. A flicker illuminated the hope of a new life. Dazed in a swirl of colors, that can only be seen in the sweetest of dreams. A star slumbered in there peaceful hues. Its twinkle seen far beyond its hazy womb reached us on the bleak planet. With waves of serenity it beckoned us to come and await it's destine birth. And thus we followed not knowing we'd learn of our own fate.

In a crumble of destruction, on the eve of creation, a fire erupted. In a burst, the flames stretched across the boundless space in an elaborate dance. In a cosmic second like a rubber band snapped, the flames twisted and folded upon themselves. With sheer force this fiery cage was lifted, ripped from the seams and life's first breath was taken. As this spark was ignited in rays of ruby beauty, a glorious sun was born.

That was not the end, pulled by its overwhelming energy, varies material orbited around the new blazing sun. And as they danced this timeless waltz they formed something of equal awe. Swirled with hues of sapphire, and pearl and orbited by three soft lavender moons. A planet was born before our eyes as we rushed to what we knew would be our home.

Many light years passed before we reached our destination, but when we did it was like a weight was lifted. After so many years we finally found a place to call home, a place of our very own. It didn't take long before we scattered to explore and find places to call our own. But even as immortals we still longed for connection and family. So we build a central city to gather in. Just as it seemed everything was in place and that we found peace. Our past came back to haunt us. It seemed that we weren't the only ones to witness the glory of this planets birth, or hear its call to come. In what felt like a blink of the eye our home was infested by visitors.

We decided that we'd try to live with the visitors in harmony, since Sigil was not our birth planet. The other had the same right as us to be there. With some this goal was easily achieved, for they too were only looking for a place to call home, but most were space pirates. A fearsome caravan of cut throat savangers, said to plunder a planet for all its worth. They'd take anything of remote value, even lives to be sold into slavery. But these were mere rumors, and How could we turn someone away from a potential place to call home. For all we knew, these Space Pirates were just misunderstood... Much like our own kin. So we allowed them refuge on Sigil, and in her orbit,... and thats where our story begins,...


Sigil was a vast planet,.. which encompassed all different types of scenery. Large oceans with gorgeous beaches, beautiful spring feed river, majestic mountains, lush forest that seemed to stretch on forever, and anything and everything the imagination could dream up. It was a true work of art, that just made the heart go awe. At least that's how the half immortal, and wolf demon named Drift felt about it. For the second time in her life, the wolf felt blessed by the cosmos, completely content. It was an odd emotion for the young women, and it struck her heart with much force especially when she watched those that inhabit the newly developed planet. For just as the nature around was so expansive and unusual, So were the people. For it seemed that from every corner of at least the galaxie, if not the universe as a whole, different walks of life came to Sigil. It was a huge melting pot, and they all seemed to have the same reason for being there. For one reason or another there original home, they no longer had access to, and Sigil gave them the hope of a promise of a new beginning, a new place to call home.

It was mid morning at this point, and the young woman decided it was best time to get up, and do something. So after she took a moment to get properly dressed, Drift emerged from her bed room in the Immortals prime building. She stayed her fequently, only because Drift was a being who almost needed company. She had lived a good portion of her life with a pack of wolves she alphaed, but times changed, and now she was here on Sigil. Some had come with her, but she missed the sounds of there old den, and of there constant noise. So for now, when the nights seemed to quiet she stayed in the first building the immortals created together. The place where her father, older siblings and some other immortals resided.

As she made her way through the house Drift made sure her appearance was in order. Slender hands smoothed out the black and red corset which clung to her slender form, and them brushed down on the short, black pletted skirt she wore as well. She flicked her long, deep purple hair back so it cascaded down her body, its ends resting at the top of her skirt. Which each step her thick leather boots clicked and clanked as the buckles jangled. Drift mind wondered on what to do today, As she headed out the front door, and into town.
Night after night, Seith felt that this place is her home. She didn't have to hide and could confidently walk between other creatures inhabiting this world. It brought her freedom and happiness. Yet, having parents and family around would make her even happier. Seith opened her eyes as the sunlight found its way through the leaves in the forest. Yes, she had been living in the forest, however, she kept in touch with the world behind the bushes as well. Thinking of the city, it reminded her that she had to go there today. Someone asked for her help and she accepted. With a yawn, Seith sat up and stretched her arms. No, she didn't have a proper building where to sleep only because she was happy sleeping in the nature. Nevertheless, she still knew how to interact with people and how to behave in a society. She didn't become a neanderthal.

Grumbling stomach convinced Seith to move her body and get some food for herself. Since she had come to this world, she became vegeterian. Why? It was because animals in here were so....magnificent! Seith just couldn't go and kill one of them for her own needs. Hence, she started eating plants about which she knew that wouldn't kill her. That was another thing she loved about being here. This planet was so miscellaneous. It wasn't just in terms of inhabitants but also in terms of flora and landscape itself. Seith traveled across the world and never stayed on one place for too long, she became a nomad and that gave her the opportunity to become aware of several different cultures all living next to each other in symbiosis. Observing became her best skill.

No matter how much she loved watching what was happening around her, she couldn't get over one fact. Pirates...those space bastards who came with the belief that their misdoing would be fine and accepted. Just a thought of them could set Seith on fire. To be honest, it wasn't the best thought to start the day either. Once, Seith calmed herself down, she had her breakfast and began her journey to the city. However, thoughts of those cruel queer fishes came back to her. It crept into her mind as a slimy snake who jabbed its teeth into her conscious and couldn't let go. Seith held her staff tightly, trying to control herself otherwise she would kick each stone on the ground. How she hated them. She let out a breath of fury and carried on walking without any other signs of her emotions. However, she got an idea how to weaken those beasts. Unfortunately, she couldn't do it herself. She had to see someone from the immortals to talk to. Someone who knew where pirates were.

All the way to the city, she was thinking about her plan and if she was lucky and met some immortal, how she could present her plan and convince others to support her, or at least give her advices or ideas. Once she was behind the city walls, she got her directions to the person she was about to help.
A abrupt nudge pressed insistently on Leon's shoulder before the inhalation of dank, sulfurous air filled his lungs from the fire fights that had occurred earlier. It wasn't from a resistance, no one stood against the Space Pirates but from within the collective groups. Rather unable to resolve problems through other means some how deterred him from wanting to stay along with the soulless acts of them. Eyes parting looking at the one who woke him. "You know all this sleeping is bad for you right? Even if you don't age." Her voice was rather calm and playful with him.

His mouth opened up as his hand reached for his mask, large teeth showing carefree. "Meh, starters most of these rift raffs don't care for demi-humans and second, no one here really knows how to have a good time. Always about money or fighting. There has to be something more to life than this Emilia."

A laugh of amusement escaped her, "Well you should have thought of that before making the deal with her. Least I didn't have a choice in the matter."

Rising from the ground where he slept, he looked around as he put his mask, white based adorned with a splatter of crimson. His mind had become like his life, predictable and dull. The most fun he had had in decades was fighting the man in the top hat yet now he dwelled in the deepest depths of a cave with a band of mindless morons. There had to be something more, he just knew it but how would he go about it. Just a grunt like the others that serve the strongest and while he could pose a threat, he lacked the ambition to cause motion to seize power. "Emilia, join me in a drink. It's been a while since we had a good one. Suppose we could get fresh air after that, this place seems like a prison more than a stronghold."

They started walking the pathways towards the refreshment area, having to sneak to avoid detection from the gun fire, though most shied away from him as he was almost six foot of the cross of a lion and human. Even if, he had ways of handling them. Though he commonly thought of the fight he once had against the man with the top hat, how the thrill of the challenge invigorated him. But what was he to do, not like anyone would resist the Pirates. Though they fought amongst one another, they commonly would turn and join up against those that would attack them out of spite for interrupting their resolve.
The day was young, but already the sun beat down on the cliff face, illuminating its red glow and casting off a crimson aura. It radiated on the trees and plants that struggled to survive in cracks and crevices along its surface. Somewhere, halfway up the cliff, a small outcropping hovered precariously from the face of the cliff, barely holding up. But, as with the rest of the mountain, this outcropping had been there for years, and wouldn't fall now. On top of the outcropping sat a man, his feet hanging over the edge. He was staring out across the valley, watching the sun as its rays stroked the trees and rivers, and slowly reached the town in the east, illuminating everything bit by bit. His face was worn. His clothes seemed to have seen better days. The thirty-something captain leaned back, resting on his hands, and stared up at the sky, watching the cloudless sky as it grew bluer by the second. His hair was tied up in a bandanna, with a few strands sticking out along the edges. He wore a long coat, despite the heat, though its sleeves were rolled up. He was the image of a Pirate, if nothing else.

But, unlike most pirates, he wasn't joined on top of the outcropping by a young girl, sitting there and staring at the sky with him. She wore a cloak, covering most of her body, and was content in laying on her back, staring up at the sky with her father.
Captain Nathaniel Hawkins. Father of Mary-Anne, and known as Captain Hawk by most. One of the Captains of the giant Pirate armada, he captained a ship, and had a crew that ran with him. He was not very well-known, having fought in little battles. He had joined only a few years ago, but earned the right as Captain with his daring and leadership. Now, he still cruised along, following the bidding of the Pirate collective, hoping to find something more than pillaging every planet the found.

It was sad really. He had nowhere else to go. He found Mary-Anne when she was young, and being abused. Killing her assasailant, and adopting her, changed his outlook on life quite drastically. He felt a certain value to it now, unlike the reckless abandon of his old ways. Now, he was stuck with the Space Pirates, trying to survive.
They seldom had any kind of resistance. People shied away from danger, especially danger with a reputation. The infamous Space Pirates were known across the galaxy.

But, there was something different about Sigil. As if there was a reason for them to not be here.

Hawk stood, standing on the outcropping and staring out across the valley once more. Then, he looked down at Mary-Anne, who also joined him. Then, taking her hand, he took one last glance at the start of the day, and disappeared in a flash of black smoke. It was time to return to the cave.