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  1. PREVIEW: (just an introductory message, the sign up sheet's right below!)


    Newsclippings adjourned the walls. Most of them seemed to be for a variety of things, ranging from the latest sports star's current status, an earthquake out in some third world country that few americans probably even knew existed. But amongst those all were certain ones that were circled. The majority of which were much older, by several years. They seemed to collect the exploits of a
    'Theodore Holliday.' The imagery depicted an adult male, who physically seemed to be in his mid to late forties. The sides of his hair were growing white, the rest of his head still a full head of dark hair, combed neatly to go with his professional and often serious nature while sporting either a classic white lab coat, or a trench coat while out in public. Both times have seen him dressed in a fine sweater worn over a white dress shirt and blue tie. Doctor Holliday stood around 5,11 and was never found slouching, even in his work. It would have been an absolute disgrace to his practice to seem as though for a moment he had been relaxing.

    And there watching the image of the dignified, world renowed omni-learned scientist was the occupant of the jail cell. He lacked everything that the object of his absolute hatred had. He was hunched over, his hair wild enough to make Tarzan think him a savage, with clumps of it on the floor, likely from past 'tugs' as he has come to call them, which often occurred with outbursts of intense and blinding rage often handled by his caretakers with a worn out nightstick. His body was becoming more lithe everyday, eating so little and rarely sleeping, unless forced. Much space was between his skin and the sizable orange jumpsuit he was forced to wear. He wasn't much for footwear, had to give them up to a stronger inmate. Either way, he liked feeling everything; Perception was always something he required to feel safe. He looked at his frighteningly long fingernails. And then at the clippers and file he had been allowed to use.

    And then there was another newspaper. Moreso given to collect clippings, but purely on accident it captured an event perpretrated by fellow that almost resembled a younger Doctor Holliday, his hair short and completely dark. Though here this fellow was dressed in a t-shirt, tucked into a pair of jeans and very much showing off a physique that upon first sight, let a person know he regularly exercised, and on his feet were a pair of dark boots, the leg-sleeves of the denim trousers tucked into them as they climbed up to cover most of his shin. Here he seemed more upbeat and relaxed than Holliday had ever appeared. The front page story regarded the efforts of this fellow after he had managed to find a fatal flaw in the illegal operations of a Boss Rindaldo and a band of supremacist criminal specialists for hire, the Over-Gang.

    "Trent. You sly bastard..." Rasped the man. "You may have eluded me and the rest of the world, but I shall take from you as you have taken from me. By robbing your son's life, and taking over the city first...And then the rest of this feeble-minded planet, and its incompetent governments!!"

    He cackled like an absolute psychopath, breaking midway into a coughing fit, before a guard approached with a baton. Quickly, the madman hid away a box he had kept just to the side of his newspaper, a small red glow flickering to life as the box was pushed away...


    Dear Friend,

    I have sent this letter for some reason of great importance. Perhaps we have met and even worked together, or maybe I recognize a quality in you that I urgently request you lend to me.

    If any of you are familiar with recent adventures of mine, most notably the Over-Gang Issue in which Boss Rinaldo of the Malvoli Family was conducting an international smuggling operation, you will know that I have been putting myself to use, for all the skills my Father, Doctor Trenton Holliday, had me learn, starting at a young age. Unfortunately, for all the scientific practices I have majored in and the physical talents I have acquired, I am not without faults. Which is why I have summoned you to my central offices in New York City as a temporary headquarters.

    I must warn you now that these new adventures will challenge every fiber of your mind and body, and demand you to perform to the highest ability in your chosen fields. We must devote ourselves to the pursuit of the Truths of life, and to uphold the ways of Justice wherever we tread. We will no doubt face incredible trials, as I myself have experienced more than mere mafia rackets, or enemy spies prying on coveted files. But just as much, criminals and espionage will equally be a herculean task. But I ask only that you offer your heart and soul to making the world a little nicer to live in. And it seems that will take an all-star crew of the best men and women (or anything in between) to really get anything done.

    With much respect,

    -- Scott Holliday, AKA Doc Scott, or "The Sightseer."


    THE TEAM: And how it rolls.

    The All-Star Crew is a globetrotting group of adventurers, each brought in for their unique skills, physically and mentally, like acrobatics or medical procedure to name some. By combining various talents, they make up for eachother's faults in order to overcome impossible odds.

    1. Killing is a Last Resort. Doc Scott strongly encourages his teammates to find alternatives when the situation faces them with grim options at first glance.

    2. The group should consist of members at least over 18. Exceptions shall be rare, and must possess good reasons as to why and how this person would be allowed onto the team.

    3. No matter what squabbles you have off-duty, you must be capable of functioning with the team under fire. If you can manage to keep yourselves and your partners alive, you're free to squabble a bit. To an extent that is, over time we'll surely come to appreciate our teammates.

    4. The team has mostly consisted of folks just a little over normal, but rarely anything too superhuman. It's all about having ingenuity and intelligence, and the perseverence of the everyday living being.

    5. A sense of wonder tends to help. The world is a vast place, ever-changing. Exploration, Science and Justice are valued by the Holliday family, and the team itself. Be inquisitive and let curiosity get the better of you, offer help where you can lend it whilie acting chivalrously to others and think big: Because we live in a huge thing called a universe. And at the same time, we have things as small as the atom and beyond. The possibilities are infinite.

    That's all for the moment...


    ALL-STAR APPLICATIONS (I'm mostly looking for members of Doc Scott's "All-Star Crew.")

    Nicknames/Alias: (You'll be referred to throughout the roleplay with your main nickname)
    Personality: (Optional, if you choose to show off your character in the roleplay rather than describe them in this little section)



    Items: (If any to note. This applies to items the character will ALWAYS have on every adventure with Doc Scott.)

    Weaponry: (If any to note. This applies to weaponry the character will ALWAYS carry as opposed to what they use purely for one adventure, like using flamethrowers on ice monsters in an arctic tundra.)

    Quote(s): (Optional)

    Fun Facts: (Optional)

    Theme Song: (Optional)
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  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Sebastian "Scott" Holliday
    Nicknames/Alias: "Doc Scott" by teammates, and as the legendary "Sightseer" by others.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Appearance: Scott is a caucasian male standing at least at 5,11 with a toned build kept up by regular exercise. He possesses short brown hair and turqoise colored eyes. He is iconically seen with a t-shirt tucked into a pair of pants-- usually jeans, as well as a pair of leather boots which cover most of his shins, even containing light padding incase he is struck there, or throws a kick. When it rains or gets cold, he puts on a green jacket which resembles a short trench coat, complete with buttoned shoulder straps and everything. He also carries gloves and goggles incase he requires them for his work.

    Personality: Scott is a fellow who likes balance. He has maintained both a degree of mental and athletic prowess and always keeps the two in line, developing them at the same pace. He's very relaxed when talking to others, and while on duty he does his best to keep his emotions in check so as not to cloud his better judgment. He despises people who act condescending, and holds a great curiosity for the forces he has yet to learn about.

    History: The son of world renowed Trenton Holliday, an omni-disciplinary super scientist. Much of his youth was spent studying and keeping up exercise, learning about major subjects and physical skills to make himself well rounded, and by all means an intelligent lad, but not quite at the level of his father, rather being a jack of all trades and master of a few specific areas, Trenton having manipulated his son's younger years in an experiment to create an improved human being with enough intelligence and athletic ability to participate in all sorts of tasks in what he called 'Project Rennaissance,' an effort that had been conducted all over the world by various people, mostly in the past to create super soldiers or personally tailored geniuses and leaders.

    Scott grew up in the care of a mother and father. His Mother Julia, on the other hand, as intelligent as she was, enjoyed travel, archaeology, and criminal justice. She gave him great freedom when she could, doing her best to let him peek into the life of a normal person, and educate him with ideals of honesty, justice and hope, which would contribute to his becoming an adventurer later on as an adult.

    It was when he was nine years old that his mother and father had argued over his being, how his father hadn't allowed the poor boy to enjoy himself as often as he should, which led to Julia Holliday's departure from Holliday Scientific Enterprises, the organization passed on to Trenton from older generations and forefathers, as well as the family. Eventually Scott began to see his education as drudgery, growing distant from his father, and embracing every idea Julia wished for him to hold onto forever. Eventually after gaining high honors during college level years of study, he went on some of his first journeys alone, studying the unknown and lending a hand where others needed it.

    As of recently, his father has gone missing. Now, he calls upon old friends and the finest practitioners of various fields to assist him in his thrilling escapades and battles against the forces of evil.


    - Scientific/Engineering genius: Scott posseses a degree of knowledge in working with different forms of technology and working with machinery and gadgets.

    - Great Physique: Scott's body has been trained to the peak of human ability, or even slightly over that. He can casually pull apart the chain on a pair of handcuffs, or perform great leaps. His bones are very durable, especially his knuckles, allowing him to some extent to punch hard materials, like hard wood or stone, and not immediately break his hands.

    - Sensitive Hearing: Scott's greatest senses are his hearing. He can hear easily through most regular layered walls, and over vast distances.

    Items: Scott will usually have gadgets with him on adventures, but his main piece of tech is a WristComp, disguised as an ordinary watch. While it may seem like a mini smartphone that goes on your wrist, it's actually much more powerful, and carries several functions to it. He also likes having a wrench, and a survival knife on him at times.

    Weaponry: Scott usually always keeps a survival knife on him, and as an added precaution, a handgun. Previously he carried a Smith and Wesson M29 Magnum Revolver, but has since prefered an H&K USP semi-automatic handgun.


    "How do you give up when there's another tomorrow, first thing tomorrow?"

    "Lives are too precious to waste. Given the opportunity, a person can accomplish wonders."

    "Move with regard, and act righteously. Do your best to set an example-- No, an Ideal for others to follow."

    "Quickly team, We're humanity's only hope!"

    Fun Facts: (TBA)

    Theme Song: (TBA)
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  3. Name: Alice Walker

    Nicknames/Alias: Shadow Hunter

    Gender: Female

    Age: 16

    Appearance: Lean and mean, Alice prefers to wear dark, comfortable fighting clothing. Which happens to include thick black army pants and thick black t-shirt to match. She always wears a strange, dark jacket that looks like an army jacket, but effectively seals out water and keeps her very warm; not to mention its many useful pockets and hidden spaces. To finish the look, she wears a pair of strong-looking black boots and a black baseball cap. Of course, all of this black stands out against her pale skin. Her short, thick, and wild ebony hair sticks out from under her cap and matches her dark eyes. Her katana is slung over the back off her buttoned up jacket, always ready for use.

    Personality: Fierce, independent, suspicious

    History: Alice is somewhat of a walking science experiment gone wrong. She was a subject in a not-exactly-legal lab. They experimented on humans, mainly children because of their more mold-able DNA, to make the perfect 'human'. A blend of human and predator that could survive anywhere. She, herself, was a startling and unexpected success. She didn't know what animal she shared her DNA with, she wasn't told, but she had a suspension that not all of it was from Earth. Especially if you include the appearance of her powers.


    - The Hunter: All of her senses are heightened, especially when she tracking down someone. Like a lot of predators, she can see in the dark and has some very...unsettlingly sharp, strong teeth.

    - Instinctive Feeling: She holds instinct in very high regard, sharpening it like an executioner's axe. This means instinctive sense of danger, over-awareness, etc. Like how you can tell if you're alone in a room or not.

    - Shadow Shaping: She thrives in the darkness, moving it, molding it to small degree. This includes cloaking herself in shadows to remain unseen to the enemy and creating small wisps of things like a knife or small animal. However, they never last long away from her.

    - In Sickness or in Health: Her body has altered itself to fight any disease or poison.

    Items: Cell Phone, Water Canteen, Watch (Wind-up), small health kit

    Weaponry: Daggers, Small Knives, Survival Knives (2), Demonic Katana, small, black handgun

    Quote(s): 'I'm not a hero. I'm a monster'.

    Fun Facts: She somewhat avoids people. A lot.

    Other: She's a bounty hunter. She fights evil when she sees it,but she isn't fond of helping someone who doesn't want to help themselves. As a bounty hunter, she hunts down the target, brings them down, and brings them in. Right now, she's hunting the nasty predators of the big city.

    Theme song:
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  4. Is this sheet still in progress?
  5. Alright. I'll come to a full conclusion on it once you feel it's been sufficiently finished.
  7. @Shadowheart: Okay, about your character.

    - Just how powerful are those abilities you've given her?

    - Her age and backstory seem odd to me. What's the reason for this secret laboratory to perform these experiments on a sixteen year old? And not only that, her backstory seems to indicate she was given some form of professional training in espionage, military tactics, and wholesale slaughter purely at random. Does this group have a purpose for doing this sort of thing, will you plan on revealing it during the roleplay, or is there going to be no real explanation for this?

    Adding to that, I really can't imagine Doc Scott letting someone like this on his team. (This will also show off some elements of how the team operates. I'll make a note on the intro post for other players on this sort of thing.)

    - She's underage. The girl is only sixteen; A teenager. Doc Scott himself is at least 24, having spent his life since childhood in training, and only going on his earliest major adventures close to his earlier 20's.

    Their ages also correlate to the fact she's trained to be a master soldier/master spy/ master assassin all at once. Scott is a 'jack of all trades,' but his mastery lies primarily in technology and engineering, meaning that the other members of the team can easily surpass him in other areas, like chemistry or by knowing certain martial arts styles.

    - She's an unstable killer. She has a disregard for people and living things, and has been noted to be nearly incapable of working in a team due to 'self-preservation instincts' and intense paranoia. The team uses killing (not ultra-violent killing either) as a last resort. Doc Scott is actually strongly against losing lives, and will actively remind his allies to find the best alternatives to any situation, most of all when faced with grim options.

    All in all, this really doesn't seem like a member of the team, more so someone they'd probably face off against.
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  8. [​IMG]
    Name: John Browning
    Nicknames/Alias: Jokingly referred to as Sherlock Holmes by friends and colleagues. To everyone else, he’s Detective.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 42
    Appearance: Tall and muscular, Browning is an imposing figure, with a voice like thunder to match – with the kind of gravelly tone you’d expect from a light smoker, despite the fact that he feels tempted to shoot smokers on sight. While he’s tall, it’s only enough to make him stand out in a group. Otherwise, if you mixed him into the crowd, you’d hardly be able to tell the difference. Small scars are liberally scattered across his body, and though he doesn’t remember how he got them all, he sure as hell remembers how much each one hurt. And not a single one of them tickled.

    As much as he tries to hide it, John has too much hair to hide the fact that some of it is greying – though, stress may have had a large part to play in it. Sporting a close-cut, parted hairstyle, Browning has a beard to match. It isn’t a very thick one, but thick ones get held onto by criminals. In his prime, his hair was a fairly unassuming black, but as of late, that colour has begun to fade. His eyes are deep brown in hue – well, the one remaining is. John doesn’t care to think about what happened to the other one.

    Come Hell or high water, John will refuse to change his “uniform,” of sorts – at least, until it just becomes silly to wear it. A frequent wearer of pale shirts and no ties, Browning firmly believes in looking smart, but not entirely business-like. Hence, the fact that it is untucked, and that he wears a dark grey jacket over it. His trousers are the kind you would expect to see being worn by a standard office worker, as are his shoes. His trousers match his jacket, but his shoes seem to be in a perpetually-polished state, giving the black leather its sheen.

    Personality: While not arrogant, strictly speaking, one would not be entirely inaccurate in saying that John is too self-confident. Age and experience have humbled the man over the years, and worn away much of the zeal that he had in his early days – however, that doesn’t mean he’s lost himself. Give him half a chance, and he’ll criticise your every more when he’s sure he knows better. In fact, it’s not uncommon to find that he takes over a project, because he believes the leader to be incompetent. People will often begrudgingly follow him, knowing that he knows what he’s doing, but he’s a pain to work with.

    However, underneath this abrasive exterior, is a peaceful man who just wants to sit by the fireside on a cold winter’s eve, with lemon drizzle cake at his side and a piping-hot cup of chamomile tea on the other. He loves adventure and the thrill of the chase, but he’s lived long enough to see a fair few things. Once he’s calmed down, and once he’s shed his somewhat-arrogant exterior, one can find that he makes quite the conversational partner. His friends have known him to crack jokes and tell anecdotes of days gone by, while offering them a fresh brew. He’s not a bad person, he’s just hard to get along with.

    History: Life wasn’t especially tough for young John Browning, but that wasn’t to say he didn’t have his fair share of hardships. He was always a brash child, sticking by his opinions and his thoughts, even when they were disproven. He would do anything in his power to prove himself right, though he would only ever use the truth – likely because he was smart enough to know he was a terrible liar. That is to say nothing of the sense of righteousness that he had, though. If there were bullies on the playground, guess who would be the first to stand between them and the victim? If crayons went missing, guess who would be the first to point a finger, having observed them being taken?

    As a result, his popularity went down, reaching subterranean levels by the time he got into high school. However, by this point, he had improved, to an extent. Learning to rely on himself, and to strive for what he alone believed in, John quickly made a name for himself as the “creepy loner” of his year group. Despite this, however, there was little else that separated him from the rest. His grades were hardly stellar – above average, but nothing jaw-dropping. His athletic ability was promising, but at the levels it was measured at, there wasn’t much to say on the subject.

    His years in education went by, and after a few stints in other jobs to earn some money for himself, John landed himself the opportunity to be tested and trained for work in his local police force. And this was the only thing that really seemed to interest him – hence, why he passed with flying colours, his potential having been unlocked. He rose through the ranks, faster than most would have expected, but his progress was hardly shocking. His talents, however, were wasted on his sleepy community – even his superiors said so. As a result, he was transferred into the Metropolitan Police, and he began his life in London.

    Redundancies soon became the “in” thing, however, even if they were on a less pronounced scale and for a far shorter time than more prominent counterparts. And, as luck would have it, Browning somehow got caught up in the mess. Footloose and fancy-free, John decided to visit his brother, who had gone stateside. He had only been keeping in touch with him via email and social media networks he rarely had time for – meeting face-to-face would be a brilliant opportunity for him. A stroke of luck even managed to find its way to the now-unemployed ex-detective. John’s brother would set up a two-man company, consisting of a “Consulting Detective” (John), and the resident forensic scientist (the brother).

    However, tragedy soon struck once the emigration and the moving had been taken care of. It was only their first case – but it was a disastrous one. John got careless. He was used to handling thugs with guns, but not on the scale his American counterparts were. A stray bullet from a thug he was chasing hit an exposed fuel tank, and though the burns and cuts John received were arbitrary, the glass that had claimed his left eye was not. Left a wreck and unable to function by the injury and the pain he had received, Browning retired from his active role, instead opting to take a desk job, venturing out only to do menial tasks – such as tracing pets.

    But then, a year or so later, a letter came through. Someone had caught wind of John – his aptitude, his latent ability, the kind of perceptive mind that no ordinary detective had. It was being wasted on a person that was scared to fight back, and John’s brother was now relying on the sense of adventure they supposedly shared. And, though it had taken some convincing, John begrudgingly agreed to go. The truth was that he had grown bitter – bitter that he wasn’t doing more. That he wasn’t able to do more. The fact that he was spending every hour he could down at the firing range only made him look all the more bitter, given how he consistently aimed for the target's head or groin. Thus, he decided to get up and go, before his brain could tell him to stop.

    Skills/Abilities: John, in his prime, was one of the best detectives available – both when he was private, and a member of the Metropolitan Police. Give him a few days and the right resources, and he’ll have the boys in blue knocking at the culprit’s door in no time. However, lack of practise and the deterioration that comes with age isn’t doing him any favours. Granted, his age isn’t making much of a mark, but it’s getting there.

    Given that he was to take up residence in America for the latter part of his career, it was inevitable that he learnt how to handle firearms, even if he was not to use them on the job back home. While he isn’t exactly Deadshot-accurate, he’s capable of hitting his mark consistently – in fact, it’s one of the few things he’s been practising, as of late. Unfortunately, due to his missing eye, his shots aren’t as accurate as they once were.

    Browning isn’t just used to firearms. He has standard self-defence training that one would expect the police to have, but experience is one of the best teachers there is. While he has no real formal training in any martial arts, he is a fearsome street fighter.

    Obviously, John has a body honed by years of running, jumping, fighting and overall experience. For a man his age, his strength, speed and stamina are astonishing. However, while they’re just starting to show, the effects of old age are taking their toll on John. He can train all he likes, but there’s no outrunning Father Time.

    Items: His trusty Nokia E-Series. The thing’s about as close to the indestructible 3310 as he can get, while still having access to what he needs. It’s scratched, the back cover doesn’t fit properly, and there are more than a few scuff marks. However, it’s served him well, and it still works perfectly fine.

    A seemingly-endless supply of generic chocolate bars. Everyone knows his pockets aren’t Hammerspace, but it’s still one of the biggest mysteries in the world – where does he keep getting all that chocolate from?

    Weaponry: John doesn’t care much for power or style, as he knows just how easy it is to kill with a gun. Hence, his tendency to use pocket pistols, though the makes are never specified. Philosophy aside, he prefers the ability to draw his weapon quickly and blast a few rounds at an opponent – even if they wear body armour, there is likely to be a momentary lapse in their concentration when he pulls it out and pulls the trigger.

    For close combat, John likes to pull out his favourite pair of brass knuckles. They’re little tarnished and more than a little scratched, but there’s no denying that those knuckles hurt when they hit.

    Quote(s): “I don’t get nearly enough credit for managing not to be a violent psychopath.”
    “I’m not insulting you. I’m describing you.”
    “Pull the other one.”
    “I may be on the side of the angels, but do not think, for one second, that I am one of them.”

    Fun Facts: He actually has a glass eye. He just likes the eyepatch better, as his ability to intimidate is somewhat lessened by having two eyes – one of which is just something eye-shaped.

    He actually loves to bake, but has taken steps to ensure nobody knows. And that anybody who does, is immediately discredited.

    Theme Song:
    Mind Palace and Solution

    (See original scene here.)
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  9. Name: Mark Smith
    Comically: DJ (Death Jr.)

    Name to Media and Associates: Bloodshed.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    [​IMG](Mask he wears, when he fights. Also used to protect his identity)
    Personality: Smart-ass, can be a very dark being at time, has controllable temper, doesn't get pissed off too easily.

    History: Growing up, Mark always looked up to war heroes. His fatjer was one of them. They would write letters too each other when he was across seas fighting for their country. As Mark grew he trained as hard as possible to be like his father and all the others who were noticed for being amazing fighters in war, maybe even better. After training for about a decade he was simply about to give it up and admit to himself that he would be nothing like his father who was, at this time, deceased. It was then he discovered all these secrets about them being injected with chemicals that gave them enhanced senses, agility, and speed. Mark Smith then demanded to be injected with all they had. He paid top dollar for it and didn't take no for an answer. After the procedure he was sent straight to war, for it was required for meta humans of such skill to be shipped off. When he turned 21 he insisted to be shipped back home, even though he had almost no family left. After the government declined it he ended up sneaking back home on a cargo plane. Since he got home he's been wiping crime from the streets in a witty, violent, and a very deathly way. He has been counted as a hero, and a savior to some, and a killer, murderer, felon, criminal, and villain to others.


    Master of War:
    • Over average strength and agility
    • Weapon expert
    • Master strategist
    • Regenerative healing
    • Skilled Fighter
    Survivalist: Mark has learned to make the best out of nothing. He can go longer with out food or water, than the average man, he can make a world-class trap out of things you would find on a deserted island and/or desert if needed. Can turn a wild animal into his friend, or a helper, just by using a certain kind of body language.

    Trickster/Joker: Mark has a way of reading people and luring them into what ever he desired. For example he could lure someone into a trap physically, emotionally, and even internally (if that doesn't make sense let me know and I'll explain it more)

    Over Average Speed, Agility, Strength, Senses, etc. (Sort of self explanatory)


    Cell Phone: Has certain hacking abilities that other phones don't.

    Mask: Hides identity, and protects face and head.


    Long Double Edged Sword


    Sniper Rifle

    Two semi-automatic 5mm's

    Rocket Launcher (Rarely)

    After receiving The Sightseer's letter, he now has to face the challenge of keeping killing to a minimum (which should hopefully add a twist to Mark's character)

    Quote "So who are you hunting? Or are you just looking for a fight?"

    Theme Song:

    (Sorry about all the mess that I just left you to read above me. I've been performing out at places and working pretty late so I'm really tired, but I could not wait until tomorrow to join this. If there's anything you need me to fix just let me know)
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  10. Okay, I'll edit it.
  11. @Laggy: Your character is PERFECT. You're good to go!

    [MENTION=3712]Master Of War[/MENTION]:

    What are the full extents of your character's skills and powers? I'm not fond of superhuman strength and agility at the same time, and you've also given him high level martial arts and strategy. And he has explosives/an arsenal of guns? I have to straight up say no to an entire arsenal/armory.

    And the backstory; Why do they inject him with the chemicals too? What gives them a reason besides the fact that he's related?


    I still want to know the full extent of what she can do. Just saying she can do things to a small degree doesn't entirely specify her capabilities. And you said she had inhumanly sharp teeth, something along those lines.
  12. How about now? That, and the sharp teeth are the results of the experimental dna shifting.
  13. I'll get on that.
  14. Okay. I appreciate the changes made on the sheets, and I hope we can make all of this work.

    @Shadowheart: I'm not asking you to make a change to your sheet, but in-character I still don't see why Scott would consult a sixteen year old street vigilante for assistance, so I'll have to ask you to introduce the character differently, and have them meet up with Scott and the others on her own accord as opposed to being called in.

    [MENTION=3712]Master Of War[/MENTION]: The changes you've made seem alright, and the history makes more sense for a member of Doc Scott's team now, and he can be sure in sending him a letter for some extra muscle.

    Keep in mind the All-Star Crew consists of adventurers as opposed to immediate superheroes. Think of shows like Jonny Quest, or Venture Bros. for an example of the kind of world and adventures Doc Scott and his allies live in, which is kind of the reason why the team specifically needs to have its power levels carefully managed: The amazing super-science, exploration of new and far off lands... All kinds of things I would very much like to portray in a roleplay inspired by pulp style adventures.
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  15. Yeah, I can understand that.

    It's just that she's a natural survivor. City, desert, tundra, or ancient temple. She was made to survive that kind of stuff. I thought maybe having a sort of guide might be helpful. Teaching them how to survive in each of their more...exotic adventures. Like warning them of flesh-eating jungle ants that even tigers avoid, or sniffing out traps/ambushes.
  16. Teaching them how to survive? She's sixteen years old, and relies on powers given to her by others. She's only been MADE to survive these locations, and nothing suggests she's actually ever went anywhere. There's a fine line between abilities possessed naturally, and having skills you have to learn.

    She can't really teach them very much of what she herself does through a power, which is one thing that really puts me off about that description. An actual survivalist would have stayed in hostile conditions, and acted accordingly to the environment, learning new methods of finding food, or techniques to spot an elusive animal or light a long-lasting fire.

    I also figure the team would all probably take on information depending on where they travel to, leaving characters open to have a healthy dose of survival skills, and allowing them to take on other skills, like bio-chemistry or having training as surgeons.
  17. It's not through a power, it's instinct. So what if she was given the powers? It's not like every other super hero in existance are totally free from that point. And she is currently in a harsh environment. Just not a natural one. It's not like you don't need your own survival guide when living in the underworld of a rotting city. Thieves, murderers, drug dealers, rapists, crazy religionists looking for their next get my point. And they all know she's out to get them. She has to constantly be alert for anyone and anything because no one's going to just sit around waiting for her to destroy their empire and drag them off of their golden thrones. And we both know these guys don't restrain themselves at killing for a last resort.They're the worst beasts on Earth and there is no harsher environment. One wrong step, and she's dead. Or worse.
  18. She got it through a lab, not through prior training. She doesn't realize the difficulties that come with it and how to attain it, and even if she could teach the others, it would be VERY difficult.

    These aren't superheroes persay. They're just adventurers with special talents, like a modern day Indiana Jones with a bit of sci fi and other incredible elements thrown in, mostly through the threats and villains. I did say the abilities/skills could almost be superhuman, but not to the point we have the avengers running around.

    The urban underworld being the worst? Because it's not like there are small creatures with enough poison, or wild beasts capable of ripping you apart the way a bunch of street thugs would, running out of water in a vast desert, or falling into quicksand. That's not to say being shot, mugged or kidnapped and put into work in lord knows what horrible business is any less serious. It just means she's adapted to an urban environment.

    The hero, especially in a fictional story doesn't have to always kill, or stoop low to fight criminals. Maybe it can't be portrayed realistically not to take drastic measures to fight crime, but once again. This is fiction, and you don't have to run and gun down everyone. Not how Batman, Superman, Spiderman, The Doctor, or many other great characters operate. They do whatever it takes NOT to take a life.
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  19. She's not going to kill them, it's not her job. However, the thing that makes it the worst is that most of the time, the danger her doesn't kill you. Sure poisonous creatures, quick sand, and hungry beasts are bad, but death isn't the scariest thing out there, by far, really. Most of the time, you have to live with whatever has been done to you. Tortured, beaten, raped, mugged, threatened; it doesn't matter. You would have to live with the memories of everything that happened to you or that you saw. Most of the time, that's worse than just roughing it in the outback or something.

    Also, why would it be hard for her to give you guys advice? I mean, it shouldn't be hard for a wolf to teach someone to howl. It's just information she knows. Telling someone how to get out of quicksand or how to get across a river of piranhas shouldn't be hard.

    She didn't come straight to the city with everything planned out after the lab incident, you know. I thought it was obvious or that I could mention it in the roleplay, so I didn't bother putting that in there. She lived in the wild for quite some time before she got over what happened and came to terms with what she now was. Then her re-entrance back into society was slow and not exactly heartwarming. After all, she is a monster.
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