Sighting a Star

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    It is a quiet night near a small town, and the stars thine through the darkness of the sky.
    There is a small hill, and on top of it, a tree. Under that tree sits someone. Someone who enjoys the view of these stars. He just looks up.

    Nova usually is not one for stargazing, but this night was filled with million lights this night. A rare sight that he didn't want to waste.
  2. Prism walked through the grass, and up a hill to a tree. She had been there a few hours before --at sunset. Her hands held a sketchbook and a pencil case. As she walked, she looked up at the sky. She hadn't noticed the person sitting on the other side of the tree, and sat down. She was greeted by the breathing of another being, and she was aware that there was another person near her.

    She looked up, then turned her head and looked around the tree.
  3. Around the tree was a young man, probably around 21. He looked up and didn't seem to have noticed that someone else is there too.
    Some stars reflect in his night blue eyes.
  4. Prism turned and sat down where she was before. She was still wondering about the man, and figured that he probably wouldn't want any light pollution to hide the stars above. So, she worked in the dim light of the night sky. With a rustle of paper, she began. Prism was trying to be quiet for the sake of the other person enjoying the night, but the sound of pencil against paper could still be heard.
  5. Nova suddenly heard some little noises. First a rustle from some paper. Then the sound of a pencil. He was too curious not to look, so he got up and walked silently to the other side of the tree. There was someone else who seemed to enjoy the night, but drawing with no light was probably very difficult.
    With a little spell, he created a shining light that hovered on it's own above her.
    Good evening. Enjoying the night as well?
  6. Glancing up at the light, then over to the man, she gave a small smile.
    "Yes, I am." She indicated the light with her head and added,"Thanks."
  7. Nova smiled at her response. It was always nice to meet someone who appreciated a little favor.
    You're welcome. If you don't mind the question, what are you doing out here so late?
  8. She held up her sketchbook, then placed it back on her lap. "Drawing," she said, stating the obvious. "Well, uh, I don't have a camera, and it's a beautiful night, and, eh, cameras don't always cap--" Prism said quickly, pausing in the middle of her rambling. She was awfully chatty during the night, and she wasn't sure whether to be pleased by it or not.
    "What about you? Why are you out here?" she asked.
  9. Nova pointed up to the sky and then looked up.
    It's been months since the sky was full of so many stars. Every time i see it, i can't help myself but to pick a nice spot and look at the sky will i fall asleep.
    Oh and my name is Lusterless Nova. "Nova" is just fine though.
  10. Prism nodded. It was a very nice night. Not a bad temperature either. A little chilly, but that was fine with her. "Nova," she repeated, making sure she got it correct. "My name's Prism." She followed his gaze, then turned her vision back to the paper on her lap. Prism flipped the page she was working on over the metal spiral, and began drawing on the next page, making use of the levitating light Nova put up.
  11. Nova watched her as she flipped the page of the sketchbook over.
    Nice to meet you.
    Uhm... Mind if i watch you? I may not be good at drawing anything but maps, but i like to see how art is made.
  12. "I don't mind. You can watch," she said, already distracted by the paper ...that had a single line on it, dividing the page unevenly in half horizontally. The curved line was closer to the bottom edge than the upper. She began drawing a tree, not unlike the one that they were under, only without any leaves.

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  13. Nova watched her silently and didn't want to distract her.
    He just took a seat by now and watched her pencil curiously.
  14. Prism took out a mechanical pencil with no lead in it and started to make marks in the paper. Then she switched over to coloured pencils and started with little pressure. After several layers of colour and thirty minutes, she worked with more pressure and finished certain areas of the drawing.

    After the drawing was two thirds of the way done, Prism stopped and leaned her head against the tree. She closed her sketchbook and her eyes and said, "I see what you mean about falling asleep out here. It's not a bad idea."

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