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  1. I roleplay to vent out my frustrations, doing multiples ones helps me brush away my stress with just a wave of my hand. I write stories too but it seems like nothing is working anymore. I don't have any rps (even though I'm multiple sites) and I'm starting to feel...worthless and depressed. what do i do?
  2. I'm somewhat in the same boat XP all my old entertainment methods just don't seem to cut it anymore.

    I used to be quite the RPer. Then I found out it was actually making me depressed/a bit obsessed.

    It may be blasphemy at a role play forum, but maybe you just need a break from RPing as a whole.

    But that starts a seperate problem altogether. What to do now. Cutting out something that takes up allot of your time leaves allot of blank space, blank space I bet you're probably using to think about RP's. (At least I did XD)

    Sadly, I don't have an answer XP I haven't experienced a solution and I think I'm in a similar boat as you (though I don't exactly feel worthless, I have a bit too much and too many friends to have that feeling)

    But just to clarify. Are you depressed? Or are you simply bored/lonely? I use to think I was depressed, but then I realized I'm just bored. I spend allot of time by myself because I only have 1 friend that lives around here. Everyone else is spread out at other states.

    If you're depressed, then I hear there's quite a bit of solutions. If you're bored/lonely, then you may need to get out of your comfort zone a bit. See what's out there, see if you can socialize with others you normally wouldn't. Granted I don't even do that so it makes me a bit of a hypocrite, but I do have slight success with that route, I just never stuck with it DX (Too lazy... Because I'm too bored. Such a vicious cycle -.-)
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  3. Like Pharaoh said, it's a bit hard to tell (based on your post alone, anyway) whether this is really a depression issue or if you're just feeling bored and/or suffering from a lack of inspiration that's kind of making everything that used to entertain you just feel... stale.

    If it's the latter, I suggest trying something different; find something new and fresh that you can enjoy doing. Find a new hobby, or even simply a new TV show that you might like -- start a personal project, dig up something old that you used to like and re-spark your interest in that. Finding something new to invest time and interest in can really re-spark your inspiration across the board.
  4. Like others said, it's hard to give specific advice without knowing specifics.

    But generally if you're just lacking motivation you could always try something new.
    May that something new be a new kind of RP, or another hobby entirely is completely up to your imagination.

    Though at the same time, one must also be careful with RP's and grief.
    With two things specifically:

    1) One is actually venting, rather than fleeing.
    2) One is using the RP to grow and relax, rather than to snowball.

    #1 Can be dangerous because suddenly RP's are less of a hobby and more of a compulsion. It starts to become required to simply escape your problems, because one has chosen to flee rather than cope. This can get especially bad where the stress as a result of fleeing builds to the point that even fleeing to RP's doesn't get rid of it, so it follows you regardless.

    #2 Can be dangerous because you've taken a hobby and made it another source of stress. Now, tuning into your pain and using it to make good stories? Using it to make obstacles to overcome, to develop better characters? These are great! They add to the plot and indirectly let you practice ways to overcome it through your character... But often people fall for the trap of simply becoming depressed in the RP's instead, probably as a result of basing characters off them themselves and their current state.

    In all seriousness though this does have merit to it.
    For example a minimal (say 1-2%) amount of my posting here is actually roleplaying.
    The vast majority is just chilling out and socializing with people.

    And even then I will sometimes get Writers Block in RPs, or hit days where I just cannot for the life of me think of anything to do.
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  5. If I had the ability to explain things better in my first post, this is what my message would be 100% XP

    but it seems like nothing is working anymore
    Through highschool I had a emotion reset kinda thing. Press down on that soft spot on the other side of your wrist, and that would basically reset my emotions. WELL I eventually got to over using it, and it no longer worked.

    Point is, artificial methods such as pressing a (pressure point?) or RPing/writing will only work for so long before it no longer works. Something that doesn't seem to have a limit to working however, is socializing/simply talking.

    Which leads me to the 2nd thing that Gen was saying. This place has basically the best people that the internet has to offer (From my dreaded experience anyway XD) I'm not entirely sure where all the chat places are, but the general chatting place is a pretty nifty place to start and interact with people. From there you may find common interest with people, which will then end up in PM, and from there you'll make new buddies and what nots. You seem to be a bioware fan. With your talk about dragon age and i'm like 90% certain your name is based off of Garrus. That common interest with whoever can start what could eventually lead to the best thing evar.

    You seem to have a VERY straight to the point personality from the very little few things I've seen from ya XP I'm not saying to change, however it may benefit you to just go with things instead of cutting things off as soon as it's necessary, no matter how silly it may be. Like instead of asking "why?" just be like "That's... Odd. Lets see where it leads mah ^^" (Granted you can still ask why, but don't use it as an excuse for anything)
    I may be talking out of my ass a bit with that last one, but i'm sure you got my primary point regardless.
  6. There's the Cbox to start, where 3 of us are currently.
    Additionally there's the Teamspeak server: voice.iwakuroleplay.com

    And then there's Skype Chats.
    I have one that does games like CaH that's open to let anyone in.
    Skype Name: addictx360

    All someone needs to do is add me and tell me they want in the group.
    No... I would never of guessed! :P

  7. @Commander Calibrations

    Maybe for now you should take a break from roleplaying. It might be you are trying so hard it is taking from the writing you do on the side. First and foremost, take a breather. I think you wrote about how to make a good request thread if I remember correctly. Work on that in the meantime of this rp downtime or character profiles, really get in depth with them. I don't know about you but me personally I like to have some characters under my belt before I try to roleplay and when I feel frustrated I write. Maybe you just need a general break from online. Sometimes even a day will make the difference. We all go through times such as you, it just happens. Try not to feel so discouraged.
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