*sighs* tired of people poofing from rps

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  1. Like seriously why can't people tell me that they are leaving for a while or don't want to rp at all. -.- it make not want to roleplay *sighs and eats ice cream while watching titanic *
  2. Try some deductive reasoning. I could give you plenty of reasons as to why it happens, but it's better if you attempt to figure it out for yourself. Analyze the last time it happened and see if you can conclude why this person just left you in the rain. But, off the top of my head: there are no consequences to disappearing. This happens in real life as well. I've seen people, who have been friends for many years, cease their friendship for whatever trivial reason. On the internet it's even easier. However, this is quite a holistic way of looking at this problem, and it fits in to most circumstances; if there are no consequences to an action, people do whatever the fuck they want.

    Anyway, shoot them a message and ask why they just left. Perhaps they're too shy or insecure, perhaps embarrassed to contact you again. Just be nice and gentle, I'm sure you'll get the answers you seek.
  3. I tend to delete the convo if they poof for a month xD
  4. I know those feels, carry on, one day you will find that one, or two roleplays that will see through from start to end!
  5. Honestly, you should get used to it for the most part. It will ALWAYS happen. I suggest doing some research on your partners first. How long have they been a member? May be a clue to how long they will stick around. What other RPs are they in? Look on their posting history. Do they reply regularly to their RPs? Make sure not to get someone with too many RPs. You don't want to overload them.

    Also, sometimes stuff happens. Life happens. When I have a partner that I haven't heard from in a while I send them a message asking if they're still interested. Then I go in search of a new partner and keep the other on a back burner in case they decide to come back.

    Lastly, I hate to be so blunt but that's just who I am so here goes, are you role playing with people at your same level whatever that may be? If one player is "stronger," or posts much more content in their posts than the other they may get bored. I find they tend to flow much more easily when you role play with people on or about your same level. However, I do think its smart to dive into some more advanced RPs so you can grow as well. Perhaps in a group RP. Group RPs provide you more opportunities to get responses from other members in the RP.
  6. Well, okay. But, next time, save the conversation or contact that person in a new one and ask them what happened. Be humble in your wording, and maybe you'll get some closure!
  7. Some times RP can just get stale for one of the people. It could be that each person wanted something slightly different from the RP and they didn't see it going in the way they hoped. It sucks for someone to just disappear on you, but it happens. The consensus I'm seeing is that it happens to everyone, so it's hard to tell if it's you or them. I would think that if it's you, the RP would slowly start to peter out then just die. If it's them, I would think the RP would just stop suddenly. That's how I see it anyways.
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