*Sigh* I hate having to admit this.... Help me.... Yes, this is an art thread.

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Help me......
*Whimpers and then strokes one of her mur zombies anxiously*
I wonder if there's some way I can help >.< How do you usually like to learn something new? Do you look over other people's art and get tips that way? or do you like the "how to" sort of way to learn? I might be able to find some links that would help... especially over at Deviant Art.

(I would say I could teach you but as much as I love furry and anthro.. werewolves fall under that category and therefore.. I suck at it... T.T )
Well a furry like me just practiced and practiced for about a month now so... I can only say Practice... *woof* *whish I could help him out*

*yes even in my posts people, but I think that's crossing the line a bit I think. Just doing it a little In my posts would do fine.*
I usually use refrences and how-to's and other points of views.

The thing is...

I can draw dogs....

I can draw humans...

I can draw kitsunes...

I can draw humans with kitsune features...

I can't draw a sterotypical werewolf due to the oddity of the formation of the structure.... It doesn't fit realistically into my head...

It clashes and ends up more deformed then it's supposedly supposed to.
Hey guys.

Am I better than you already?

That is not a werewolf, Darkness. That appears to be a house. One of the clouds appears to be a hand.

Hm, well, you might try starting with a large, hulking muscle frame, sketch a couple body-builders for practice. For the legs, you want to keep the human thigh, but curve the end of it into a wolf's leg, then continue down with the rest of the leg being canine, lengthen the arms just a little and do talons on the hands instead of claws, and put a wolf's head where the human head would be, with fur trailing in a thicker mane down the back.

Easier said than done I guess...
Yeah... that's the thing... I start getting all heady about it and going " If this thing was alive, would this actually be stable?
Have you tried tracing ? :33 It always helps me get used to a new specimen of drawing if I trace it a couple of times first :)
I never like the idea of tracing.... I was raised by professional artists at my schools... I was raised by them to believe that tracing isn't a good thing most times, and that it's that person's hard worked masterpeice....
Yeah... it sounds a little rediculous, I know... but it's how I was raised....
Eh heh heh....
Hmmm well... I don't know what to do to help you yet still looking into it...
Ok, I've looked around and I've tried augmenting the wolf's natural anatomy to more of a human form, such as adding the "S" like curve into the back, augmenting the placement of the shoulderblades, moving the hind legs slightly and gaining a more humanly form to the feet and hand.....paws... It's working slightly, but I need a lot of practice still.