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    In the heart of city lies Manhattan. Here lies the remains of the Fascist Government that took over about thirty years. Under this new rule America became the head of science. They innovated the lives of millions as was there first goal. But has time went on they started to warp and change, they became dictatorial and harsh to there citizens. They formed a rebellion and split the nation in two.

    But this is not the end for them as they had discovered a way to go to different dimensions. With this new technology a series of wars broke about between the people from the other dimensions, the Fascist America, and the Western nation that had broken away only years before.

    In the end the Fascist America came out as victorious and took back all the land they had lost. With this they started to persecute the people from the other dimensions or Outsiders as they were called. They put them in work camps and even killed them. This problem was happening world wide as wars broke out with these people either with or against them.

    Fascist America soon outlawed all dimension portals trapping all of the Outsiders on Earth. In the generations to come they would spread there races all over the globe.

    But sadly the nameless aliens came and attacked Earth. The Fascist had just suffered from another rebellion and was weak so they wept the nation quick and fast. And now we are here, in New York that last stand, but all is not well.

    The last remaining government official have locked themselves away in the strongest buildings cowering in there own filth. Everywhere outside is in complete anarchy, sort of. People build community isolated with in streets blocked out by the rest of the world by tall walls built from scrap metal. In these communities people try there best to survive and not kill each other. Everyone one of you are in a particularly small area which the populace has come to name Hope.

    (Picture of Character)

    Character Sheet:
    Sexual preference:

    You can make NPCs Also there're only 14 people in the town unless people came then the number is higher. When making a NPC use the same sheet as the character, but replace Character Sheet with NPC sheet. You may make it as detailed as you want. Anyone can play as them as long as they fallow there personality and history if they have one.

    People allow are:

    @Lo Calypso
    @Legens Legentis

    if you would like you join pm me, this a private rp


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    Character Sheet:
    Name: Tuki Lisbon
    Gender: Female
    Race: Half Kitsune
    Age: 23 (looks like teen)
    Sexual preference: Straight
    Personality: Tuki is a cheerful sort with lots of energy. She is vary compassionate but acts vary rash and reckless when trying to help someone or doing important things. Tuki is inspirational and is often a beacon is the unsure future of the people of Hope. Tuki is a vary intelligent lady but has failed in the past to show and prove her worth witch has lead her to be a person to witch many can take advantage of.
    History: Tuki was born to a loving father. Hugo Lisbon was a engineer for the Fascist government and worked at the dimensional finality. There he met Tuki's mother a Kitsune. But after that they wars happened and they were separated. After the war the Kitsune gave birth to Tuki. Tuki loved her mother until she murdered. Her dad fled as the town was being ransacked. Tuki was in the New York she was all grown up and by herself as sadly her father was killed by an alien. All she did was run in her life and that's what she did in the city. She lived on the streets running away. But one day she met her dream man. Tuki was quite a seductive lady in sames eyes. But Tuki had no plans to have a child or to do it but the man was successful with his goal. After getting her drunk they did it and 3 mouths later Tuki is pregnant. In-raged she runs away from the man. The city soon fell into chaos and she made home in Hope.
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    Character Sheet:
    Name: Oriana Vesperia
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Age: 20
    Sexual preference: Straight
    Personality: Vesperia tries her best to stay away from most people, seeing how everyone is considered dangerous these days, however, she tries to make friends of those who might actually side with her. She doesnt talk much and chooses not to fight if there is an option.
    History: She was purchased at birth as a proxy, to take blame for the crimes that her partner comit. There she was given the name Oriana and she had gotten a lot of exerience in running from the police when they chased her for "stealing" or "killing," of course she had never done anything bad, it was just the man who had purchased her. So when all hell broke loose, she ran. and found Hope.
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    NPC Sheet:
    Name: Bill Gentle
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 34
    Sexual preference: Straight
    Personality: Judgemental, idealistic, and foolish
    History: ----

  5. Character Sheet:
    Name: Wilhelm Dönitz
    Gender: Male
    Race: Aryan
    Age: 29
    Sexual preference: Straight

    Personality: Sadistic, unforgiving, and all around unstable. Wilhelm is determined to follow through on the secret initiative to exterminate all Outsiders, seeing it as the chance to instill a master race upon Earth. He keeps his inner blood-lust subdued much of the time. He wields a silver tongue, being able to sway dimmer minds over to his irrational cause.

    History: In the dark recesses of the past, it was Wilhelm Dönitz who built an infamous reputation during the Inter-dimensional Wars upon the deaths of millions. At the age of twenty, he became the youngest general within the Fascist armies. With charisma and brutal military stratagems, Wilhelm lied and murdered his way to the position of Führer. By empowering a totalitarian dictatorship, it was only a matter of time before some kind of rebellion would start. Wilhelm was well-aware that his regime was too weak to quell the insurrection after the war. Hoping to avoid his downfall, he gave the command to fortify within a single location, a base of some kind. There, the government could continue its wretched acts without interruption. Yet Wilhelm also carried a sick sense of humor. It was not uncommon to see the corpses of traitors and refugees put on display. He christened the city, "Legens" after his enjoyment of reading books on Roman torture practices.

    Other: Wilhelm prefers to carry a Luger pistol, and often traverses the city away from his personal guard. He calls his activities during these occasions 'hunting'.
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  6. I thought I would toss you a quick request to join your Rp. I do have a character already worked up for this world you have set up. A counter part to the character Wilhelm. In the form of pure RUSSIAN COMMUNIST SUPERIORITY!!!! Now with my USSR spew out of the way, I'll put down my sheet for you.
    Character Sheet:
    Name:Dmitry, Mstislav (AKA Mishka, meaning little bear in his native tongue)
    Race:1/3 Human, 1/3 arch-demon, a single 1/3 of dog in his blood
    Age:Unknown, however most speculate he's at least in his 80's-100's
    Sexual preference:Pansexual
    Appearance: [​IMG] save for a lack of ears and tail presented, this is the best way to represent him. Usually though he's armed with several different weapons of choice. That usually adorn his body on display...or in some cases hidden away under his coat. While some say the hints of red on his skin, in the form of cracks on his chest, are from him being so Russian. The real truth is, it's the minor bit of arch-demon blood in him that flows, and materializes itself in some way beside his bright red eyes. Which in truth is probably a good thing. The dog blood in him, which dates back to his father being with a female husky (Furry in this case). Which has since materialized into well, a tail and ears throughout many years. In his case, his is blonde. Also, a very, very notable thing about this man, is his size. He's right around 7'1 in height, and built like a small truck. Pure muscle, with next to no body fat.
    History:Dmitry hails from a long, long standing tradition of warriors and combatants in his blood line. They were never great generals, however they were the best damn soldiers to ever grace the earth with there presence. Of course there was a reason for this, a rather curious reason indeed. See the first of the Mstislav clan, lost his village to an attack. In retaliation, he allied himself with a powerful demon. Which gave him the strength to slaughter hundreds of men, even entire armies if he wished without stopping. However there was one condition, his family from then on, would serve for combat, and serve for the Arch-demon.

    However that did not last long...while the men were giving very, very long life. That certainly was actually a bad thing. After several had hit adult hood, they decided to try something mad...which was to launch themselves against there 'master'. It worked like a charm, however even with the demon dead, they all had to bear the demonic taint for the rest of their lives, and so would their own children. Now to put it lightly, 85 years ago, Dmitry's father met a woman. She was well, as mentioned, a furry, as they called them in the area. Now to spare the details, Dmitry's father mated with this woman, and 9 months down the road, he was born.

    Sadly his mother did not live long, and died at the ripe age of 95. About 70 years after the day Dmitry was born. She was warned she would not die with her mate, and she accepted that. Dmitry however was broken by this, and it was enough to make him wish to take up combat for the first time. Of course, his father did not stop him, even though he was still alive. He actually instead taught him everything that he knew.

    When the war with the aliens broke out, the battle hardened warrior, who had fought in several rebellions, found himself within Hope. No one dare challenge him either. Save for the most foolish. He's not a clean fighter, and would sooner put a bullet in you, over fist fighting you.
    Personality:To say the least he's very much for freeing this world, and establishing a better system of government. Which in his eyes, is pure communism. To say the least despite his inbreeding, the Russian blood from his father, and many generations before him flow quite heavily in his blood. He's very calm even in the worst situation, but like a caged animal, he's very ferocious, either when the time calls, or he's upset. Dmitry both wishes to end this war, just as much as he wishes to continue fighting like his great grandfather, and even his own father did.
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  7. Hmm, still amusing to consider that you effectively have the embodiment of Stalin, and Hitler clashing. Of course both are younger, and more dashing...and more willing to fight.
  8. Also for the sake of you, Legens. I edited my post to include the proper town name at this point. Lord knows, I need to read more often.
  9. Thanks for that. I kind of messed up at the start by using the wrong location, so you can blame me. :)
  10. It's quite alright. It makes for a fun story none the less. Also know that Dmitry can be's just a quest to do so in itself.
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  14. It has come to the attention of me and legens that you being a bit to.. overpowered.
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