Siege of Ivory

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  1. Hello everyone! I find myself in need of an advanced writer who is 17- to help orchestrate, create, and carry out a modern fantasy, adventure-themed roleplay with a dash of romance and suspense on the side. The main pairing is God and Mortal, and the gender dynamic is male x female. Please read my guidelines!


    1.) You must be 16+ only.

    2.) The posting expectations are advanced. The closer to prestige, the better.

    3.) Be comfortable with 5+ paragraphs every reply.

    4.) I wish for extensive vocabulary and high reading comprehension.

    5.) Details are very important to me. Make them concise and germane within each scenario.

    6.) No "males only" players. If you cannot play both a female and male, you are not versatile enough for the roleplaying I like best.

    7.) Little to no fluff. Going back to rule number five, make your posts germane to each scenario.

    8.) You must be capable of handling multiple characters, minor PCs and NPCs both included.

    9.) Aggressive writer. Help advance the plot forward with each post.

    10.) Contribute each and every way. Give out plot ideas, throw in plot twists, etc.

    11.) You must be comfortable with all of the content ratings I've listed down.

    12.) Please show me a writing sample with a minimum of five paragraphs. There are some writing styles I enjoy, and some others I don't.

    13.) I will only roleplay on threads. You must be comfortable with doing so.

    14.) Regarding the actual writing of sexy scenarios which may or may not come within due time, please portray it anatomically correct.

    15.) Please be comfortable with playing and portraying a dominant character in bed and out.

    Alright, down to the concept of this roleplay. I don't have everything fleshed out but I do have somewhat of an idea on where I'd like it to go.


    1.) Ivory is a Greek commander and possibly our antagonist. They have never been seen before and are androgynous.

    2.) Your character, the God, was sent down to Earth for a reason only known to him and the Greek Gods.

    3.) Ivory plans to seize the mortal world for a reason we will discuss.

    4.) The roleplay will be set in modern day, Essex, England.

    5.) The war against mortals will turn into an apocalypse.

    6.) Mortals will be experimented on for some type of Super Soldier program.

    7.) There will be different factions.

    8.) My character, the mortal, does not know your character is a Greek God until later on.

    9.) Our "Greek Gods" are all reincarnations of the mythological ones.

    10.) We will discuss a small number of minor PCs and NPCs composed of both Gods and mortals.

    11.) I want your character to, preferably, be an anti-hero or have some aspects of both an anti-hero and blood knight. The rest is yours.

    Let me know down below if you're interested and I will gladly take you under my wing so long as I deem us a good match! (:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.