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  1. Hey! I just recently started RPing some of my side show/circus characters in a kind of medieval plot and I really love them. I sort of wanted to find someone else I could RP them in an alternate universe because I'd like to use them in like a 1900s setting.

    Kind of a dark setting, a little inspired by AHS Freak Show but I don't want to go off of their universe or anything.

    I'm thinking our characters can maybe want to escape together?

    I really like using multiple characters and I'd like if you did as well. But if it isn't your thing, then I understand.

    I'll be using Seth and Silas my conjoined twins. Seth is the dominate of the two, while Silas is kind of growing out of the side of Seth. Sometimes the shows are too hard on Silas and afterwards Seth has to mostly support him/hold him up. (I have a drawing of them here but it is kind of embarrassing I can't draw humans very well. click )

    Dorothy is my fox girl who will be getting a redesign for this RP. She has a stubby furry tail and furry oddly shaped face. She has red hair so they call her a fox. She has her teeth filed to make them look sharp to add to the effect of it all.

    Marx is missing the lower half of his body, he was just born that way. He wears leather custom made gloves to protect his hands when he goes around outside. (I have a picture of him here. click )

    These four are good pals.

    So yeah if you want to plot with me let me know. We can decide something.

    I should say, I am a slow poster. I don't care your length of post.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.