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  1. This morning I woke up with a swollen and sore throat and I'm half congested.
    Yesterday I was fine.
    I also worked with a sick woman yesterday.


    I am leaving in 6 days to go work at a race track for over a week. Needless to say, being sick is not on the schedule. Anybody have advice to get better as quickly as possible? Colds for me usually last at least a week or two and I do not have time for that shit. I'm already drinking a ton of water to flush it out.

  2. Eat half an onion.
  3. ... Ew? No.
  4. The only advice I have for you is medical advice--no ancient Chinese secrets here.
    • Drink lots of water.
    • Rest as much as possible. This doesn't necessarily mean sleeping, it just means lay down wherever you can curled up around a blanket. You can watch TV while doing this, or Netflix.
    • Avoid sugary garbage. Keep your diet clean and simple--the less effort your body has to use processing food, the more it can put towards fighting the disease. So think stuff like toast.
    • Don't stress yourself. Stress is counterproductive in fighting disease.
    • If you have access to cold medicines, use them in whatever recommended dosage they have for you. Don't use more than one at a time.
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  5. If you need those sinuses cleared: hot sauce. Spicy stuff goes through system like a roto-rooter on crack, clearing everything in its way.

    Also, to what Torsty said... onions are a natural antibiotic, but I don't think eating that much onion is necessary. :|
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  6. When I start getting a cold I make a tea-like drink with hot water, apple cider vinegar, honey and lemon.
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  7. Ask your doctor not the Internet!
  8. I don't have a doctor!
  9. Other than what's already been covered by Brovo like usual stated all I can add is Gingerale can sometimes help with sore throats.
    Though that depends on your tolerance to Carbonation, if you handle it well it help settle your throat down, if not the Carbonation will just make it worse.
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  10. Clinic or nurse help line. Every community has some medical resources for the uninsured/those without doctors
  11. Chicken noodle soup, preferably home made. The broth has nutrients that help boost the immunity fight off colds and flus.

    I also eat chocolate ice cream, every time I'm sick. I do feel a little better afterwards. Chocolate, really dark chocolate, is also supposed to boost immunity but I'm chill with Hagen's plain chocolate.

    Feel better!
  12. For the sore throat, I would recommend gargling warm salt water. It's kind of disgusting, but it does help a LOT.

    For the congestion, a neti pot will clear that out quickly. I also second the recommendation to eat spicy foods as they'll work to get your sinuses clear.

    Medication-wise, Mucinex makes this vile blue liquid that works wonders on coughs, sore throats, and fevers. Nearly any pain reliever acts as a fever reducer too, but a neat thing is you can alternate any NSAID with Tylenol almost twice as frequently as you could take either one of those medications (so instead of aspirin every 4 hours you can do aspirin, then 2 hours later tylenol).

    On the secret-remedy front... nothing really special here. I do like nice hot tea because you can breathe the steam and drink the tea. Hot baths are great to raise your core temperature throughout your body and fight off fever chills.

    Ginger is nice too, especially for stomach troubles. Ginger ale, ginger tea, ginger beer, ginger chews... All good things to you.
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