Sickeningly Sweet Yuri 1x1

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  1. So, I have been wanting to do a FxF rp for a bit. My idea so far is that it is an all girls school, and one of our characters is new to school(Submissive) and one of the older students tries to befriend her(Dominant) As stated by the title, I want it to be sickeningly sweet, adorable, etc.

    If you have any other ideas I would gladly hear them. ^_^
  2. While I play submissive characters I'll make an exception if you so please.
  3. No I'm fine playing a Dominant or submissive. I do well with both.
  4. I'm better in the submissive role.
  5. so you want to play the new student?
  6. Correct! I'm better at cute and sweet.
  7. That's cool. Now i'm fine with either just jumping right in, or having a small CS with just like an appearance and a quick bit on personality. Do you have a preference?
  8. I'm a jump-in-and-just-describe-in-the-first-post.
    How quickly should this escalate?
  9. For this, I would like a some character development first, but even then It can probably happen within the first 4 pages. Guess only time and the circumstance will tell.
  10. I'll try and go slow. I'm submissive as fuck anyways. It's up to you.
    May you start?
  11. I await intently.
  12. I am awful at titles -_-'
  13. How about 'Sweeter than You Can Handle?'
  14. That... Is pure genius!
  15. Is it ready? I'm on est time so I'm offline in maybe a half hour. I mag post during school, ans mondays I post between 4:30-5:30pm and then from 8:35 onwards. Any other day I'm usually online all day.
  16. I'd be interested :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.