Sick of Flight Rising!

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    I can't even right now. I don't even know where to start. After being on for a month now I can honestly say that I don't fucking understand all the hype it got. IT'S COMPLETE CRAP. Sure they had a cool concept, but they completely ruined everything good about this site by making it so overly difficult and complicated. Not only that but a lot of important information is not disclosed to you on the site which can cause for huge mistakes in new players. For example, did you know that you do not get treasure for exalting progenitor dragons? I FUCKING DIDN'T. I exalted one of my dragons the other day, level six guardian dragon, and received no treasure for it at all. Confused by this, because it is clearly stated through out the entire site that exalting dragons helps your flight and leaves you treasure, I sent them a help ticket. I got a response today, and as you can tell I am not satisfied.

    We apologize for any confusion! Progenitors do not award treasure when they are Exalted. Originally players were not able to Exalt their progenitors but that was changed early on. In order to combat abuse of the system, Exalting a progenitor does not provide treasure or count towards Dominance.
    Thank you,
    Flight Rising Customer Support

    WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN I'M NOT GETTING TREASURE FOR THAT SHIT!!?!! This is by far one of the most dumb ass ways of handling a website like this. If no one gets any treasure for exalting progenitors then why the fuck are we allowed to exalt them in the first place!? It helps no one and literally just fucking wastes everyone's time and effort! In fact it's probably better that you can't exalt those dragons, at least they can be used for grinding the coliseum or some shit! I had spent so much time and effort grinding that dragon to level six so I could exalt it! NOW YOU ARE TELLING ME I'M NOT GETTING ANYTHING OUT OF IT!? WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SHIT!?! Not only that but I wasted a lot of treasure buying those battle items that made that dragon stronger, so the fact that I don't get any treasure for exalting him just really hindered me as a player, especially one who NEEDS THE MONEY. Ugh...I just...can't even. So fucking piiiiiiissed! Also what's all this bullshit about cheating the system? Can someone explain that to me? Like, how am I cheating the system by exalting one of the first dragons I got when I joined. IT SHOULDN'T FUCKING MATTER. It doesn't even state anywhere on the main website that progenitor dragons don't give treasure when they are exalted! I could have really used that dragon in the Coliseum.

    Speaking of the Coliseum. What the hell is up with that shit? It's so HARD. It's next to impossible to level dragons with how they have the coliseum set up. The monsters are extremely over powered, it takes me days just to reach level six, and you get little to no xp after each battle. I mean, yeah 350 xp was great when my dragon still only needed like 1,000 more xp in order to level, but 350 doesn't do much when you have another 70,000 to go. =__=

    I would have to go to a higher stage just to be able to reach a higher level, and that's nearly impossible to accomplish because those monsters are already so much more powerful than my dragons. It's so dumb. It's like these people have never played real rpgs. It was never this hard in the rpgs for the DS and shit. Fucking hell.

    The only redeeming quality I see in Flight Rising was the ability to breed the dragons, but even that's a chore with long ass breeding cool downs, long ass hatching periods, having to pay for more lair space, having to pay for more nests, not having enough treasure to do any of these things, and the list goes on and on.


    I'm just so done with this site right now...​
  2. I tried to play and like this game, but I couldn't.

    I just couldn't.
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  3. If you're having dragon problems, I feel bad for ya, son.

    I got 99 problems, but a flight ain't one.
  4. Isn't Flight Rising basically Neopets?
  5. Why would you buy battle stones to put on a dragon you planned to exalt?

    My issue with FR is all the lag. I mean, ugh, it takes forever to open chests or bond with familiars when you have to reload the page!
  6. @Ochalla
    I have no issue with lags. What browser do you use? I discovered that Mozilla sometimes makes FR quite laggy while it runs ultra-fast on Chrome.
  7. Have you ever been to either site? o.O
    You just wait until you get on Skype.
  8. @Aine @Ochalla
    Yes, I find FR quite laggy on Firefox as well - especially the coliseum. Have no issues with it in Chrome, though, unless the site is on overload like it was during NoN... but that was just poorly handled altogether.

    The first thing I've learned about sites like FR is that you need to read around before you do anything. Read FAQs and guides, get familiar with the site's features, and ask questions if you aren't sure about something. For example, the progen issue - I read about that long before I first exalted my progenitor. I believe it's in a FAQ somewhere. There are many great guides for the coliseum on the forums, one dedicated specifically for leveling. The first few levels can be quite difficult, but afterwards it becomes a breeze (just very, very tedious.) To be honest FR is quite complicated compared to a lot of other similar sites and took me a while to get used to, but honestly you just need to read! Go forth and seek information! A lot of it is out there. There's a forum specifically for site guides. The 'help' forum is there with FAQs, and if you can't find an answer to your question, you can always ask.
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  9. Safari is my browser and when I first joined it wasn't so bad, but since prior to NoN it got worse and worse, I thought once NoN was over some issues would settle, but they hadn't and it all just became too tedious for me to enjoy.
  10. Cuz I wasn't planning on exalting him. I dropped in treasure and needed a way to get more, snott was the highest level I had so I exalted him thinking I would get something. Plus guardians gave a bonus that day. -w-
  11. I tried to play flight rising, and I thought it was pretty fun. All the dragons are pretty, and I liked collecting them, but in the end it got kind of boring... The coliseum is no fun at all, and to get any interesting stuff you have to pump money into the site, which I don't want to do.
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  12. That's only if you don't want to grind. Even gems can be gotten without ever spending money. The money spending aspect is hardly ever played up and they openly have exchanges where members trade coins for gems. Not to mention the random treasure chests that give gems and the Flight Dominances that also give gems. Really, paying is just to expedite the process, but that's just if you're unwilling to grind.

    As for the random items and nice stuff, it IS expensive and hard to get it, but it's not impossible. And if they made it super easy to get all those things then they'd constantly have to come up with more things and probably work loads harder for a game that is only pay-by-choice.

    Don't get me wrong, I've always disliked pay-to-play or pay-to-win features, but this is hardly the case here. And additionally, I would also point out that paying for gems does help them develop all that pretty and fun stuff.