Sick of Being Ignored

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  1. Been a while since I posted in counseling, but I just wanted to rant a bit, been feeling pretty good as of late but this shit just pisses me off.

    So I kinda started a few convos with people and as things happen people drop or stop replying and sometimes I just let it be, since I was kinda feeling the same. But what I CANT stand is when I send a probing message to someone, kind and just asking a simple question typically "Are you still interested in the rp" or something like that, I usually even say "Nothing wrong if you arent, I'm just wondering is all" and what do I get?

    The answer is nothing. I know full well (and no im not just saying that, I have concrete proof they took a look) they took a look at the message but yet they dont say a thing, cause they hate me? Cause they dont feel like it? I dont really know. I guess either I'm the world's biggest asshole or something. Cause it seems like lately no one is even giving me the time of day.

    To me, there is nothing worse then someone ignoring me. I cant stand it, cause you might as well just slap me in the face "Hey thanks for putting all that effort and time into our rp, now go fuck off"

    *sigh* Maybe I'm just losing all my friends like usual. No matter what I do it seems to never change. I'm just doomed to be that guy everyone seems to despise...when all I do is try my best to make everyone happy.

    Oh and hey just a quick edit here, thought of something else. It sucks HARD when I put a fucking ton of time and effort into my rps just to be blown off, it makes me not want to even try, cause I usually try to be fair to everyone and give them a chance I dont just go "nah you dont fit" and tell um to go away.
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  2. I read this thread. You're officially not ignored by me.

    Actually in all seriousness I have dealt with this for a long time in my life. I just feel like I'm not important in people's life. Going to give you some arbitrary advice, but come to the dark side if you ever need anything come talk to me.
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  3. I for one don't ignore you [if you ever feel like I am, I'm not and I probably forgot to message you or something]

    *Offers unlimited hugs*
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  4. It's fear of confrontation. People assume no incites conflict and rather not risk it. This is not because they know you, it is exactly the opposite. They do this because they do not know you and either one or two bad experiences or someone else's horror stories put on their stranger danger sirens 24/7. They prioritise that 5% risk of having their feelings hurt over being a decent person.

    tl;dr You're ignored by pathetic, frightful twats. Ignore them.
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