Sick Days (and Nights)

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    Being sick sucks and it's always such a nuisance to get sick just when life is busy, but sometimes you have to just give yourself some time to get better.
    When you're feeling under the weather, what types of things do you do to take care of yourself, perhaps baby yourself a bit, or things that don't actually help, they just comfort you?
  2. I have a horrible immune system, meaning, I get sick all the time. Mostly, it's when the weather changes, but even if I sleep in front of a fan, i can catch a fever. Iuno. My body sucks.

    When I am sick, I am forced to stay in bed. But I can't do that all day! D: So I grab my laptop and go on Iwaku most of the time. i don't watch tv or anything like that: Just either reading random rps on Iwaku or a book. It doesn't matter. I always have someone to keep me company, to bring me soup and Sprite, or to all around take care of me.

    Really...the computer is the only thing that helps. Sometimes I like it when people call and show their concern. Talking helps, but most people dont want me doing that. They're all "ILIANA, YOU NEED TO REST." >_>
  3. I'm much like Iliana~ My immune system is a complete failure (My dad says I'm just fragile and reckless, haha c: )

    I think I AM reckless, for the most part. I dance in the rain, go out in the cold (even if I'm wearing 380392 layers, sometimes it's not enough) and overall, slightly anemic, so I'm usually cold in general. LOL, people say "oh, you're cold on the outside, you must be warm on the inside." 8) which doesn't make sense considering normal body temperatures.

    ANYWAYS. So when I'm sick, I enjoy tons of pampering. If I'm at home, my dad will make me soup and treat me nicely (which means no chores and stuff, haha!). When I'm at the dorms, it's kind of like a waking dream;; I'm always slightly out of it and crawling all over the place without realizing it. My roommates usually take good care of me, forcing me to sleep, getting me medicine, checking my temperature constantly and giving me pep talks when I'm sneezing all over my homework (LOL!)

    When I'm sick, I like that anyone comes to my bed, sits on it while I'm laying and talks to me softly and lulls me to sleep. Or tells me something or reads me a story. It's childish, but I think it calms my adrenaline rush of "OMG IM SICK IM WASTING TIME WHYWHYWHY." you know? It makes me relax, stop panicking, get some real rest and recover.

    So I basically like being babied and taken care of. If I get special attention, I'll probably get well sooner ;)

    I'm such an attention seeker xD
  4. I usually just lay down and rest. That often helps me out. Cough medicine usually helps, but sometimes that really bad cough over powers the medicine. I even try the soup method to see if that works, If it came down to it, i would go out on hot days and sweat. Since there is a rumor that you can sweat out the sickness. I also. stay up late and drink plenty of fluids
  5. I take enough medication to leave me unconscious for three days so I sleep through the entire thing. 8D

    Chicken soup + orange juice.

    .... that's pretty much it. .__.; I am like TURBO WHINY BABY when it comes to being sick, so I try to stay unconscious and sleep it off.
  6. I very rarely get sick and, to be honest, I don't think I've gotten sick for a number of years (knock on wood). When I do get sick, I am pretty much the worst patient ever. When I became a teenager, all the babying went out the window. So, since no one was there to be all like, "Aw, you poor thing. You lay here, I shall bring you whatever your heart desires," I just continued to bop around. :D

    Usually, I stuff myself full of cold medicine. NyQuil is my favorite. Usually, if I struggle through the initial heavy drowsiness of the NyQuil, I get hit with this huge burst of energy and can bop around as much as I want. My sick days are characterized by really high fevers and a lot of nervous energy. And, then a huge crash of weakness afterwards.

    But, like I said, I don't get sick very often. :3
  7. +1.

    I sleep. Lots. But when I'm awake, I totally want attention. Fortunately, now I'm married, so there's someone to spread the love.
  8. I usually get sick if I exhaust myself too much, or when the weather is too cold and I refuse to get any warm clothing on me. I used to get really sick at least once a year when I was a kid, but fortunately, now I only get colds, not that they are any better. Whenever I get them, though, I usually drink a lot of water, blow my nose a lot and try to stay as still as possible provided it is not a chool day. A hot bath is an absolute must those times, and by that I mean BOILING HOT water. That usually helps me feel better, and if I still feel really awful, then I get into my bed, under all the covers and get as warm as I can.

    I only take cold medicine if I am feeling really god-awful, but usually, the methods listed above help me. I can usually make it through the day if I have a cold, and I think I am lucky that I have not had any serious illnesses these last few years.