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I'm interested to know the relationships everyone has with their brothers and sisters. :3

I am the eldest to 3 half sisters and 1 half brother. The second eldest is the one I have the most rivalry with. She's currently 17 years old and is pretty much my complete opposite. The day my mom brought her home, I said "Ewh, what's that? Take it back!" Since that day, I was a bully to her. I stopped picking on her so much when she learned that she was getting bigger than me and able to hit harder... XD I still make fun of her, though and her insults are starting to sound pretty creative!

Another sister (she'll be 13 in a couple weeks) I have is SO talented; she was even supposed to skip a grade. I am so jealous because she's so beautiful, so cute and so talented! She picked up my guitar one day and started playing a song JUST LIKE THAT! With no practice, no music, no nothing! D< She plays 3 band instruments: flute, trumpet and oboe. She's my favourite, but gawd, I always wished I could have been her those years ago.

The other two siblings? Just a couple of cuties. I spoil them and give them tons of love, as they are the younger more sensitive ones. xD

One thing though... If any of them mistreat our mother, I threaten beat them up. I usually can scare them enough so they'll stop. >>;

How about your siblings?
Only child, though through my extended family, I'm the oldest of my generation. I get along with my youngest cousin Jaqui the most granted she's now fifteen and I suspect the number of missing persons in California to go up rather quickly, next is Justin who reminds me of WMD, save that he's about 100lbs heavier and plays Orks. Chris who's about 100 lbs total and the chihuahua of the bunch, I usualy let him go but sometimes he just needs to be sat on. Heather the oldest of my cousins I honestly barely talk to, she's the preppy girl and I'm the Goth dude so...yeah.
Eldest of three.

Younger brother, then youngest sister.

I always tried being good to them, and be the protective/guiding older brother. My mom said when I was younger, and my brother would cry, I would go to his crib and pick him up and try to rock him to calm him down. I was maybe... three?

I have a very strained relationship with my brother now, if you can even call it that. I've told some of you about it. Suffice it to say, he's a giant prick. Of epic proportion. I'm not sure I'll ever hear from him again.

My sister and I are very close. I try my best to help guide her even now, but damn she can be a hand full, and knows perfectly well how to press my buttons. Oi vey...
I'm the youngest of my generation. I have two older cousins who've always been sweet and kind to me, but I have one older brother who is five years older than me. Our relationship has always been VERY strong, in love or hate, it's always extreme.

To a point where my first word was "Dan". He's having a baby girl in two months, and he's planning on me to help him support the girl because the wife has her life ALL PLANED OUT. So I'm standing by with volleyballs, softballs, support, shitloads of music, and old stuffed animals.

Either way, I love my brother, he's a wonderful person... but he can be a pain in the ass. He's a lot better than he used to be though, and I'm very proud of him.
Younger sister. I'm eldest of two.

As children, we fought like rabid wolverines. Now that we've both mellowed out with the responsibilities of adulthood, we have a more congenial relationship as we both share a passion for the arts--musical, theatrical, and literary. However, she turned that passion into a profession by going into theatre and acting. I, being the dutiful elder child, went into medicine.
I am in the first born for all my grandparents. I have two younger cousins on my mom's side that I use to babysit when I was in my tweens and teens. Now we're all adults and while I at least have a relationship with them, it's mostly when they're in town and our mothers' are involved.

On my biological father's side I had a relationship with my closest in age cousins until I was about seven. I have seen them once since then during our grandfather's 65th birthday when I was a sophmore. It was an odd experience, but at least my closest cousin took me by the wings to guide me through the family during the chaos. I do not believe I was introduced to my half siblings. I think there's 5 of them. Not sure. I cyberhunted them once. Found out one of the boys was going into the military via a forum he was on. I did not investigate further.
Youngest of 3.

My Sister I hardly ever speak to. She got pregnant ran away at 18 and then I left the country.

My brother. We talk sometimes. Only time I see him is late at night though when I'm usually asleep. He devoted himself completely in a relationship and is either out or on the phone. Happy hoe him, but speaking 3 times a week is a lot for us, and his phone invariably rings.
I'm the youngest of two. My brother and I were both adopted from two different families. He's two years older than me, and has pretty much always really looked after me. Apparently when I came home he was all gung-ho about it and excited. He was the first one to call me Katie and it's stuck since. He wanted to be around me so much that apparently when I was young he'd crawled into my crib while I was playing by myself, and I didn't want him there so I threw my toy telephone at him XP.

Anyways, growing up there weren't a lot of other kids around our age so I always played with my brother and we were REALLY close. When we moved we sort of went our own ways for a while, but we never 'didnt' get along *shrugs* Come highschool we were in our own little worlds, but he looked out for me still. Either way I've always sort of looked up to my brother and he's always protected me. When I was in my teenage years my mom and I got into a lot of really heavy/nasty fights over various things, and often things would go flying. One time I got really into it with my mom and my dad got involved and sorta pissed off. After he smacked me my brother stepped in and told my dad if he ever hit me again he'd beat the crap out of him, not caring if he was our dad or not. I respect my brother for that.

Not that i'm trying to make my parents seem like bad people (they really aren't) but just showing that I have a mutual respect for my brother and him for me.
Like Ocha, I was the first born for all my grandparents. No siblings and no close connection to any of my kin.
For the unenlightened, Paorou is my elder brother. I'm the second of 3 (a.k.a. the middle child), and our sister is the youngest. I tend to get along with the both of them and hardly get myself involved in fights.
I'm the eldest of four sons, my other brothers being 13, 9, and 5. My dad has always worked insane hours, and my mother is... Well, she stopped being useful within the past few years. Because of that, I've had to become the pseudo-parent, and need to tell my brothers what to do and when to do it. Personally, I never really did like or love my family, so I never minded that my brothers hate me most of the time. I try and teach them to watch what they say and do (they've gotten into the habit of saying "Shit"... I have to threaten to beat them up if they don't stop...), but because my mother is always trying to argue with me, she lets them do as they please and undermines the authority she herself gave to me, to raise her kids.

The thirteen year old I'm okay with. He recently had a realy bad eye injury, so I'm sort of watching over him. Making sure he wears the dark tintent protection glasses the doctors gave to him and so forth. But he's also gotten smart-mouthy, and tries to out-wit me, and I try and teach him his limits.

The nine year old is... something else. He will talk back to me until the end of time itself. If I don't show him I can force him to do something, he will not.

The five year old is the youngest, and likes to imitate the nine year old. So I give him a couple flicks to the ear. Puts him in his place... >.>
Your relationship with the last two is very similar to mine with both of m siblings, since they are respectively eight and eleven years younger than I am. I used to babysit them, so I've never really gotten to be one of my siblings and I've always taken some hazy role between mommy and sister. Still, I love them and now that I'm getting ready to move out and no longer be easily guilted babysitting, it's been better. My sister is a sweetie and every day when I go to leave, she tells me goodbye specifically and to have a good day. My little brother is a typical boy, maybe a little more ADD than normal but a good kid. He drives me positively nuts sometimes and he and I have never been as close as I was to my sister.
I have a rather large family, and I'm one of the youngest in the family, as well as the famliy-proclaimed "Prodigal child" =_='
Needless to say, this means a lot of my siblings (Mainly the males) tend to get annoyed or jealous or what have you when family starts asking me how my life is going and what I'm planning to do, etc.
It gets annoying. ^^;
But I love them all. ^_^
I have a half brother that I have never met...Its kinda strange actually.

Also, according to my father, I have several other half brothers and sisters in various states.
Eldest of two. So just one brother.

Well..My bro is like a year younger than me so 20. He's not very grown up or anything though..He's also a vegan and not very easy to get along with. He's so picky and arrogant at times. We lived together for a bit in Vegas but I got my own place since he just was too frustrating. So yeah, we get along ok but living with him alone without my father to keep him in line is a bad idea. :P

As far as cousins go, I get along with both from my mom's side rather well and see them often since I moved here. But my cousin from my father's side of the family I don't see her often enough sadly, don't know her too well honestly.. It didn't help she lived in Hawaii.
My only sibling is Isabella, my younger brother. XD When we were little, we were buddies. When we were teens we hated each other TO DEATH. And then suddenly one day we were best friends. When I was younger and especially during the teen years I was REALLY jealous of him cause he was the youngest and because of his Hemophilia he got a lot of attention. c__c to make it worse, Mom was trying to turn him in to her little minion. teen years go vicious! I stayed in georgia longer than I should have cause I didn't want to leave him there alone with the family. D: But eventually I ran away with Gibs.

Then almost a year later we managed to get an apartment and rescued Isabella. So the three of us live here happy and yay and about to buy a house together! :D