Sibling placement!

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I am a...

  1. Eldest child

    39 vote(s)
  2. Middle child

    13 vote(s)
  3. Youngest child

    17 vote(s)
  4. Only child

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  1. because I'm curious about random details in Iwaku's population

    I'm a middle child with two older sisters and a baby brother, which basically means there are NO baby photos of me lol
  2. I'm the oldest by 9 years.
  3. I have 3 sisters and 1 brother. All younger than me. Also they're only 'half-siblings', technically, but I dun care.
  4. Youngest with two half-siblings. Consider myself an only child, though. Sadly I don't live with, and have rarely seen, my half siblings.
  5. I'm the youngest in my family at 18. Have two older brothers in their 20s
  6. oldest -- became the only doctor in my generation

    my little sister went into theatre

    classic arrangement of ambitions by age

    (successful older child, fun younger child)
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  7. Oldest by 18 months.
  8. I'm the youngest by 9 years. ;-; I have two brothers, but one is a step-brother.
  9. I'm a middle child. One older brother, one younger brother, two younger sisters.
  10. I'm the youngest by around 2 and a half years with one older brother. My brother and I don't really talk much anymore, our interests are vastly different from one another, but even so it's better than being an only child.
  11. I am the oldest by 2 and a half years. O_O I only have my brother.
  12. I am the eldest by 3 years and a week, exactly. My brother and I are very similar to each other, and get along rather well.
  13. I have no siblings.

    Clearly, I win. I am the first and the last, the alpha and the omega!
  14. I'm the eldest of six children. (Split between two families.) My next youngest sibling (and only full-blooded one) is six years younger than I am. The other four children are each a year apart from each other.
  15. I am the middle of three boys; older brother is two years older, younger is three years younger. Being the middle kinda sucks... The oldest gets new stuff, I get hand-me-downs, little brother gets spoiled. Also my little brother is really annoying and immature... But I'm not complaining.
  16. I'm a middle child, at least... mostly... I grew as a middle child with one older brother and two younger brothers, but when we ended up tracking down my biological father when I was fourteen, I learned that I am the oldest of three other children that he spawned (that we know about). So basically, I am three years younger than my older brother (mom's side); I'm five days (dad's side), three years (dad's side), seven years (mom's side), and eight years older (mom's side) than my younger brothers, and I'm fourteen years older than my little sister (dad's side). I also have some step-siblings, sort of... I'm not sure it really matters because I'm not a family oriented person anyway, and I almost never talk to any of them!
  17. Oldest of only one other sibling, though we don't talk much. Ever. At all.

    Oh family.

    Last child. >:|
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  19. dawww and here i thought we had a new category of sibling
  20. I'm the youngest. My brother is 4½ years older than me and my half sister is 18 years older than me.
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