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I'm new to this site, as of a few days ago. But I do a lot of rping elsewhere. Since I can't seem to introduce my characters in any way I really like, I think I'll post a brief list of characters with 1-2 sentence descriptions:
Aki: Extreme martial arts expert, who trains and fights whenever she can.
Alice: A fertility goddess who can change her form from a teenage girl to an older woman at will. Owns a bakery and has a bubbly personality.
Alicia: An ambitious witch who lives on her own in the woods, think Haruhi Suzumia but knows she has powers. Has an owl familiar (see Theo).
Austin: A benevolent but kind of derpy human, occasionally a paladin or knight. has a sister (see Esther)
Bay:A knucker-style dragon who is generally shy and friendly. His voice sounds like Dom DeLouise.
Beatrice: The ghost of a teenage girl who drowned in the countryside. Surprisingly friendly, unless provoked into acting like a horror film antagonist.
Charlie: Basically Cr1tikal. Gives zero fucks in most situations.
Daigoku: A no-count thief who depending on the RP can turn into a tanuki. Abused as a child, and occasionally Alcoholic.
Emily: Really timid Jewish girl who often finds herself thrown waaaaaay out of her comfort zone. Unknowingly harbors a reality warper disguised as a house cat.
Esther: Austin's Sister, trains in swordplay and is absolutely no-nonsense.
Grace: An angel exiled form heaven for being too much of a slut. Uses her libido to hide the fact that her family neglected her.
Inaba: A very small rabbit furry that is also a vampire. Hobbies include smoking weed and bonking human women.
Kai: A vampire prince who acts as an elegant drifter, but is haunted by many traumatic instances in his past. His voice sounds like Markiplier.
Keith: A seemingly mute boy who actually has a deep, intimidating voice. Sometimes takes the form of a vampire or a selkie.
Knoss: a big gruff Minotaur. he guards the ruins of a long-abandoned labyrinth, all alone.
Mia: a robot girl ala Astroboy. tries to pass as human, but it rarely works.
Plutarch: A time-traveler from a future where human have advanced significantly. He is functionally immortal.
Raider: a sentient tiger with an IQ of 160. Works a lamentable position in a circus.
Sabia: a genie with incredible power. Becomes bound to a human master for life if they accidentllly touch her soul item (a kris) and will grant them any wish.
Terros: A middle-aged monk who uses a moon spade as a weapon. friendly and a bit bombastic.
Theo: Alicia's owl familiar. He's really naive and can take on a human form.
Wander: Demigod of music, he does exactly what his name implies in a laid-back manner. strict vegan.
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