Shy newcomer, just saying hello.

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  1. Hello! Um... Not sure what to say, except that I am very shy (as the title implies), and I am trying to break free of that by joining the site and meeting new minds. So...hello, again!

    I'm going off of the main introductory questions provided at the top. I prefer to be called by my username, Amberlin (based off of an old rp character from my WoW days). Speaking of WoW, I am a survivor, and have officially been WoW-free for about two years now. Whoohoo! I used to enjoy the old days of WoW, back when the rp was top-notch and people were polite and helped each other.

    I am most definitely female, however, I don't believe that is too relevant when it comes to writing through a character's eyes. I only warn you that I am a girl because I write like one (sadly). I do try very hard to mimic the style of writing that most male authors seem to have, but it is difficult to fight my girly brain at times! Sorry in advance.

    I am in my twenties. And thanks to a pact with my best friend, whenever our 30th birthdays come up in the future, we will from then on always be in our twenties.

    I am new to this site and to forum roleplay. I'm honestly fairly new to forums, in general, so if I get confused easily about layouts and links, I apologize. As far as rp experience, I was introduced to the concept of roleplay through DnD during my teens. I was hooked ever since. My strong points are up for anyone to decide, but I can tell you my weak points: I am slow to process and slow to react. The good news is that I write so much better than I speak, so rping in WoW came more naturally to me than rping in DnD campaigns. I am hoping that my rp on this site will be acceptable.

    I enjoy group roleplay very much, and I have never attempted one-on-one.

    On a rainy day, I like to draw back the curtains to let the dim lighting flood in and inspire my muse.

    My earworm for today is Progress the Story by TeknoAXE.

    When it comes to roleplaying, I love to delve into the idea of different characters, ranging from all races, genders, genres, and everything in between. Like I said, though, I am both shy and very new to this type of roleplay, so I am hoping you guys will go easy on me if I mess up. I can't wait to see all the exciting adventures going on in some of these posts!
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  2. Welcome, darling! I, Eliza, would be happy to show you around if I did not have things to do. You will have so many good times here, I assure you!
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  3. *runs out of shadows* hiya new friend...I am HollowEastword * meows jumps on shoulder and nuzzles* no need to be shy I do not bite, so call me if you wanna rp *nuzzles last time jumps of shoulder and runs back to shadows* see you later.
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  4. Thank you! Thank you very much! I walked away for just a second and came back to see alerts - I must say, you all sure do know how to make someone feel welcomed!
  5. *smiles and meows* I may love tha shadows..but a friend is a friend..if you need a showing around I'm right here in the shadow.
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  6. Just remember, if you see a flame (War) in the distance, RUN!
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  7. *bows* Greetings my dear and welcome to Iwaku. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance and I hope you have a wonderful time here.
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  8. Hey there!
    Welcome to this site!!
    And Modern WoW: A place where nobody helps each other outside of guilds and spout random nonsense that only they understand.
    III.... It's acceptable....

    Happy Roleplaying!
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  9. Hallo Amberlin, welcome to the site! ^o^ If you've roleplayed in WoW, it'll prolly be the same here, just with a million different options to choose from! >:3
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