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shy little fox

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Jack Lillie, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Hi, Im Jack and im new here... not entirely sure what to say. Im a little shy but am looking forwards to roleplaying.
    I am 17 years old and am into roleplaying just about anything. Sadly the last website I had roleplayed on just got to strict that it wasn't all that fan.
    Um... im looking foward to roleplaying and meeting new people. So yea. I guess thats it. Message me if your interested in roleplaying with me! :bsmile:
  2. Hi there Jack, welcome to the site! :D
  3. *bows* Welcome here! There is no need to be shy, you can come to me if you want Rp *smiles* Enjoy your stay here =^..^=
  4. You can be shy around me. I'm intimidating and intolerant.
  5. Don't be afraid I'm open for rps so if you ever need a person on all times of the day I'm your lady xDD welcome btw and enjoy your stay ^^
  6. Howdy doodie noobie! I'm fairly new here, but welcome welcome welcome! You're probably already in your comfort zone what with your roleplaying background. -3- having advantages and what not WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!? Hehe, just playing.
    Enjoy your stay here at IWAKUROLEPLAY.COM!!!!!