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  1. Er-hem.
    Sorry about that little episode.
    Now, there are three fan-based RPs I have been itching to try out. Hey, stranger things have happened.
    Before we start, I'd just like to make one thing clear; when there's something to post about, my posts are usually around a paragraph long. Five sentences, give or take. My posting is erratic, so do be prepared for that as well.
    Will there be romance in any of my RPs? You tell me. I prefer to let the course of the RP shape how the characters feel towards each other, just so you know.
    There will be minimal mention of canon characters - I want to RP in their universe, not as them.

    Now, I will discuss plots if interest is shown, and if you need additional information, then do not hesitate to request it. The following series that I wish to RP (with OCs, of course), are:
    Monster Hunter
    Sword Art Online
    Custom Robo

    Now, my operation is small, but, there is a lot of potential for aggressive expansion. Now, which of you fine RPers would like to join my RP? Oh, there's only one spot open right now, so we're going to have...
    *Breaks pool cue*
    Make it fast.