Shugo Chara Academy

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  1. A new Academy has been built for those who have managed to give birth to their own hearts egg. The aim of the academy is to train the students to keep striving for their dreams and to build up their mental strength. The school is rather new but the academy has already managed to give itself a name and is already beginning to become well known.

    But something is wrong, one day several students suddenly disappear and their shugo chara have become X Characters (like what happened to Dia) and suddenly an evil empire begins to build as more and more people begin to join this group with their X Shugo Chara. The students have to fight together to save other people from losing their shugo chara and becoming a dreamless person.

    Okay just to see who is interested~! The RP will take place in a group and is being constructed at the moment but if you are interested go ahead and request to join the group~! ^^

    Furthermore all the characters created for this will be OC! @Nico and myself are still wondering about wether or not we will put the Canon Characters in as teachers. ^^
  2. Yeeess people joooiiiiin usss
    /evil smile
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  3. *chuckles* mwahaha~ Yes people~ ^^
  4. I love Shugo Chara! Sign me up!
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  5. Yay~!!! Have you requested to join the group *goes off to check*


    Just click the PLAY button on the first post and it will lead you to the group~ ^^
    After you request just let me know so I can go and accept you~ ^^
  6. you're leaving me *cries to the corner*!!!
  7. AH!!! I AM SORRY CHRISSY!!! *tackles and hugs* I AM SORRY!! *bursts into tears*
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  8. *pat on the head* it's kay~ chill~ and beside I'm not late pft~
  9. did you request to join the group? Wait let me just check.. ^^;; *goes off to check*
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  10. I did~!
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  11. ah nico already accepted you~ ^^
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  12. thanks~!
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  13. Omg Shugo Chara yessu <3 //requests to join ;w;
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  14. *Awkwardly arrives and requests to join* o.o
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  15. hehe I will see if nico hasn't approved of you yet~ ^^
  16. I accept fast like shadowfax >>